Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 2009

The moon is bright
The wind chimes are twinkling in the breeze
Calling me to step outside
And breathe in the night

Many of us have been experiencing highs and lows of energy and moods. Sometimes it feels like we are in a whirlwind – as if a tornado is spinning around us and then at other times we are on an oasis — like being in the eye of a storm. So many people are undergoing big shifts and changes as relationships fall apart and income streams disappear. Stress and fear levels can be running very high. We are going through a death and rebirth process.

As part of this process, we are learning to take responsibility for ourselves and to let go of feeling responsible for others. No one is responsible for another’s experience. Blaming others is the flipside of thinking someone needs our help. The best we can do for someone who is in any kind of pain is to hold a sacred space for them to find their way – and offer prayers to those who are struggling. We all have our own individual journeys and we touch into one another’s experience as we co-create our world. In the whirlwind, our stories and emotions are activated, challenging us to forgive, release, and grow. When on the oasis, it is a good time to radiate the peace we feel out into the world – like a shining nectar of soothing energy to add to the energy of peace that is floating through the Earth’s aura, available to anyone who may need it. I find myself filling up with the energy of love whenever I think of it, no matter what I’m experiencing. Love is healing, love is expansive and love feels so good. This is the high vibration that matches the innocent energy of love that is radiating throughout the Universe, coming directly from Creator Source. We are becoming love… so we can be love.

Many of One…In this month of December, we see gentle waves of energy flowing, constantly flowing throughout the galaxy, throughout the solar system, flowing to the earth and flowing through humanity and all life forms. These waves of energy carry gifts. You are being offered choices. Pay attention to what appears in your own world of consciousness. Look at every offer, every opportunity. What is new? What will stretch you to experience? Be mindful of new people coming into your life. Many offer opportunities as catalysts of change and growth. New doors opening, new pathways to explore. As your vibration increases, you will see much change in your lives. Some of it may cause stress, but know that within these changes is the Phoenix rising from the flame to create a new life of love and joy. New structures are forming to match the high vibration you are embodying.

The old ways are dying. If you find yourself in a fear storm, breathe deeply, it will bring calmness to you. Change can be frightening, but also energizing. Here is your opportunity to create a new life from your deepest truth. What do you love to do? What brings you vitality? Move towards what energizes you. You may not know where it will take you, but trust that doors will open if you are following your heart, your truth.

Every element that does not ring true to your soul, will not be able to be sustained. There can be no more “faking it.” Inauthentic choices will backfire. These experiences are your great teachers. All inauthentic choices contain possibilities for self knowledge.

All are connected. Each and every one of you are connected to each other through the energetic light of Spirit. For you all come from the same source, come down to earth to experience the sensual physical manifestation of spirit filling the physical body with consciousness. Ahh we came down to earth—each a spark of the Divine—each a star shining forth through the physical body, the light shining from our eyes out into the world. Indeed we are coming alive, we are just coming into true aliveness as awareness grows and expands throughout our being… we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Words you may have heard many times, take on deeper meaning, the energy of the words goes to a deeper level… “We are the ones…”

As you allow your higher self, your Soul self to come into your being, you receive energetic shifts and alignments, as has been spoken of before. You may be feeling dizzy at times, this will pass. You may have been experiencing the inner earthquakes as you are stretched and expanded. Flashes of extreme heartburn, swollen or painful feet. All are signs of your expansion. Your physical body is releasing dense energies as your vibration rises. You will find the discomfort will fade away and suddenly you will notice that you haven’t thought about that shoulder pain (or whatever) for awhile because it is no longer there.

As Above, So Below

As you advance on the trail of your journey, it is as if you are walking parallel pathways; all advancing together towards the circle of light at the center, it is like coming out of the jungle into the fire circle. This is a place in the etheric realm and this is a place within your hearts. It will feel familiar; you may see it in your dreams. The light of this fire circle is shining out into the jungle, through the trees, guiding you forward. You may see your brothers and sisters as you peer through the trees. Each has a unique path of light to follow. You are connected heart, mind and soul. This is why many feel the importance of community – of sharing your experiences together, which is helpful for your individual journeys. It can get very dark and tangled at times and you may find yourselves struggling with inner demons, which are thought forms, memories, energies from long ago, perhaps other lifetimes. You may trip over roots, get tangled in thorns, feel so very alone.

All of your guides are with you to help light your way. They truly are there with you, along with Angelic presences from the realms of love and light. When you call for their help, they come to you but sometimes your minds chatter about what is “wrong” and you are not able to hear the guidance. Breathe very deeply – practice conscious breathing – you will be amazed at how deep, slow breathing will calm your mind. Bring your attention into your heart. Allow your heart to guide you.

All judgment disappears, is sloughed off as you make your journey towards the center of the circle. This is the purpose of the clearing process you have been going through. It is to move you into a place of total self love and acceptance. The center of the circle is the heart of unconditional love. You are raising your vibration so that you can resonate with this center. At the center of the circle, in the Light is where you will blend in Spirit. It will be as if your physical bodies disappear and for a moment you blend together in the ocean of One. This is the ultimate in intimacy (into me see). We wanted to give you a picture to hold in your hearts. This is coming home. In the center of the circle, all blend together as One. Each of you maintains your unique energetic signature as you merge with one another. You will come through this transformation to the other side and that is when the fun truly begins, for you will see yourselves in other people’s eyes – no longer will you feel the separation that has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. Courage, faith and trust will bolster you during this transformational time as you undergo your own personal death and rebirth.

You are beautiful souls, we wish for you to love yourselves as we do, to see yourselves as we see you. You are not alone and your energy and intention touches the whole as you all advance together in holographic unity. You will begin to witness more and more your interconnections with each other. Celebrate the moments of synchronicity that bring you into alignment with one another.

All are being called now. All are being asked to arise up to receive your spiritual heritage.

Much beauty and joy await you. Begin to feel it now. Allow the winds of change to blow away your cares and worries and find that place of innocence and wonder within as you look at the world with new eyes, as you see with the eyes of a child.

Much love and blessings,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One


Zoe Ann Nishimuta 5th December 2009 8:22 pm

Thank you Nancy.
I have used your words to
create my daily haiku for today....

In the center of
the circle everything blends
together as one

Love, Zoe

sprague 7th December 2009 9:14 pm



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