Expansion and nervous energy

We have been asked to speak about the nervousness that many are feeling at this time. This is a result of the high frequencies that are being transmitted to Earth. This is affecting all sentient beings, including the Earth. Our suggestion is that you tune into the feeling of love and find that resonance within you as often as possible. You are to be walking in love. Indeed, you are to be “in love” in all your moments.

As you cast off the debilitating energy of fear and bring in the vibration of love, you send this resonance through your physical body and it radiates through your energy field and out into your world, infiltrating into all of your experiences, affecting all the people you encounter. The resonance of love draws more love to it, so you all are contributing to the spread of love throughout the earth plane. Use your breath in conjunction with your intention to tune your vibration to love. Make deep, conscious breathing a part of your reality.

Another feeling that comes with the high vibration, in addition to the nervousness, is a feeling of unfamiliarity, for you are in new territory, even though it may all look the same as it always has. You are in a new energetic territory. Remember the expression “as above, so below?” Well, in the inner, etheric worlds, the shift has occurred and this can feel very unsettling. Even those on the oasis of peace may be feeling the buzz of change. Another common feeling is shaking – especially when you lie down to rest – you may feel as if an earthquake is happening inside of you. This is the high frequency moving within you, opening and expanding your energy field. It is actually a rather delicious feeling, so enjoy the ride and breathe with it.


Your physical bodies are also undergoing changes as the energy shifts. You may be feeling aches and pains that move around your body from one location to another. Backaches, foot pain, headaches and skin rashes are some experiences that have been reported. Drink a lot of water! Flush out the density. Exercise. You may also be feeling hot flashes. This is, again, flushing out the dense energies. Lots of water! We would like get up on a soapbox for a moment to recommend that you get filters for the water in your home, if needed, so you can drink the tap water and reduce the use of plastic bottles. Purchase the stainless steel bottles that are on the market now and fill them with your filtered tap water. The accumulation of plastic bottles is huge and it is imperative that people become more conscious of the impact they make on the planet.

Back to the nervousness, sometimes it is important just to sit within the feeling – keep breathing deeply and simply allow the feeling to be there. It shall pass. Perhaps there is a message for you within the nervous feeling – something you need to address and clear.

The use of crystals

There are many quartz crystals that have come to the surface that are encoded with information from ancient times. These are called “record keeper” crystals and they contain a triangle facet on them. As your resonance rises, you become receptive to the information in the crystals. If you find you have such a crystal, or if you have any kind of crystal that you feel a kinship with, sit with it and become still. Open to receive a message – this message could be in words and/or feeling or vibration. Ask the crystal if it has something to tell you. Many of these crystals are here to assist with raising your vibration. As you raise your vibration, using breath and intention, the feeling of nervousness will decrease.

You are experiencing a vortex of high energy and when you aren’t in harmonic vibration with the energy, you will feel a discordant buzz, which you translate into nervousness. All is well. This is expansion. In some ways you are like children learning to walk. Be patient with yourselves and each other. Practice kindness and remember to amplify the vibration of love within you.

Let go and enjoy the ride!

Much love and blessings,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One


missvindigo 10th January 2010 5:26 am

Thank you so much Nancy! That explains so much and why I have been feeling like this! I had this strange fever last Thursday, just out of the blue and couldn't sleep, not to mention all the backaches that I get so frequently. I have also been feeling kind of nervous about all these changes that are occurring, but after reading this article, it cleared many things up. :)

Lots of love,
Luiza :smitten:

Yonatan 10th January 2010 9:15 am

Hi Nancy, thank you very much for this really nice message, it definately comforts.

LOVE :) and Bless you :)


Zen471 10th January 2010 10:23 am

Thank you so much! I have been having the nervous feelings, as well. I couldn't understand where they were coming from. I trust everything is as it should be, so the feelings were distracting!

sage 10th January 2010 10:32 am

Hi Nancy.
I found your article very interesting and enlightening.
I have several of the symptoms mentioned and find crystals are a gift fromm Mother Earth and are very helpful with ascending.
I travel to the crystal mines of Arkansas and harvest Mother Earths crystals. they are a blessing for all who adopt them from me and are becomming true ambassadors for the universe.
thank you.
Sage crystal singer :angel:

sprague 12th January 2010 6:06 pm

Thank you beautiful friend xoxo


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