Forgiveness, Impeccability And A Meditation Of Love, Of Joy, Of Oneness

Beloved Ones,

In the coming times, the light will increase exponentially. We ask you to stand in your strength and courage. We ask you to know that you are indeed making the changes in the world; you are making the changes within yourselves. We ask you to go into meditation, be in forgiveness, forgiveness, dear ones, in every now moment. We know that the ego desires to reach forth, to come back in control. We know it is still very difficult, in the realm that you are working within. Dear ones, forgiveness is a key for each one of you. There is so much, dear ones, which you have accomplished already, in this now moment. Be kind and loving to yourselves, and allow yourselves to forgive and let all fall away that no longer serves your highest good.

Love yourselves, dear ones, meditate each morning. Bring in the love, the love of your divine I Am Presence. Call in your divine I AM Presence, dear ones, call in the Tenth Ray, coding in your light body. Reaffirm throughout the day; surround yourselves, dear ones, in the love of your Sacred Heart. This is the love of your divine I AM Presence. This is the love that will carry you through in each now moment. It is the foundation of all Creation. It is that upon which all Creation has been built, all Creation has been formed, and all Creation now is moving forth into the future with this foundation as love, the foundation of love from your Sacred Heart.

Each one of you is the Still Point. You are the Still Point of all Creation. And as you know this, and expand, this Still Point, this love of your Sacred Heart, you fill yourself, with your divine I AM Presence. You fill yourself with the Adamantine Particles, you fill yourself with the love of the Creator, and you expand and expand, as your heartbeat pulses, and beats in alignment with the heartbeat of all Creation, the Cosmic Heartbeat of Creation, the Heartbeat of God.

In the days gone past, in the time of my incarnation, the light was so dense, so heavy; it was so difficult for any on the planet, to make even the smallest forward movement. I came at a time when love was so needed upon the planet, and yet the message that I brought forth was taken, and misconstrued for the benefit of those within the hierarchy of the Church, those in power. The message is still the same dear ones; it is a message of love, of forgiveness, of compassion, of hope, of dedication, of determination. It is a message of unity, of oneness, of one heartbeat. It is a message of your connection to all Creation. In those times past, when I was incarnated, it was enough for a soul to make the smallest connection to the inner Self. There was not enough light on the planet to begin to have the understanding of the expansion of who you are, the expansion of your consciousness, the connection to all life, the connection to the earth. This dear ones, is your most blessed gift, which you have in this blessed now moment, this gift of expanded awareness.

Along with this gift of expanded awareness comes responsibility. As you know that you are one with each of your brothers and sisters, you know that you are one with mother earth. You know that the animals are your younger brothers and sisters, and you know that all form has consciousness. We ask you beloved ones, to begin to live in impeccability, to begin to live your truth and walk your talk in each now moment, as you have this understanding. As one raises their truth, and gains a higher knowledge, a higher wisdom, it is no longer acceptable for one to continue to do that which does not serve their highest good and the highest good of all. When one knows the higher truth, one is asked to live in this higher truth. Impeccability, dear ones, take up the cloak, take up the mantle of impeccability, and live it and you will soar, as you are already soaring. As you stand up and fly, and lift and flow and soar with your angel wings, we are right here with you. We pick you up and we soar with you.

Each of you, dear ones, is endowed with gifts that are unique and perfect for each one of you. These are gifts given in a combination of which no other soul on the planet has. These are the gifts, dear ones, which will allow you to come into your divine service, and to ground your spiritual mission on earth. These are the gifts dear ones, which will make your heart sing. Each one of you has a piece of the puzzle that no other has. Each one of you is of the greatest importance on this planet. The Divine Plan is not fulfilled until each has fulfilled their divine mission, until each soul comes home, until each soul completes that which they came here to do. They may complete it with ease and grace, or they may complete it, extending lifetimes with further experiences of third dimensionality. There is no right or wrong, beloved ones; you may take as long as you like to fulfill your divine mission. There is all eternity, and there is only love and compassion extended to you, and you are surrounded in this love and compassion by all those of the higher realms

Life dear ones, it may be joyous, or you may find it dense and very heavy. Choose dear ones, choose the joy, choose the love, choose the knowledge, the wisdom. Choose your inner guidance, choose your God Self. We tell you that which brings you joy, that which expands your heart, is always of the divine, always, dear ones.

I give you a meditation at this time, a meditation of love, of joy, of oneness. Close your eyes, dear ones, and breathe deeply, and bring your awareness into your Sacred Hearts. Open your hearts, fill yourselves with the love of your God Self, the love of your I AM Presence. Feel this expansion of the heart….. And now call upon the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom. Call upon the blue Ray. Surround yourselves in the blue light. The blue is the wisdom, the wisdom of your God Self, the wisdom of the Cosmos, you are this wisdom. Surround yourself in blue. Let it permeate into every aspect and facet of you. See this blue light fill your field; see the blue ray fill your field….. And send the blue ray into mother earth as a gift….. Feel the love of the blue ray. And see this love as pink love light streaming in, streaming in filling your field, streaming down into mother earth, filling mother earth and filling her field. And watch as the pink and the blue come together as one, the wisdom, and the pink, of the mother love, together as one…..

And now feel in your hearts; see in your hearts, experience in your hearts, the expansion of the three fold flame. The blue of the will of the Father on the right, this blue flame blazing, and the pink of the love of the Mother on the left side, as this flame ignites, brightly blazing, and in the center is the golden flame of wisdom, blazing forth in the center….. Love, will, wisdom, perfect balance, perfect harmony, blazing, filling you….. Your heart center is filled with this brightly burning flame, expanding out, filling your field. And expand it out, send this light out to your brothers and sisters. Send this light out, cover the planet with this blessed light, the light of the three fold flame of your Sacred Heart….. And send this light to mother earth; stream it into mother earth as a gift.

Now dear ones, call upon the Twelfth Ray, the blessed, luminous gold Twelfth Ray, the summit of all Rays on earth. The Twelfth Ray of the field of all possibilities, of God Consciousness. Draw in this Twelfth Ray; surround yourself with the Twelfth Ray, just the right amounts for ease and grace. Bring it into your heart, and stream it into mother earth as a gift, filling your field, filling her field, and expand the Twelfth Ray out as a gift to mother earth and all life forms, just the right amount for ease and grace. The Twelfth Ray, is the iridescent gold light, see this light, see yourself as liquid gold light, as you see mother earth and all life forms as liquid gold light, in balance, in harmony, in love, in joy, in compassion…..

And now, call upon the Violet Flame, see it streaming in, streaming in through your crown chakra, and see it streaming up from mother earth as a whirlwind, see it expanding, blazing forth from your heart center, filling you and your field, as it streams down into mother earth, she offers it to you and you offer it to her as a gift….. And we call upon St Germaine, Lady Portia, Lord Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst and the angels of the Violet Flame, for assistance in this now moment, as we send the Violet Flame around the planet to mother earth and all life forms, assisting and transmuting and transforming all that no longer serves the highest good. Call upon your I AM Presence to activate the Violet Flame, transmuting and transforming….. And now send the Violet Flame out to all of Creation, a gift to assist all of Creation in the expansion of the Light of the Creator, the Cosmic Heartbeat, transmuting, transforming…..

Dear ones, now call upon an influx of the Ninth Ray of joy….. This beautiful blue green Ray, luminous with God light….. fill yourselves with the Ninth Ray of joy….. Expand it, expand it, send it into mother earth, send it out to the planet, to all life forms, send it to your brothers and sisters, send it to the animals, send it to all consciousness, this Ninth Ray of joy….. expanding, expanding….. Cover your blessed planet with this Ninth Ray of joy. And now beloved ones, send it out to all creation….. the joy of the Creator. Send the love of the Creator, the wisdom, the will, out to all creation, once again….. as you are in this one moment, this now moment, one with all creation….. And so it is.

I Am Sananda



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Author Information

Michelle Coutant

Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Michelle is a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human matrix.  She is a messenger for Archangel Michael, Jeshua and also receives wisdom through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage.


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