Act Locally, Think Galactically

For a few weeks I have felt like a very big wave is coming. In my inner eye I’ve seen a blue/turquoise wave like the giant waves of Hawaii. When asking where I am on that wave, I see myself surfing the barrel. I’m an energy surfer, not an actual ocean surfer, but I imagine that surfing the tube or barrel requires great focus and heightened awareness in the moment.

Today, at the end of July, I tune in and I’m looking across flat sand. Sand for miles all around. I ask the Vastness of Being “Is there a tsunami coming?” I feel a connection with some beings in the Vastness who dwell within the Earth coming forth…

We are Calabasas from the within. Leading you upward to fly above the landscape you see. Vastness of sand, and light glittering on water far off in the distance but moving forward.  Remember that you can fly. We are a group voice part of a civilization within the earth. We ride with you on waves of change. This coming wave will wipe out old beliefs, will shake up rigid structures that can no longer stand as the foundations crumble, built on sand. We long for connection with surface dwellers. You have been prepared and will be able to confront the changes within and without. Letting go of what once was in order to create a new way of being, one that is in harmony.

Many young children have come to earth, prepared to help bring forth the great change. Do not be sad for them growing up in these challenging times, for they could not have lived and thrived within the old system. You have a gift to give them to help guide them into new being here and you will do fine. Do not worry. Your inspiration is within. Do not engage with that which does not ignite some excitement and creativity within you. Follow the joyful path.

There is much inspiration and guidance coming to young inventors and seers. The veils are thin. The wave coming forth will open vistas in neural pathways that have been closed due to programming and beliefs. Many will embrace the new frequencies, and this will help usher in a new way of being. You can ride this wave. You know how to navigate change and you do not have too much holding you back.

Will this wave cause fear and paranoia among the people on Earth?

The wave is filled with compassion and determination. Those who cannot thrive will be carried to other worlds to continue on their journey. All will be well. All will find the truth of their being within the shifting frequencies. We speak in terms of energy. We speak of a wave of energy for which you have been preparing for many, many years of your time. All will be moved into situations that harmonize with their vibrational frequency. All is well.

I call upon my Arcturian soul family for any wisdom you can share with us.

We shout “incoming!” as you ready yourselves on your surfboards, feeling the waters swelling, rising, dipping and rising again. You were born for these times. Remember, critical mass of the frequency of love as it is lived through individual people was reached back in 2011 and has grown exponentially since then. This is what you came here for. You have been living out lives in different timelines on Earth for eons of time. Take your focus away from the current situations and stories that leave you wondering what the truth is and think Galactically and then Universally. Know that Humanity has a place in the Galactic structure and the Galactic Family of many races of beings. You have the opportunity to remember who you are personally and collectively. This collapsing of structures whether they are physical, emotional or mental, is part of the great awakening that is taking place at this time. Know that there are non-physical or “other dimensional” galactic beings assisting all around you.

You may be working very hard in dreamtime and experiencing exhaustion in waking time. Be gentle with yourselves, allow yourself to rest. If it feels like you are doing nothing or you feel like you are not doing “enough,” know that you are holders of high frequencies – you are radiant. Know also that you are preparing on very deep levels for a great shift in consciousness. Just let yourself be. Let yourself “do nothing”, for you are holding as high a frequency as possible and that in itself can be tiring without you realizing it. Tuning out the outer and tuning in to the inner – your presence – gives you nourishment and strength.

Thank you. I feel this is a wave of love coming to help us realign with our soul essence and the soul essence of the earth and the cosmos. I will carry on chopping wood and carrying water, with gratitude.



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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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