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As the turbulent, chaotic uncertainty of everyday life continues to swirl on a kaleidoscope of different levels, it would be easy to succumb to the furore, feeling lost, alone, and overwhelmed.

I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about the life I’ve lived, the life I’m living and the life I would like to live as there are so many incongruencies between them

Sarah-Jane Grace > What the Winds Bring, the Current Takes Away

As we continue to feel wave upon wave of insight, wisdom, shift and change lapping the shores of our souls, there is a growing and undeniable sense of strength rising up from within us as we begin to find a new level of balance and alignment from the shifting sands.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2022

As the wheel of the calendar year turns again, there is a sense of renewed hope as we enter January. Whilst there is still a great deal of uncertainty and doubt connected to both the global and personal shifts we are witnessing and experiencing...

As the currents of life continue to ebb and flow, it can be hard to know when one chapter ends and a new one begins. At the same time, it can be challenging for us to be sure if we are following our intuition or being led by the wants and needs of others.

March looks set to be a month of inspired vision and energised focus as the wheel of the year changes once again. The Equinox is a time for balance, and there is a need for each of us to find a stronger and truer sense of inner balance now.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts July 2017

As the great big washing machine of life continues to spin, rinse, hum, whir and jiggy across the floor, there is a great deal of bewilderment, bemusement, perplexity and disorientation as we each try to make sense of the shifts and find a moment to take a breath.

As the pace of awakening quickens, there is a growing feeling of pressure to go within to force open closed doors and expose hidden treasures. There is a feeling of impatience to get from where we are now to where we want to be, for the ‘in-between’ stage feels arduous, overwhelming and confusing. Yet, we are in this stage for a reason, so is forcing the process really the best choice?

Being human is a complex, complicated and confusing existence. We are not like washing machines or flat-packed furniture as we don’t come with an instruction booklet.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Lost & Alone

Many of those walking the path towards self-awareness and self-knowing are feeling increasingly isolated and alone. It can sometimes be hard to gain a sense of Self or a sense of knowing when the world is spinning, shifting and changing so intensely, yet, at the same time, intuitively we know that through this chaos, clarity comes.

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