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This year I’ve fallen apart. Everything I once held dear has been torn down and ripped away. My beliefs have been shattered, my sense of spiritual connection has disintegrated and turned to dust, and my physical self has crumbled with ill-health and disability.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2015

October looks set to be a month for listening and a month for hearing the true beauty of this new song as we allow ourselves the time and space to feel each and every note as it resonates within every single one of our trillions of cells.

July looks set to be a month of re-connection, of re-balancing and of deep breathing as we step beyond self-created storylines and definitions in order to be the free spirits we all truly are.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts March 2015

March looks set to be a month of inner wonder and awe as we begin to turn towards the depths of our souls in order to yield to a deeper sense of connection.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2015

As we step from one year into the next, there is a sense that January will be a month for quiet reflection and contemplation as we prepare for the journey ahead.

December looks set to be a month of inspired insight and clear vision as we prepare to step from one year to the next.

October looks set to be a month of breakthrough and release for a great many of us as we continue to open up to the truth of all that we are.

September looks set to be a month of inner revelation and insight as we continue to embrace the true art of vulnerability.

August looks set to be a month of continued letting go as we break through the layers within and start to feel the true nature of baring our souls.

July looks set to be a month for letting go of resistance as we continue to ride the ebb and flow of life. Being human has many challenges including a tendency to over-think and over-analyse why things are the way they are.

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