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Owen Waters > Natural Mental Telepathy

Telepathy is a natural medium of communication. Animals use it. In the ocean, dolphins and whales use it. Humans use it at night when they are out-of-body and traveling in the spirit world.

Owen Waters > Clear Definitions Bring Clear Understanding

Everything is composed of consciousness. Consciousness is the only tool with which the Creator had to work. Even solid matter is 100% energy, compressed into a form which gives it the appearance of solidity. Matter is compressed energy and energy is compressed consciousness

Owen Waters > Life in the Afterlife

The conquest of fear is one of the primary reasons for life on Earth. Without it, the doorway to the next primary lesson, that of unconditional love, remains closed.

Owen Waters > The Secret of Good Karma

Karma, in the popular view, is often perceived as the bogeyman of Eastern philosophy, as the stick that punishes you for doing the wrong thing. In reality it is much simpler than that, and it carries no judgmental overtone at all.

Owen Waters > Affirmations That Work

Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind in a desired direction. This helps to empower you to move through emotional blockages which may be limiting your opportunities to experience life to the fullest.

Owen Waters > The Good News About Karma

Karma is very different from what most people think it is. There is no mysterious accountant in the sky keeping track of your karmic balance. The Law of Karma is created by a combination of...

Owen Waters > The Doorway to the Meaning of Life

Wandering through life looking for its meaning can be a heart-rending task. You begin life looking to your parents for meaning, then to your teachers and friends until, one day, you're grown-up, educated, and still clueless.

Owen Waters > Reincarnation is Changing

The wheel of reincarnation concept says that we are born again and again until we graduate from this school of experience. Gaining a wide-ranging experience of all the varieties of human living with all its triumphs and failures takes a lot more than just one life.

Owen Waters > Peace Talks - How to Help with Spiritual Energy

The peace makers are the key to ending the suffering. The power to help is in your hands, literally, and in your heart. You can send spiritual energy with an intention to help the peace makers...

Owen Waters > Releasing Blockages to Growth

Times may change, especially in these modern days, but the main anchor in life has always been the light within your inner being. This, provided you take the time to tune into it...

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