You Are Limitless, Access The Wisdom Of The Cosmos

Dearly Beloveds,

I am Helios, the Solar Logos of your Solar System. I greet you with great love and joy in this opportunity to communicate with you through this dear soul. I have been awaiting this time, as this dear soul too, has been awaiting this opportunity to connect with the great wisdom and love and understanding and joy, that is available through the higher realms.

We, of the higher realms await you, as you bridge the gap between the lower vibrations which you have been steeped in, and the higher vibrations which are being showered upon your planet, your solar system, and your galaxy. It takes time, in the linear third dimension, and the fourth dimension, to incorporate this light and the higher vibrations. The gap grows more narrow, less pronounced as those of you, with great determination, do the work that is needed for you to bridge this gap.

The wisdom of the cosmos is available to all of you. This messenger is an example of this wisdom being accessed and brought forth. Do not limit yourself to that which you see in your world of the third/fourth dimension. This is linear, and only a very small part of who you are and what you have available to you on many levels, many dimensions, many planes. It is a cosmic playground, so to speak. Join the group who is upon the playground, in joy and in love, creating in harmony and beauty, with the knowing that all is not available to your naked eye in the third/fourth dimension, but never the less, it is there. Embrace it, open your senses to it. Know that you are a limitless, cosmic being, of such magnificence that you will only know when you have returned to the higher realms.

Begin to expand your consciousness beyond the planetary level, and open your awareness to the understanding of a bigger picture. Open to the awareness, of solar level, galactic, universal and multi universal, and cosmic ascension. We ask you to stay firmly grounded and plant your feet firmly upon your blessed mother earth, as you do this. Your task at this time is to complete planetary ascension, and as you do so, you are to assist your mother earth and your brothers and sisters.

However, we ask you to open your awareness to the thought forms of ascension at the higher levels, a journey which is ongoing and continuous, as you reach new levels and new spiritual gifts, wisdom and awareness. We ask you to do this so that you will bring into your experience, the concept and the understanding that you are limitless. You are eternal, expansive beyond your knowing. You are the God Core. You are the God Mind. This knowing will help you claim your personal power with a deeper understanding of your greatness, a deeper understanding of who you are. Yet as you claim your personal power, you must claim it within the boundaries, of humility, humbleness, within the boundaries of your Sacred Mind, which if you listen, will present to you the qualities, of love, joy, compassion, wisdom, intuition, strength, and courage. As your claim your personal power, your Sacred Heart and your Sacred Mind will never lead you astray, as you allow this wisdom, allow this love, to permeate and fill your being, with the wisdom of the Cosmos.

It is all available to you, blessed souls. As Solar Logos, I am here to assist you, you have only to ask. Feel the pulse of the Cosmic Heartbeat. Connect with this pulse. It is the pulse of God, the Heartbeat of God. We are One in this Heartbeat throughout Eternity.

I am Helios, and I Bless you on your Sacred Cosmic Journey, as I am here with all those of the higher realms, ready to assist you.



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Author Information

Michelle Coutant

Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Michelle is a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human matrix.  She is a messenger for Archangel Michael, Jeshua and also receives wisdom through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage.


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