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Shelly Dressel

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I am the One; I am the Whole

Steve Rother

Lightworker > Magic Hugs

From Steve: Barbara and I are in Zeist, Holland at the moment and have just finished a wonderful three day workshop with 144 Human Angels in our spiritual family. Our hearts are open and today my arms are actually sore from hugging so much. Even though it is a physical pain, it’s a most wonderful feeling. Yesterday the Group spoke a lot about touch and how the physical body carries and shares the energy of Home. What follows is not the channel from yesterday. We will make that available when the Lightworker transcription team finishes with it. In the interim they wanted this information to reach you as soon as possible so I brought this in this morning in place of what I had planned for the Beacons this month. In fact, it’s so new that I must ask you to please excuse misspellings and typos, as this message has not even been sent to our proof readers. We offer it in love. the Group:
Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika;  Venia Benya       I AM the One;  I AM the Whole   I greet you my beloved family of the light!  I express such joy and excitement that there is an even greater number of you who are coming together on the physical plane.  Most of you, and more than those who are in this group at this time, have been connecting at an unconscious level for a long time and working with these energies.  Now is the time for people to expand out and to begin to connect with each other through the conscious communication with one another.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! The April issue of What’s Up? is currently in the web designer’s hands, ready to be released very shortly, but in the meantime, I received an incredibly exciting and exhilarating vision that I am compelled and thrilled to share with all of you.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! There is so much going on! We are certainly in exciting and eventful times! Much is moving out and much is moving in, resulting in a sense of great activity, overwhelm and stress. Again, the activity in the Middle East is just the darkness imploding upon itself, representing only a small percentage of the overall energy of the planet. It is only the residue of the lower vibrational energy at the top (in the limelight so to speak) as it is moving out. Each time I attend my meditation group, the same images come in. They show that everything is already in place, everything is OK and as it should be, and there is nothing to change, fix or move. We have already reached critical mass of light. By far, there is considerably more light, well-being and higher vibrational energy present and moving. The light has "taken over" so to speak. All is well.
Lee Carroll

Kryon > Through the Eyes of Ascension - Part 2

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Take It to Heart

Blessings, fellow Children of the Light!

Know that you are boundless and eternal, ever expansive and full of everything that is divine ~ for you are just that. Divine! How important it is to remember this each day, each moment.
Steve Rother

Lightworker > The Balance of Power

From Steve: The message this month is decidedly different from the Group’s typical message. Again the message is about world events, as this is an important time on this planet for everyone everywhere. This was written on the very special day of 03-03-03, a day the Group had mentioned would be a time to celebrate the completion of the magnetic grid adjustments which form the ascension grid. Funny that some of us don’t really feel like raising our glasses just yet. Faced with the current world events, really makes us wonder if we are making a difference after all. To this, the Group says, “We are right on track.” the Group: Greetings from Home
Karen Bishop
Greetings! I have been eager to connect with all of you this month as we have been experiencing some incredible energy shifts in the past few weeks. What an exciting and exhilarating time we are in! But first, so many have had concerns about the war, I felt I needed to begin with that……but only briefly, as there is so much more to be excited about. This is a time of great movement and change. The remainder of the old, lower vibrations are moving out, as the new higher vibrational energy patterns and ways have begun to dominate. The peace movement is showing us just how much of the higher vibrational energy is already in place. This war energy is just a small, small portion of our existing energy. Our higher vibrational energy is what dominates. The war is simply the process of moving out these lower unmatched vibrations. There will be disruption, and this is a wonderful thing.
David Brown

Kryon (South Africa) > "Re-birthing : Kryon Style"

Close your eyes and go inside and acknowledge any sensations in your body and allow a connection to Mother Earth through the souls of your feet and connect with your own soul.


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