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Here’s what I know about forgiveness. In God’s world, it is not necessary. God’s “forgiveness” is not required for anything. Forgiveness implies that we could do something to offend God, and that is simply not so. The reason God cannot be offended is that God cannot be hurt or damaged in any way. You cannot “hurt” God’s “feelings.” You cannot “damage” God’s “self-esteem,” and obviously you cannot damage God’s body. In the absence of the ability to inflict hurt or damage, there is nothing to forgive.
  Half the world justifies its current dissatisfaction (and its dysfunction) by rationalizing that “there must be something I am supposed to ‘learn’ here.” There is nothing to learn. There is only acting on what one already knows. That is, acting in truth. What I call, living truth, rather than living a lie. Terry Cole-Whittaker gave me a plaque once, which said: “Dear Neale, you are one of the courageous ones—someone who has chosen to make a life, rather than a living.” I am very proud of that plaque. If you want to stay in your job, because you think you need the money, or whatever, for heaven sake, stay in it, but don't stay in it because you feel you have to in order to pick up some cosmic lesson the corporate community has yet to teach you!
To begin with, God doesn’t “want us” to experience pain. God doesn’t “want” anything. God experiences GodSelf through us, and knows GodSelf anew in that way. God does not come from “wanting-ness,” but from Total “Havingness.” So it is an inaccurate assessment to say that God “wants” us to experience pain. This is more than just a semantics dance, however. I believe the distinction to be important, because if we think that God wants us to have painful experiences, we are forced to believe in a God who makes no sense at all. (This, by the way, is the God in which most organized religions want us to believe.)
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