Solstice message

We are expanding and accelerating. As the expansion is raises us up – our energetic vibration is accelerating; our frequency is vibrating more quickly. Through this evolutionary process our wounds are also undergoing expansion, so it may seem like we’re revisiting some wounds we thought were healed; things we have already worked on – old feelings coming up – and this is just passing through, it is part of our expansion – revisiting what we’ve healed to check in to see if there is something that is still left which needs our attention.

One of the best ways to heal ourselves is through self love. Loving the self is like a nectar or a healing balm – as we love ourselves we are loving God, the Creator, All That Is, for we are the physical embodiment of Creator Source. Doesn’t it feel good to know that inside? Breathing and being gentle with ourselves, nurturing ourselves in small ways is important at this time. The energies may feel overwhelming, resulting in fatigue or lethargy. It helps to surrender to these feelings when they come up and give ourselves a time out – to read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, or simply to rest.

Many of One wish to speak to us about telepathy

You each have a unique energetic vibration that is your “you-ness” – the way you have always felt – your energetic fingerprint – the way you feel yourself deep inside. One of the ways of communicating telepathically is through feeling. You are all connected to a great web of energy. You can send your feeling-tone to vibrate out onto that web. You can tune into the feeling-tone of one whom you wish to connect with. Send your energetic signature out to theirs by vibrating both feeling-tones together. This is the beginning – a rudimentary stage on how to touch in with each other – the first step in learning how to use your telepathic abilities.  It’s also tied in to your psychic abilities – everyone has psychic abilities – this can be developed – you can learn how to use these abilities. Trusting your intuition is also part of this aspect of reaching out and connecting with each other telepathically.

Just as a spider feels the vibration on her web, this is how communication is transmitted. You are doing this already—this message is to show you that you can communicate consciously. Haven’t you found yourself suddenly thinking of someone and their feeling is so strong within you that you feel yourself greeting them and giving them an etheric hug? This is real; this is telepathic communication. Maybe you are not telling a story telepathically, but you are touching in with one another with your feelings. This communication will expand into communicating ideas or messages, however in the beginning it is a matter of touching in on each other’s energy. This also revolves around feelings o f love and trust. Trust that when someone pops into your mind they are indeed thinking of you. You can meet them energetically and send love back to them and amplify that connection. As more and more people do this, when the connection is met, you will all open to trust and knowing that this is really happening.  It takes practice, and this is what you are expanding into.

As you begin to develop this you may find that the person you want to reach might not be available. You may need to make appointments with each other to connect telepathically in the beginning. There is also the aspect of privacy – no one will be able to “bust in on you” if you do not wish to be available. You are all living within free will choice.

We wish to talk to you about the seeds you have planted in the last six months between the Winter Solstice and this summer Solstice. Celebrate what you have created with self respect and self love. Know that you are creating more and more consciously. Whatever you focus your attention on becomes what you create. Make a list of what you wish to create from this time going forward. You are learning more and more to manifest your desires into your lives. You are here at this time of the world for a reason. You amplify your gifts into the world simply with your being-ness, your unique vibration.

More and more you will find yourselves connecting with people who carry a similar resonance as you spiral up on the energies of creativity, growth and expansion. You are magnetizing yourselves to each other. You are now entering a time where Power to the People is at hand. You are seeing this power – from the grass roots – playing out on the global plane. Power to the people is getting stronger and your telepathic abilities will feed into this as well. You tap into the Beam – a beam of energy, light, information – a collective beam of acceleration which is also part of the unfolding. There will be more information coming through regarding the Beam.

Gather together in small groups with a purpose, to amplify energy or to create something out in the world, or to simply gather together to share a meal, sit around a fire, share your experiences with one another. Open your hearts to each other – creating community is vital at this time.

What is happening in the world is that the chains that have kept humanity down – the chains of fear and control – are falling away in the light of Love. You will become more empowered on an individual level and a collective level. The powers that have been in control are losing their grip. The energy and power is rising from below up through the bottom of your feet, into your bodies, your energy field, radiating out into each individual’s life. This is a time where you begin to realize how important each person’s individual offering is to the Whole. Celebrate this, it is very good news for you! The fear that has held so many down for so long is fading away as more and more people refuse to be caught up in that energy any longer. You can loosen the grip of fear by using your breath to bring your focus from your mind into your heart. The mind is no longer in the driver’s seat! It is the heart that drives your etheric vehicles. Breathe into your heart and into the moment of now. Know that you are not alone. As you find the way to dissipate fear, know that others are doing it as well and you are picking up on each other’s energy telepathically, for you are all One. You are picking up on the healing energy – you gift yourself with it and you share it with others simply by allowing yourself to undergo this transformation.

This Solstice is a time to celebrate your healing abilities and it is a time where there is an opening to communicate with spirit. An opening to channel. As you learn to trust the information that comes to you, you will expand your channel of communication with Spirit and with wise, high vibrational non-physical beings. Self love and respect is what opens this channel. You all have the ability to open to receive information and creative inspiration. Where do you think the music comes from? The words, the stories, the poetry, the pictures, the movement, the ideas that feed expansion in science, architecture, mathematics? Creative expression is a form of channeling. Feel the smile within as you read these words. Feel the feeling of freedom that comes from this knowing. You are opening into your freedom, your empowerment as sovereign human beings on Earth and as members of the Galactic family and the family of the Universe and beyond. Again we say Power to the People. You are in a new beginning – discovering a new way of walking on the Earth. Feel your hearts opening at this good news.

We send blessings of love and light to you. You are never alone. You are all One.


Rainbow Princess 22nd June 2009 11:29 am

Thank you Nancy, this is so spot on for me right now!

Love and Light :thumbs:


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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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