Love In The Now Moment

Beloved Ones,

When you fill yourselves with the vibrations of Love, the miracles abound in your lives, your expression of your Divinity, and every aspect and facet of your Being. When we speak of Love to you, we want you to understand that when we ask you to hold the vibration of Love, it is a commitment you must make in each moment of your Now. In every moment of the Now, you are being asked to make the highest choice, and to express your Self as the highest aspect and expression of your Divine Self, your God Self. You must make choices which raise your vibrations, rather than choices which lower your vibrations.

Throughout the day, you will find that you lower and raise your vibrations, in alignment with the thoughts that you think, the words you speak and the actions and deeds you present to humanity. You must make the choice to focus on Love and ask your Self in every Now moment, “Is this thought a thought of love, or is it a thought based upon my ego?” When you examine your thoughts in this way, you will find that you may direct your words, and your actions, to reflect the Love of your Sacred Heart. Within this Love, is the Elixir of Life, the adamantine particles, which are the foundation of all Creation. You have these adamantine particles available to you in the full spectrum of the Metatronic light, which is being showered down upon your beloved Mother Earth. These particles are available to each one of you, to bring forth the creations of the new earth. The more you focus on Love, the more effortlessly your creations will manifest, as you will have an abundant supply of adamantine particles available to you.

There are those of you who believe that you must only be the vibration of Love, as you hold the thought form for your new creation, but this will bring you only limited results, as you must hold the vibration of Love, continually. Hold the vibration of Love in the Now moment of Creation, and blessings reign, miracles abound, and you will have found your way home. You will know without a doubt that you are God, and you are entitled to all the blessings of Creation and you are in complete alignment with the flow of the universe.

The way of a master entails perseverance, dedication, and the knowing that each moment of Love, is the God moment of Creation. You are in the Still Point of Creation, and you may remain in the Still Point of Creation in every moment that you hold, solidly, and steadfastly, the vibration of Love, and Love alone. Remain in the Still Point, and you will find that you are also in your Sacred Heart as the two are One, as you are One with all Creation, and with God, as you are God, you are the All That Is.

We ask you to begin to expand your understanding of your energy field. You are much more than the limited understanding you have been given in the past. You are blessed, beautiful, Divine beings of light. How can your energy field be limited? Your energy field encompasses all Creation, it encompasses past present and future, it encompasses the All That Is, as you are the All That Is. We ask you to meditate upon this expression and feel the expansiveness; feel the limitlessness of who you are. Sit quietly and breathe deeply and allow your awareness to fill your body, to fill your immediate field around your body, and slowly become aware of the expansion of your field, as you become aware that your field encompasses Mother Earth. Breathe and feel the knowingness of this expression. As you become comfortable, breathe and feel your field expand even more, as it extends out to all creation, expanding into the All That Is. You are so much more than the physical body and the expressions of the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies that you strive to bring into harmony. You are God, and your four bodies are God. As you balance and raise your four bodies to the vibrations of the fifth dimension, you come to this knowing of your expansiveness, and once again you have come full circle, through the Law of Circle, that your four bodies are the All That Is, all Creation.

It is so simple Beloveds, yet the human condition is to be driven by the ego. Place the ego, physical, mental, and emotional bodies under the direction of your God Self, shift your focus to Love, and only Love, in the Now moment, and you will have found, once again, that the miracles of Creation are within you, the blessings of life are yours for the asking. You will be Love, and you will be God, for God is Love.

I am with you, in Love, in the Now Moment.



Prosper503935 15th April 2010 8:08 am

There is a flaw within your message, as there are ways of totally raising your vibration consciously without emotions or decisions such as driving your car to work or biking, or anything of that nature. You can easily raise your vibration despite the decisions you make with techniques that people use in meditations. All you must do is find what works best for you to raise your vibration and harness this to raise your vibration. The concept is totally overrated as people reach a high vibration, they open their door and walk into a low 3d world where they are constantly bombarded by lower vibrations which in turn radically lowers your vibration back to the first step.

The trouble is not in reaching a high vibration, but retaining and maintaining a high vibration, and raising the vibration of the world. For if you raise the worlds vibration (which at the moment the world has such a low low low vibration) then it can become easier for younger souls to raise their vibration and other as well.

Vibrations are not just a decision or emotion, they are states of energy.

k 15th April 2010 12:32 pm

Love and joy are of the highest vibration and without these emotions the soul can not overcome the viel of darkness that hides the Light within and it is bound to the illusion of thought forms where it will be confronted time and time again with expereinces that reflect the need for lessons. It is the passion of Christ, the love for all and compassion for those souls who can not see.

sprague 15th April 2010 4:39 pm

Beautiful infomation thank you all . love to u & all

mifasolasi 16th April 2010 7:17 am

Love in its total expression!!! :)
Absolutely Divine..!! :angel:
Thank You Jeshoua !! :smitten:
Thank you Michelle!! :smitten: :smitten:
Love M


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