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Most are hanging out in the idea of longevity; sure it does provide a sense of personal evolution. But longevity is really a quantifying concept. It asserts the idea that you could live a long time, this is a quantifying concept.

Sonia Barrett > Everything That You Are Doing Is Working

Yes I said it; everything that you are doing is working. A common mantra is that “nothing is working” - But it is! We might be disenchanted with the life that we are experiencing but by our own doing it’s all working!

Sonia Barrett > Real Talk - When the Journey Seems to Lack Meaning

Everyone faces this moment, some more often than others. Meaning is often about reason, purpose and value. This lack of meaning generally creates a crumbling effect as we often live a prescribed life.

Sonia Barrett > Embracing the Days When Nothing Matters

We all have those days where nothing matters and we are just done! It's ok, actually, it is necessary to have those days from time to time. Life is not about the sameness of things and our attachment to safe feelings.

Higher states of consciousness involve gradual shifts beyond thoughts and reactions that are the true anchors to lower frequency fields in this 3d experience.

Sonia Barrett > Interrupting the Interruptions

Interruptions are diverse and specific according to what we wish to avoid or delay. Interruptions are a partner to procrastination. Interruptions allow for excuses that validate our delay in taking action

Although we don’t advocate to a war like life the fact is that we war with ourselves and life in many ways on numerous levels.

Sonia Barrett > The Drama of Your Dreamworld Is So Seductive

In those brief moments of clarity we can see that it’s all made up. It becomes easier to see the paradox and within that moment of awareness and clarity we may disengage from the story and the drama of it.

What’s your position at this time in the human race? More than likely we will state that we are not in a race; however, the human experience is often lived as if it is a race. We are in constant competition in one form or another...

Sonia Barrett > It’s Ok to Feel Blank From Time to Time

We are faced with so many protocols and expectations about how to “be” in our lives; always faced with needing to reflect actions that ideally model acceptable behavior and feelings.


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