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Being human is a complex, complicated and confusing existence. We are not like washing machines or flat-packed furniture as we don’t come with an instruction booklet.

It's as though there is a clashing of energies and possibilities, with each one rushing into the other, leaving a sense of invigoration, but an air of confusion as well.

There is still a great deal of confusion and bewilderment all around as the ebb and flow of life has been chopping and changing in both direction and speed. As a result, there is a sprinkling of chaos in the air...

The edge of the morning is a special and potent time of day. As the dawn light gently caresses the whispering trees and kisses the earth with tender warmth, a powerful silence emerges full of sound, energy and life.

We all so often put life on hold, waiting for a better moment or hoping for more clarity, but that better moment isn’t guaranteed or set in stone, as no one can know what lies around the next corner. 

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2022

As the wheel of the calendar year turns again, there is a sense of renewed hope as we enter January. Whilst there is still a great deal of uncertainty and doubt connected to both the global and personal shifts we are witnessing and experiencing...

Letting go and letting love both continue to take centre stage throughout April as we each find ways to lighten the load we carry and allow the space created to remain filled with love, possibility, and light.

Welcome. Willkommen. Aloha. Bienvenue. The list goes on and on, although sadly my knowledge of languages is a little limited! On looking at the possible different translations of ‘welcome’ into other languages, it is fascinating to see the similarities, as well as the differences, around the world. 

Sarah-Jane Grace > Yearly Astro-Forecast For 2023

When we celebrate the journey from one year to the next, there is always a palpable aura of pause and reflection as we catch our breaths from the ups and downs of the year we have experienced whilst contemplating the year ahead of us.

As the pace of awakening quickens, there is a growing feeling of pressure to go within to force open closed doors and expose hidden treasures. There is a feeling of impatience to get from where we are now to where we want to be, for the ‘in-between’ stage feels arduous, overwhelming and confusing. Yet, we are in this stage for a reason, so is forcing the process really the best choice?

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