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Karen Bishop
Greetings! Wow! Wow again! What energy August brought in! Never before have I felt such pushing, movement, and magnitude of forceful energy. Thank goodness we have been preparing all these months (and years!) so that we could accommodate this incredible amount of source energy. As it increases exponentially and builds upon itself, each month will bring in much more excitement and forward movement than the month before. Because of this acceleration of energy we continue to experience, and the exciting manifestations it creates, What's Up will be accelerating as well to a bi-monthly, and at times, a weekly report.
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > August 31, 2003

Question:  I've been thinking about what to say in regard to resonance and healing. How would I provide the resonance or the tones of what ever you are talking about to assist someone in healing to provide this space for someone to heal? Answer:   When we are talking about resonance, what we're talking about is the vibrations that each individual carries around with them as they are moving through their days. We also are talking about the resonance that can be built up around them or the resonance or pitch or the tone that can be brought into a room which can affect the outcome of what a person is feeling.
Lee Carroll

Kryon > All About Self-Worth

This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > August 30, 2003

We greet you our beloved sister and we are here for you!  As you reconnect with the energy of the dolphins, you reconnect with that aspect of yourself that is the playful, that is out to experience the joy that is all around you.  We are here for you! We wished to speak with you of the various types of healing techniques that are available upon the earth at this time.  Through the many years and millenniums there have been many different types of healing that people can experience.  Those who were first upon the earth rarely became sick or ill.  What happened was that the longer a person was away from the sense of perfection, away from that recognition of who you are the easier it is for you to become ill.  Plus as part of the human experience it was decided that this would be an experience that people could choose. 
David Brown

Kryon (South Africa) > "Warrior Energy"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.
Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Keep On Keeping On

Greetings Beloved Children of the Light,

We are always glad to communicate with you for you are the soldiers of light walking the Earth plane on behalf of all warriors at this time. We speak of warriors because that is what it must feel like for you most often! The bliss is bliss and the drudgery is such! It is for you to lift the drudgery into bliss, much like the monastery monks who find bliss in sweeping the floors. It is for you to do the same.

Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one; I AM the whole.
Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > The Power Grid

What is the significance of the recent electrical blackout in eastern North America?
Steve Rother
From Steve: I do a lot of private Re-member Sessions on the phone where people can view themselves from the perspective of the Group. Recently in these sessions, people have been talking about the shift of energy being felt all over the globe. The most common complaints are anger and frustration coming up and old issues returning that were dealt with long ago. These are signs of advancement, according to the Group, and they even talked about them in last month’s message. Even knowing that is not enough to keep us from being overwhelmed by it at times. Here, they offer practical advice for taking the next step forward. They watch with love as we get wrapped in our dramas. They say, simply, enjoy the dramas, just don’t take them too seriously. The good news is that this may be a time when our physical bodies can catch up to the changes and stop resisting the shift. For many, this will be an easier time to lose weight.
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > August 12, 2003

Hello, we greet you in joy and excitement!  There is a jump and spin for you as we make this connection.  You see how easy it is for you to connect with us.  We are here for you, just as you are here for us.  We support one another in many different ways.  I know that you have many specific questions and we are happy to answer them for you.


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