Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 2008


It is with joy that we connect with you - all who are reading these words at this very moment. We touch into your hearts and plant a seed of light, love and truth that it may grow within you as you expand in these times of change. 

Many people's soul vibrations are rising, which makes it more difficult to deal with living in the third dimension. The feeling of being "over it" or "enough already" as we shared in a previous vibe report is very strong. As the vibration rises, the outer, 3D world changes, people's lives change and you will find you can no longer tolerate living the way you used to live - certain situations or behaviors no longer fit with who you are and you will feel it - you will feel the discord within when you continue to engage with the behaviors that are no longer resonant with your higher vibration. 

We see a swirling of energy, like a tornado pulling people into the higher vibration. This will create freedom for many and a feeling of disruption and confusion for others - some people's lives have turned inside out and there are those who are refusing to release the past and allow the new energies to rise within them. For those who have people in their lives who are going through this, know that you cannot help them, you cannot make them change, you can only continue with your own growth and acceleration. You will not be able to stay with those who are refusing the energy - they may try to hold you back but it will be as if you are being sucked away into a higher vibration and indeed, you are rising into a higher dimension. 

You are rising into a fifth dimensional vibration and yet still living in the third dimension. This brings on physical side effects such as difficulty sleeping - or needing a lot of sleep, but not feeling well rested upon awakening. Sometimes the mind goes into overdrive with thinking about all the things that have to be done. Is there something that you have wanted to do and yet have not acted upon? Have you been procrastinating on some project that you are being nudged to do? It is time to begin listening to the inner prompting and to act upon it. The mind is not the enemy - the restless waters are from inspirations long ignored. The mind may focus on some minutia of 3D life that needs to be done, but there is a deeper core to the restlessness. It comes from an inner motivation - an appeal from your very soul - which you are not acting upon. The clearing that has been happening for the last few years is to get all the sluggish muckiness out of the way so you can hear your soul's call. 

Another side effect is that of the expansion and contraction of energy. The body experiences a deep cold within and then extreme heat, fluctuating between the two. The contractions feel like pressure and too much to do with not enough time. The expansion carries the feeling of disorientation and it is a time when new information, inspiration and new feelings about life, existence and multidimensionality come into your awareness. It is all part of the same process. It helps to allow the discomfort of the pressure to be there - not to fight or resist what is - and to know that this is helping you to expand towards your ascension. 

With the expansion and contraction comes a feeling of nervousness as if something is about to happen. Also there is a feeling of being pulled out of your body - you're still in your body but there is a "far away" feeling as if you are looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. Along with this comes a strange feeling of unfamiliarity with your surroundings - even if you have lived there for years. 

There are times that feel like a lull, like nothing is happening - this is a time of absorption and integration of the energies you have been downloading. 

New connections are being made between people - new people coming into your lives and you may have a sense of your guides and their guides rejoicing at your meeting. There will also be old friends returning to your life. 

This is a good time to experience body work and energy healing, such as reiki, cranio-sacral or polarity treatments.  You may also experience changes in your dietary needs. Perhaps you are wanting to eat more crunchy, watery foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, then having a sudden need for protein. Listen to what your body is telling you. 

Things are changing from the inside out. If you are experiencing a falling apart of what you have long known, look for the shining doorway of new energy. There is always another choice. The old is falling away, look elsewhere for something new and shining - something that gives you energy and makes you feel alive. Many are being called to find new pathways yet they feel tied to monetary chains - feeling they cannot make any change because they need the money. You have heard the expression "all structures are unstable?" This especially applies to the economic structures at this time. 

You are experiencing an inner calling. Listen, listen - what magic adventure is calling to you? Listen to what your mind says and begin to tell a new story. So many feel unfulfilled in work they have been doing for years - feeling it is meaningless. Look in a new direction. List all the things you love to do - focus on what gives you energy. If nothing comes to you, find the stillness within and ask your higher self or your soul and your guides to show you a new way of living. Be patient in receiving the answer. Remember, it is not what you do, but how you do it. Where are you "coming from" deep within? The changes that are happening are deep, indeed. 

We have said before that collaboration and community are becoming more and more important and necessary for humans to continue living on earth. This is the shining new energy that is beckoning to you. The human family is coming together to find a new, holistic way of living with each other. Love is the feeling that is growing from within. A sense of well-being, a childlike feeling of freedom. Embrace these inner feelings as the outer structures fall away. 

Within the spiraling energy is a new vibration. The pain body is losing its hold as more and more of you release it through acceptance... you feel it fading away. It will lash out through those who are actively holding on to the past, to the pain, to the stories of pain that are told over and over again. As part of this shift, many can no longer tolerate images of violence in the entertainment world - stories of war, destruction and hatred. 

Much of what we say here, you have heard before. This is a time to go within and really look at yourself and what you want your life to feel like. This is a time of letting go, the final days of letting go and preparing to create a new life, a new story. What is your deepest desire for your life? What is it? You can make it real. You can be ecstatically happy within your own being - it is your heritage, it is your birthright. 

Remember, too, that you have support from the invisibles. The helpers in the non physical realm are with you always. 

Join those who are holding a vibration of love for the earth and all her peoples. Surrounding the earth are people holding hands in the etheric energies - they circle the earth - they send love through the circle and into the Earth's aura, and down into Earth, sending love to the people of earth. Join them when you can - know that you are never alone, these are your brothers and sisters in spirit. You are part of the family of One. 

With love, in joy... 

Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One


camelman555 11th July 2008 5:45 am

fine tuning


Mariù 13th July 2008 9:46 pm
Thank you, great message. I do resonate with your words Nancy!


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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt