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"Michelle sent this message to us during the night of the 18th of June (European time). We've just got the news that she passed away only a few hours later. We are sure she is now happy and full of light, enjoying the presence of her beloved Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters, yet she will be missed. We thank her with all our heart for her loving and supportive messages, and for her kind gentle energy".


Your Body Is Your Temple

Beloved Ones,

This month of June is a full and challenging month for you.  It is a time of much cleansing and clearing, a time to step forth and take the path of highest light.  Many of you are experiencing extreme physical challenges.  We ask you to take more care of your physical vessels.  If you strain your physical vessel, and push it to much, you will not be able to maintain the integrity of ascension.  By this we mean, integrated ascension, ascension with ease and grace, and well being.  When you abuse your bodies through the substances you put into it, the liquids you drink, and the foods that you eat, you only make the path more difficult for yourselves.

When you reach a certain plateau, a certain light quotient, you will have absorbed as much light as you are able to contain.  Your God Self is limitless, expansive, all encompassing, and eternal divine light, yet it is the game you chose to play in which you encased yourselves in a physical body.  To move forth with ease and grace, once you have reached a certain light quotient, you will find that you must begin to come into physical alignment more fully, if you have not already.  Your inner guidance will let you know that you are in a sense, being held back in raising your consciousness, until your physical body has come more into alignment. 

Beloved ones, we ask you to practice moderation in all things.  Moderation in the foods that you eat, the liquids you drink, and all that you put into your body.  Your body is a Temple for your God Self, and this is you.  Take care of your blessed temple.  Love it honor it, nurture it and it will love you and respond to you. 

You may meditate and speak to your body elemental, as we have asked you to do, and you may assist your body greatly, in staying in alignment.  Be attuned to your inner wisdom, it will never lead you astray.  Many of you would benefit through the releasing of habits such as cigarettes and alcohol.  Many of you would do well to consider eating more raw vegetables, more raw foods, which are the living light of God.  These foods contain the life force needed to sustain your body through ascension. These foods are filled with the building blocks which sustain, and create new tissue, and build your healthy body.  Yes, you are building your light body, but please do not neglect your physical body.  It will respond to you with vibrant health, but you must go the distance through these challenging times.  You are meant to enjoy the pleasures of earthly life, in a physical body, which is vibrantly healthy, a body of eternal youth.  When one has the choice, most choose a body with a physical structure and age of about thirty five years.  You are returning to this, dear ones, it is available much sooner than any of you are expecting. 

Dear Ones, remember to savor the journey, remember to enjoy this journey living each now moment. It is why you are here, to savor the pleasure of having a physical body, to savor your pleasure in the highest emotions of unconditional love, joy, peace, harmony, and beauty, and to enjoy the eternal abundance which is your divine birthright.  The more choices you make which are aligned with God's will within you, the more quickly you will be able to enjoy these bounteous gifts.  You will enjoy ease and grace and synchronicity in your lives, and miracles will occur.  When you savor the journey, you are also living in the now moment.  This is the moment where all your power is, dear ones.  This is the moment when you are creating.  The past is complete, and you must plan for the future, but live in the Now.  The Now is your creative power.  The Now is your divine connection with the All That Is.  The Now is everlasting, never ending, and it is bliss, if you choose to stay on the straight and narrow path and make it so.

The straight and narrow path is also the path of impeccability, and yes dear ones, it seems so much to do, but the higher you raise your consciousness, how much better do you feel?  Do you not find these moments where life is joyous and glorious, and more and more these moments are occurring and they become days, as you learn to live in the love of your sacred heart?  We know so many of you have reached this level and we know that once you have, you will never stop reaching for self mastery.  The love, the joy, the peace, the harmony, and the abundance is free flowing in your lives and you now have a sample of what your earthly journey will be.  Dear Ones, keep your focus on what is good around you, and see the good in all others around you.  As you do this, you will encourage them to live their highest truth and there will be a highest outcome for all.  Your world expands to an even greater brightness.

Forge ahead, beloved ones, with dedication and determination, as you remain in the love of your sacred heart.  I am always with you.
I am Sananda.


misafir 22nd June 2011 2:54 am

Thanks Michelle. Unseparable we all are. I take share in SL's remark : "... We are sure she is now happy and full of light, enjoying the presence of her beloved Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters, yet she will be missed. We thank her with all our heart for her loving and supportive messages, and for her kind gentle energy".
Inspired and spiritually nutritioned by her clear and bright channelings, I think, she will go on to do the same, only with a slight difference that, instead of typeing, she will be whispering them to ears..
Moreover, I think, it is only a very temporary pass away, she will be back very soon, less than a year, or two, in the form of a very talented newborn child to carry on what she was doing from where she had left. Peace.

bufarosa 22nd June 2011 3:32 am

Michelle's messages have always had grace and peace as their fundamental energy. She will be missed...and I wish her love and light as she continues her journey without the body here on earth. Thank you Michelle for the difference you have made in my life and in the life of so many others. Such a beautiful parting message

marebear 22nd June 2011 7:36 am

I am saddened by the news of Michelle Coutant's passing. Her messages were always so inspirational and the guidance they contained was very wise, peaceful and loving. I'm sure she'll continue her loving work from the spiritual realms, perhaps by helping to heal those souls in need of her gentle counsel, who have crossed over. Although I know she is intensely happy where she is now, she will be greatly missed here on Earth!

Arthur 22nd June 2011 8:11 am

Thank you my sister for all your love and blessings I love you xoxoxox

grammanet 22nd June 2011 8:31 am

My heart sends love and light to Michelle and all of you who feel this loss. I thank you Michelle for all your teachings and guidance. Your work has expanded my being and others I have met on the path beyond any expectations! I feel your presence and will have it in my heart always.. Love & Light <3 <3 <3

victor 22nd June 2011 11:24 am

Thanks Michell Rev. Coutant for all the messages. Iam saddened at your passing but know this is what you wanted. God bless you and continue to bless you in the higher realms.

laughlight 22nd June 2011 11:41 am

I was shocked to learn Michelle left us yesterday
via, where I came to know her, to love her.
Blessed, Radiant Teacher...I'm so glad I took a course with
her as an Xmas gift to me in December. This mortal coil is
so fleeting; I urge everyone to take a course, do some study with the brilliant Lights we are exposed to here.
This is how their work lives on..within us.

Namaste. Michelle's Last Lesson, this channeling of Sananda is Beautiful, so glad to read it albeit thru a small stream of saltwater.
I join Michelle's River of Life in this way. My deepest thanks for publishing this channeling.
For all the richness, the abundant Brilliance we receive here, thank you.

Michelle has gone the way of the Ray
& in the beam of Light she leaves
we will also find our way.
Namaste Beloved Teacher


COBALT 22nd June 2011 12:13 pm

:smitten: Bon voyage, Michelle! You will remain in the love of our sacred hearts.

Hillis 22nd June 2011 2:06 pm

Michelle, You are a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing your channeled messages and wisdom. I know you are welcomed home!

Nada 22nd June 2011 5:18 pm

Thank you Michelle. I have always looked forward to your messages. I will truly miss you. Yesterday was my birthday and I was gifted with a great-niece to share my earth day! Who knows...maybe you will continue as "Heaven", the name given to my newborn niece. I wish you the best.

Jill Renee 22nd June 2011 9:47 pm

Namaste, Michelle We look forward to "seeing" you again when we have reached that level of unveiling.

Emmanuel Dagher 23rd June 2011 1:02 am

I love & will miss you dear friend!

angelika 23rd June 2011 10:05 am

Love and Blessings on your new pathway, Michelle. I love(d) your messages, they've given me much hope and encouragement on my own journey. I miss you already. Somehow I was shocked at how shocked I was about your passing over and the tears I shed.

Thank you for the difference you have made in my life.

Warm Hugs,

Crystal38 23rd June 2011 11:45 am

Michelle's love will remain with us through her messages. :smitten:

eaprin 26th June 2011 4:25 pm

God bless you Michelle. I know you are at peace with your spirit family.

Much much love to all.

Elaine :smitten:

let it be 5th July 2011 12:15 am

Thank you Michelle! I will miss the messages you relayed to us. Peace and Love to you!!

Theta Networker 5th July 2014 6:13 am

Back in June, 2011, I posted Michelle Coutant’s Message of the Heart From Sananda, May, 2011 on my blog … I noticed, only in the early hours of this morning, that the url of that I put within that post, in giving her credit, gives an “Error 404 – Page Not Found” message …

Now I have come to your web site … And so I wish to echo those words of thank you, Michelle, with all my heart, for your loving and supportive messages, and for your kind gentle energy. And I remember, too, that it was through my posting of Rev. Michelle’s Message of the Heart From Sananda, May, 2011, that I met Latonya Harrison of, who responded to that post … So I can testify that that is how Spirit works … Synchronicities happen all the time and … You are never alone …



Peter Fox 15th March 2023 3:33 am

Dear Michelle/Sananda- Thank you so much for this timeless message. X


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