Soul Transitions Vibe Report November 2009

There’s so much going on, so much up in the air – many sudden changes – the roller coaster effect has gotten really interesting. It spirals up, moves side to side and takes sudden dips – some influences take us up and other influences drop us down – it can be exhausting and frustrating. But if you’ve been through enough of the sudden changes, you begin to find humor in it and maybe even come to the realization that we’re better off (as always) not taking things too seriously, because you never know what’s around the corner. In fact you never know where the corner is! They seem to be springing up out of nowhere – it’s like being in a maze. It’s helpful if we can find our center and keep grounded and focused as the winds of change blow around us.

There are a lot of relationship difficulties arising as we correct our courses – adjusting to who we are becoming, and letting go of who we were. Many are in transition between their old life and their new life – trying to adjust to the accelerating energies. Add economic challenges and changing income streams to the mix and we have a vibe of fear, insecurity and uncertainty wafting through Earth’s aura. We need to get used to it. We’re on the move and reinventing ourselves. Step lively – make friends with spontaneity.

Some people are in places of peace and stabilization – like being on an oasis in a desert or an island in the middle of a churning sea. These people are holding and anchoring the energies of calmness and serenity, whether they know it or not. Practicing gratitude and appreciation for what we have which holds the vibration of love will help us to find stability. So, gathering together, sharing in friendship – creating the oasis of community – is very helpful for our navigation through the wild waters of instability and change.

As the energy continues to rise in frequency you may find yourselves awakening in the early hours of morning with a disquieting feeling inside. Many find themselves awakening consistently at 4:00 am. During sleep time, the physical body releases resistance and there is no distraction. This is when the high frequencies of energy that are infusing the Earth plane have a chance to enter into the energetic system of the body. Receiving this energy is what is awakening us in the hours before dawn. When our bodies have received all we can hold, we wake up suddenly as waves of emotional energy wash over us. This is the releasing of density. Your first feelings upon awakening may be anxiety or deep discomfort. Your mind will often take you into further discomfort by thinking that something might be “wrong” with you on a physical or emotional level. Bring yourself back to your center through your breath and fill yourself with love.

We are being expanded as we integrate the higher frequencies and it can be very uncomfortable. As has been said many times, this energy brings up that which is not in harmony with our higher self. For indeed as we open to the higher vibration, our higher self, our Soul, is coming into our being more and more. The density that has accumulated through the earth experience cannot exist within the higher vibration. Pay attention to the swirling feelings that float within you. Sometimes you may feel what you would call a “bad feeling” come to the surface. This deep pain is something you have carried for most of your life and often you have covered it up. No longer can we do this. When you have this experience of pain and discomfort arising from deep within, draw upon all of your love and compassion and allow the wound of that pain to be within you. Witness this feeling; do not try to push it away. Visualize placing it in a golden bowl and honoring it for what it has to teach you. Bring a feeling of reverence and sacredness to this experience and ask Great Spirit for help in healing this wound consciously. That which is arising for healing through love may be your deepest pain, your deepest shame… something that seemed so very big when you were a small child – something for which you were judged and you learned to judge yourself for. Don’t be afraid of the feelings that come up and remember that the integration of the accelerated vibrational energy can be very unsettling.

The ability to face ourselves, our wounds and our judgments against ourselves brings us great strength, humility and compassion and helps us to grow into deep, abiding self love. This is part of the process of evolution. And when we allow the feelings to come up and be, they dissipate. Like a big bubble rising to the surface and popping.

Don’t worry if you are not waking up at 4am (give or take an hour). Everyone is at different stages of opening and we go through rest periods between openings – it’s a pulsation, just like the rhythm of our heartbeat. If you ever have the opportunity to sit by a stream and you place your hand in it you can feel the pulsation of the moving water. The flow of energy moves in a spiraling pulsation, like a heartbeat.

Now, in the recent months many people have experienced strange or “freak accidents” that left them with physical injuries which are still in the process of healing. There have also been many who have had bladder infections, back or shoulder pain, leg and foot pain and general fatigue. These experiences are our physical reactions to the expanding energies. Look within to where you may be resisting the flow. You may catch yourself in habitual negative thought patterns or feeling fear of change. Or you may realize that you haven’t been listening to the promptings of your heart, so something is showing up in your physical body to get your attention. Practice mindful breathing to calm your heart and mind. Changes are all around, as always, but perhaps more profoundly than ever. Inner changes and outer changes abound – even small changes during your daily activities. You may find yourself suddenly doing something that was not on your list for the day, such as making soup, or cleaning a closet, or visiting a friend. Allow yourself to go with the flow. You will feel the delight of freedom by doing so and as you practice spontaneity in small ways, you will be able to flow with the bigger changes with more grace.

Through the silence of meditation, connect to the vibration of your Soul… this is your energetic signature – the unique resonance of your being. Breathe into this feeling and allow it to permeate your body and all of your energy fields. Call upon your Higher Self or your Soul to come to you. Doing so will allow you to feel the vastness of your being. This connects you to the Universe, indeed the Multiverse from which you are ever being born. For we are all continually moving and growing throughout all of existence – being born and reborn in every moment.

Know that you have much support in the non-physical realm and ask for help whenever you need it. Allow the nectar of love and comfort to surround you and fill you.

You are most brave and courageous to be on Earth at this time. This is the Big Show that you are participating in. See if you can get a feeling or a glimpse of the bigger picture. Consider that if you were to “leave the stage” at this time, you might, on the other side, have a feeling of disappointment – for it all looks and feels so different in the non-physical. The feeling there is that we can do anything we want in the physical – anything that we intend, we can create. Put that in your cauldron and let it simmer! This is indeed a grand play that we are all participating in. To maintain flow, let go of expectations. To maintain flow, stay in the present moment and follow the energy that brings vitality to you.

Many Blessings,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

Comments 10th November 2009 6:10 am

Blessing on you for the time and energy you placed in this article. The love and the clarity brought such reverence for you and for the collective, yet individual journey each of us have choosen. May you continue to be blessed as you infuse others with all that is good.

Peace and joy to you

Debbie Milam
A Moment of Peace

scaggs1984 10th November 2009 1:51 pm

We often hear about the emotional roller coaster those who are on the ascension path have been experiencing. I just want to remind those that we are given a multitude of tools right now to help ease the burden. I believe the best thing we can do right now to help this transtion go easier is to clear, clear, clear. I have recently discovered ways of doing this at deep levels that I didnt even know were possible, and I know that because of this, I have not been experiencing this process as others have been. Just start asking for tools and you might be surprised what you get!

susie_walker 10th November 2009 2:30 pm

This message felt like a great big, very, very welcome hug. Thank you.

angelk 10th November 2009 6:28 pm

Thank you. I always find my inner peace increasing when I resonate with a message and this was welcome.

Mariù 10th November 2009 9:32 pm

Thank You so much for this amazing message. It resonates deeply and it's exactly what I'm experiencing......thank you for the reminder on let things happen.....Love,


Bright Sorcerer 13th November 2009 4:02 pm

Some excellent info and encouragement that I will be sharing on my show tonight. This is going to help a lot of my listeners... and me, as well. Thank you! Love and Light, Sister, Nick xx

Winnie 15th November 2009 9:13 pm

Thank you so much for this article! It is exactly what I am experiencing too...even the waking up around this is why I have been meditating and my support group will keep me grounded during this time. Thank you again for putting into words what I could not express. xoxo


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