Getting To Know Your Solar Logos, A Dialog

Question: What are your responsibilities as Solar Logos?

Hello Dear Ones,

It is a good question to be asked, as not many are familiar with my position as your Solar Logos. As Solar Logos I have spent many millennia preparing for this responsibility. It is a position which is most important in holding the balance for your solar system. There is a delicate balance, of universal life force. This balance is perfectly attuned to the God Source in maintaining life upon each planet, maintaining the balance for all life forms in the positions of each planet, and the relationship to your solar system within your galaxy, and within your universe. There is much to be done, in the monitoring to maintain this balance. It is as if a ship is being guided and steered upon the seas of life, the course is adjusted and maintained to stay on course. These adjustments are directly related to the well being of your solar system and these adjustments are made in relationship to the astrological bodies exerting influence from positions far beyond your naked eye and your instruments. Many of the influences upon your solar system are those which stem from the Godhead and I am directed by the God Source, as I make my adjustments.

There is indeed life upon all your planetary bodies. As your beloved earth returns to her rightful position within the heavens, you will become aware of this life, as you will be living within the vibrations necessary to ascertain this life on other planets. In your third dimension and with your instrumentation available to you, your planets appear to be lifeless. This Beloveds, is an illusion of the third dimension.

Question: What are Vesta’s responsibilities and how do you and Vesta work together?

Vesta and I work together in complete harmony and balance to maintain the health and well being of your solar system. Vesta is the liaison to other planetary bodies, to the planetary Logos, as I maintain the fine tune balance for the vibrant health of your solar system. We are in perfect harmony with all life within your solar system and are working in complete attunement to the ascension process which you are a part of. It could be said that Vesta and I are the greeting committee for your solar system, as extraterrestrials come to visit and observe. We maintain communication with visitors desiring entry to observe your world and planets within your solar system. You might call us the social committee and the scientific exploration committee, as there are many who have desired entry to your solar system during these unprecedented times.

Question: Will you please explain the etheric sun in relationship to the physical sun?

As Solar Logos, I and Vesta, reside upon your etheric sun, positioned just behind your earthly sun which you view in your dimension. These bodies are separate, yet they are One, just as your etheric body is separate, yet it is One, and attuned to you and your Physical, mental and emotional bodies. The etheric sun is the spiritual body of your sun. It is not hot, it is cool and soothing. As all direction comes to me and Vesta, from the God Source, we make the adjustments and refinements to allow these thought forms of the God Source to be expressed in the physical body of the sun, just as thought forms are first expressed in your etheric body and then within your physical body.

Question: Are there communities or cities on the sun?

There is a great and grand community upon the etheric sun, golden light communities. Our communities are just as solid to us as yours are to you, in your dimension. There is much training done upon the inner plane, for those of you who desire to come during your sleep hours, to learn and expand your awareness beyond the planetary level. There are not many of you at this time who are taking advantage of this Divine service offered to you, however your numbers are growing. We also maintain the solar ascension seats for as many of you as choose to visit. We have a healing chamber which will assist you in incorporating the key codes, fire codes and sacred geometry which will assist you as you raise your consciousness. This sacred information is given to you in the form of downloads of light packets and you may ask to sit in the healing chamber and you will receive these downloads. The solar vibrations offer a unique healing experience. Each ascension seat you visit provides unique vibrations, designed to bring you into balance and harmony in an integrated manner. You, Dear Ones, must do the work, of releasing and releasing all that no longer severs you on the planetary level, and there are those of you even able to begin the releasing of all the vibrations that no longer serve you at the solar level. You will be monitored so that you will not go into overload, and we ask you, to claim your personal power and ask for the integration of these higher vibrations with ease and grace so you do not experience overload, and fall back upon the spiritual path.

Your beloved Father/ Mother God and the great Beings of the higher realms are providing you with all the tools needed to assist you as you ascend, and the company of the heavens is here to assist you with guidance and direction, to use these tools provided to you. We are here with you in and love and support. Call on us.

I am Helios


kay 23rd July 2010 9:03 am

Wonderful post, Michelle and Helios. Thank you so much.


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