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Selacia > Empress Needs New Clothes

Have you ever felt like your outer expression doesn't match your new vision of yourself and how you want to serve as a divine changemaker? If your outer expression was symbolized by clothes in your closet...

Selacia > Ready for A Breakthrough? Envision A New Start

This year as our collective society experiences a new threshold of mega change and uncertainty, you will be required to adapt to many new things. A new level of spiritual testing is unfolding for awakened souls.

Selacia > While You Were Waiting - Opening Your Mind

As our outer world accelerates its morphing into brand-new societal structures, our personal lives can feel tumultuous and uncertain. A sense of waiting is common, often intermixed with apprehension. Continue reading to understand this phenomena in your own life...

Selacia > Awakening in The Age of Mega Change

Awakening in this age of mega change is different than in any other time. We need new tools and updated perspectives to navigate these moments. Continue reading to grasp the challenges we face...

Selacia > Put Compassion in Action - Blessings of Wesak Season

Energies now are morphing more, happenstance often unpredictable and outside our control. To navigate this phase, we must bring compassion into everyday interactions.

Selacia > Thrive During Emotional Turmoil - A Step At A Time

Current energies are fluid and emotionally-charged. One moment you may feel on a high, next moment cascade into intense despair or doubt. The key to thriving during an emotional roller coaster like this is being present to underlying dynamics.

Selacia > Rebirth During Equinox - Go For It

The nature of life is rebirth - changing from one form of expression into another. Rebirth opportunities expand in quantum ways during times of mega change. Humanity is now at a precipice - collectively deciding how to go forward.

To meet the increasing volatility of February, we are called to go within and tap our inner strength sourced in love. The Year of the Tiger that started February 1 can be our ally.

Selacia > Welcome to 2022! Start the Year with Daring

Imagine running with abandon like a wild horse, able to tap your passion and aliveness to create your best life in 2022. The horse has no linear clock to watch and fret over.

Selacia > Prepare to Turn The Page - End 2021 Without Regrets

There is a palpable energy of transformation in the air now. It's our collective, yet it's also very personal. In fact, December could be a significant time of reset as you re-envision your life and prepare to turn the page. 

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