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Kara Schallock

Elaborating more on 10-10-10, be assured that most of you reading these Notes and committed to the many changes and upgrades of your Ascension, you have reached an expanded level of Newness; that of allowing your Soul to be much much more integrated that that of your ego. This means your Soul now is in charge! Wow; much work has been done.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Hopefully you are one of the souls upon mother Gaia who are "gliding along" this week and tapping into the deeper layers of the ever present NOW by communing with the Here-ness and Is-ness of each divine moment. Lately I have grown increasingly aware of "the multi-layers of reality" going on within any given moment of an experience. Perhaps the same is occurring for you too.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

It is not enough to ask heaven to clarify something for you: if you fail to work on yourself, you will not receive a correct reply. Why? Because heaven's reply, in passing through all the opaque layers you have accumulated within you, will be distorted.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Often times much of our time and energy is spent searching for the center of the maze -- the center of ourselves. A lifetime can be spent running frantically around the periphery of Self, not realizing that the hedges we can't see over and that keep us hemmed in, are self made. They are constructs of the mind. We're not aware that if we want to get to the center, we have to sometimes question the way the arrows are pointing.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is the growing awareness of a higher level of consciousness. A higher level of consciousness brings an expanded view of reality. The more your view of reality expands, the more you are able to integrate any conflicting issues within yourself.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

If you knew how much you have in common with the Divine Infinite Structure of the universe . . . what a heavenly alignment you are . . . how many points of power are hidden below the surface . . . how you so expertly formulate an elixir of light within your bodily structure . .

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello dear friends, I hope this post finds you well and happy. What do you think the number one question asked of psychics and intuitive readers is? The answer might surprise you: “WHEN will I meet my soul mate?” or “Who is she/he?” It surprises me that this question often surpasses other spiritual questions like, “Who am I?”? “What is the Divine Purpose of my life?” or “Why am I here?” This just goes to show how strong of a desire and drive it is for many people to connect with their mates.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

It is interesting to work with students who are coming to the Science of Mind teachings for the first time.  Their questions are penetrating as they try to wrap their rational minds around the concepts of infinity, eternality, and states of consciousness which are beyond the dualities of good and evil.

Cheryl Richardson

This morning, I made a cup of tea and sat down to watch an interview with Charlie Rose and Chris Anderson, the Ted conference curator. I love If you haven't visited the website, please do. It's filled with exciting, creative, and provocative speeches delivered by great thinkers - scientists, philosophers, technology gurus, and all kinds of people who are passionate about their work. 

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Each individual must interpret the Universe for himself since he has to interpret It to himself. The Universe can interpret Itself for him only by interpreting Itself through him. God can give us only what we take, and the taking is the Self-Expression of God in us -- not something other or different from God, not something which has succeeded in passing a dividing line, but Itself is God.


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