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Owen Waters > Etheric Light Energy

Etheric energy is life energy. It is the energy that passes from spiritual healer to patient. It is the vitality or life force contained within air, water and food. It is the mystery energy which powers the endless orbit of electrons...

Owen Waters > Stairway to Heaven

There is a stairway to heaven. It leads through the heavenly realms of the afterlife and continues even further, all the way to the ultimate state of consciousness from which the universe sprang into existence.

As a teenager, high school bored me to tears. At the age of 16, rather than face two more years trapped inside the belly of boredom, I took the opportunity to switch to what was essentially a trade school. I became a marine engineering officer cadet in the British Merchant Navy.

Alternate timelines or parallel realities have been portrayed in science fiction books and movies for decades, but no one could ever explain how such duplicate realities could possibly exist. After all, physical reality is solid, so how can it morph into something else just like it was a dream?

In the world of physics, there is a mystery which appears in a procedure known as the Delayed Choice Experiment. Basically, it demonstrates that energetic particles can and do change their past to better suit their current situation.

Imagine a dog living in a suburban neighborhood, where detached houses are arranged in closely-packed lots along each street. The dog knows that it is supposed to bark at people who get too close to its home.

With the Soul Simulation technique, you will be taking an excursion into the soul's world of infinite possibilities. Now that you more completely understand the nature of your soul, you will be able to work with your soul to create a reality simulation.

Now that you understand your soul better and how it works, you can view your life more from your soul's perspective. You can see life as a dream of your soul on the one hand...

The 1999 movie The Matrix presented some thought-provoking concepts to an audience ready for deeper awareness. In the movie, humans existed in liquid-filled pods while experiencing a simulated version of reality. 

In this way, you will be ready for the extended version that we will begin shortly on this course. The extended version will add on an entire soul contact experience for the purpose of exploring your potential avenues of development in life.

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