Soul Transitions May 2008 Vibe Report

May has come barreling in with churning waters and way too much busy-ness. I have felt overwhelmed and over-scheduled. A part of me longs for space and solitude and I feel, in some aspects of my life as if I’m running as fast as I can on a hamster wheel of obligations and responsibilities. This vibe report is coming out “late” because of this. There have been unforeseen changes in “plans” (God laughs when we make plans!) and re-routing. I find it so important to nurture myself and if I don’t take at least 5 or 10 minutes to go within and find stillness, I’m feeling ‘off’ for the rest of the day. Many people have been reporting feelings of depression and a dullness, which Many of One addresses in this report.

I recently watched the video Fierce Grace about Ram Dass and have been longing for something ever since – a deeper connection to Spirit. I find myself crying a lot, with a feeling of homesickness, and a feeling of emptying out. Often, when I think of Ram Dass I start to cry! And at times I have felt him hugging me. I know this unnamable something that I’m longing for is within me, I need look no further than the center of being. The world seems so loud, so many obligations pulling at me, and I find it is essential to come into the now, over and over again. I have been caught in survival mode and I long for peace – and an extended visit to an ashram (something I’ve never done). I long to leave the worldly stuff behind and dwell within for a time. In these times, at best, I can find moments of peace to nurture my soul through meditation. It’s like creating an inner ashram or temple – a sacred space for me to find renewal.

It is with love that I share these stirrings of my soul.

And now, Many of One…


Greetings dear ones!

We understand that many lightworkers who came here to this planet Earth to assist in this time of transition are feeling exhaustion, having bouts of depression and panic and are feeling “over it” in regards to the 3D experience.

As the vibration continues to rise, frequencies of transformation create shifts and changes making you feel disoriented and disconnected. At times you may feel as if you are being churned around by the breaking waves. Trust that aspects that need to be released are being loosened up in the churning waves.

At other times you may be feeling a lull. This is a time of absorption and integration of the new energies you have been downloading. You may be feeling coldness inside – this happens as you expand. Stay present and focus on your breath.

You are all so close, so close. We hope you will remember this when you feel your faith faltering. You are radiant beings. These times call for extra vigilance and conscious work of filling yourself with the spirit of love. Take the time to focus inward, into the quiet within – as many times during the day as you can. A brief 5 minutes in your busy day will nurture your spirit and ground you and give you a greater sense of well-being.

In this shift it is difficult to maintain the hold on what worked in the past as it slips through your fingers. Let it go. It may seem like there’s nothing to grab onto. The new will appear – listen to your heart.

Some are seeing the new around them and are beginning to move in the direction of the heart, realizing it has been there all along, calling to them.

Holding onto that which does not harmonize with your higher vibration is becoming unbearable. Perhaps projects that you’ve been developing for the past few years suddenly run aground, or lose the energetic connection they once had. It’s ok to move on. Once you find yourself out in the water pushing the boat instead of in the boat and rowing, it could mean that it’s time for you to create another boat.

Some are blessed with situations where their basic needs are being met, so they can explore their creative and spiritual abilities and they are able to glow and grow forward into their expression, their creative flow. For those who are flying in joyful pathways, remember to send the joy, freedom and softness to your brothers and sisters – send it outward – in a prayer that all may find their way, for you are all connected deeply and this will help you to know that you are not alone.

We also wish to acknowledge that, whether you realize it or not, all are feeling the waves of grief and loss with the exodus of many people who were killed in the cyclone in Myanmar. When events like this occur, when there is a great amount of souls transitioning from the physical plane, the energy is felt all around the world. You can no longer believe that you are all separate beings. You are receiving proof that all are connected.

So when you do your meditations and connect with those who are sending light to earth, it is very real – vision yourselves above the earth holding hands with other lightworkers and surrounding the earth with love and sending love to one another. This will help relieve the depression and help you feel less alone.

When we non-physical beings tune in to you, we feel the deep loneliness that rides along with the feelings of inertia and depression that so many of you are experiencing at this time.

You have worked hard for so long to live authentically and some feel like they are swimming upstream. This is exhausting and disheartening and sometimes leads to the manifestation of illness.

Breathe, ask your guides to assist you and be patient for the help to arrive. We feel the frustration as you read these words – you say you have been doing that, but nothing happens! We say you need to pay attention and take responsibility, because no one guide or person in your life can do your growing and releasing for you. Only you can take the reins and ride your horse of empowerment. You also need to allow time for your guides to respond to your prayer requests.

In the moments of depression, sadness and loneliness, find ways to nurture yourself. Be gentle, for the energies are rising and taking you up higher and that which has held you back is falling away, sometimes tugging at your energy bodies. That is what can cause fear and sadness – letting go of the old energies that are familiar but do not serve your highest good.

We say hang in there – stay the course – connect with your deeper being – your multidimensionality. You are almost there. But where is there? The center of your self which transforms into the Oneness of all Being. Protect yourself energetically; know that you are on the track of your intention aligned with your heart. And if you doubt that, look into where the doubt is, are you feeding your soul? Are you listening to your heart? There is a message for you within the doubt.

When you open to understand that you are not from Earth - you are from a much broader spectrum of being – when you can connect with the bigger picture, you will feel some comfort and you will access the flow of joy and playfulness that is part of the energy of creation.

There is more, so much more and you will reap the beauty of the golden age that is arising. However you are still in the turmoil of the change - the chaotic churning of the waters as waves break upon the shore. Remember it is not always like this. And it will not always be like this.

So now, connect, once again, with your soul essence, that chord of feeling-energy that flows through the core of your being. Feel the connection that is made between earth and Spirit inside of you. Deeply ground into Earth and reach out into the Universe to draw Spirit into you – feel the creative spirit flowing all around and within. This is your birthright; this is part of who you are. Feel the energy expanding around you. Aaah, it is like coming back to yourself, is it not? Vision spheres of protection around your energy body and surround it with violet light and violet flames for transmutation of negative energy. When you walk within your bubble of protection, you will know that the sticky dark energies cannot permeate, you will feel the fierceness within you – the fierce connection you have to Love, Light and Truth. This will renew your strength in being here and it will renew your connection to the Oneness of being. You are not alone and you are deeply loved.

We send you love, we send you light sparkles to remind you of your true nature and the vastness of your soul.

Gently, softly, lovingly,

Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One


ken 11th May 2008 3:54 am

Good Morning Nancy
Thank for this posting, what a lovely gift to start the day with. I Power is within ..and I am responsible for how I I needed a little reminder.
Thank You...Ken


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