Distractions, Portalways and Cords

Why do I feel tired at the thought of writing about this? Guidance has seemed far away lately. Speaking to my Arcturian soul family…

Energies heavy. Too many open doorways. Seal them, close the windows. Windows into other people’s realities. Through your creative expression you come back to yourself. Be discerning of what you take in. Over attention to the Internet siphons energy. Focusing, instead, on the Inner Net… the webs of connection you have with one another in the etheric. Soul sisters and brothers, soul beings united through love and joy. Greatest possibility of human expansion and evolution comes from love, a sweetness, innocence, kindness, a deeper knowing of oneself as Source.

This message has the feeling of looking up, rising up out of heaviness like the photo I took of the trees reaching up into the sunlight.

Snowshoeing with my dogs recently, I had a deep realization that so much of life is about letting go as situations and circumstances change all the time. Lately I have felt as if I’m wearing a heavy skirt that is weighing me down with energies I have collected throughout my life. At the moment, I am clearing out files of stuff I’ve saved. They represent open portalways that I am closing. Letting go of energies of my past. The emotions and feelings I carried in those different times of my life are also being released like a puff of dust or smoke, as I read through notebooks and papers. There’s a feeling of acceleration, moving forward in the Now and into the future that is guided by collective consciousness and by our own intentions. Into the wake behind me, I drop beliefs from my past, energetics of untruths I held to be true, are tumbled and transformed into pure energy, like flowers of light bursting into sparks. Some feelings, such as the vibrations of the times I’ve travelled through, don’t need to be released because they offer a testament to my journey in this timeline. It’s like how music from the past brings up certain feelings of the time they were birthed into consciousness, reminding us of the “color” of the zeitgeist we have journeyed through.

Guidance comes to me that our DNA is changing – we’re changing at the cellular level. This has to do with cosmic energies and frequencies that are flowing from the center of the galaxy. There are energies creating deep transformation within all of us. Focusing on tasks that require our attention but don’t require thought takes our minds off of the deep transformation that is taking place within us. I happen to be engaged in a process of caulking areas of the chinking in our home where cold air is coming through. This is a perfect, micro-focused, type of activity for me to be doing at this time - being fully present with caulking and leaving the business of deep physical changes to Spirit.

My head feels full of all the drama that is going on in the outer world which reaches me through social media, email, television. I’m seeing everything as portalways – anything I tune into is a portal into a stream of thought. Not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe I’ve had too many open portalways, as the channeled guidance says. Discernment as to what I tune into is of utmost importance at this time. All I can do is amplify love as best I can and be discerning regarding what I place my attention on.

The Wounded Masculine

At this time, the Divine Feminine energy is becoming stronger and stronger and this is bringing up wounds long held within the masculine energy. Without the Divine Feminine presence, fear is the prevailing energy. Fear creates division, competition and self-centered focus. Compassion and love are considered weaknesses. Within the fear, wounds of unworthiness and victimization are being activated. Wounded masculine energy is playing out with fear, rage, and anger. (This wound is in women and men.) At the core of these emotions is deep grief.

Many of us may be feeling grief come over us, seemingly out of nowhere. Allow the tears to flow, allow the feeling to wash through and know that you are helping to release these feelings in the collective. When emptied of the grief, compassion and the nurturing elixir of love and acceptance can rise within us, soothing the wounds and eventually this energy radiates outward from us into the field of human consciousness. You are helping to heal the wounds of humanity. So, if you ever feel powerless, or like you aren’t doing “enough” to assist humanity, know that, through your energetic field and your intentions, you’re doing more than you realize. The power of our energy is part of our evolutionary self-realization. We are so powerful when united in love and we can tap into that frequency any time. We are never alone.

Recently I felt very dark, heavy energy pulling me down into a depression. It stayed with me most of the day. In the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods and stood among the trees feeling deeply into this frequency. It felt like the anger and betrayal that fueled the wounded masculine that we have seen playing out in our world. In frustration, I said out loud that I am sick of processing this energy for humanity! (I’m sure many of you who know yourselves to be “collective empaths” can relate to this frustration.) In one moment, I felt the density of this energy gathering in my torso and it pushed out of me like a great bolus of energy filled with grief, anger and fear. I saw it in my inner eye, filled with golden light as I sent it out of my field and up and out of the earth’s atmosphere. I let it out through my voice, further clearing the energy from my field. This energy had been building within me for a long time and in the moment that I expressed frustration it shifted and released. So how do we take care of ourselves as we continue to do the energy clearing work we came here to do, so that it doesn’t take us out? I’m feeling I can do this in a smaller way by creating a daily practice of releasing density and filling with light. Also, catching it early, instead of claiming “I must be depressed” as my own feeling, sitting with it consciously when I notice density creeping in and asking for assistance from my guides and helpers to place this energy in an orb of light and send it out of my field and up and out of the field of the Earth. We are being affected by solar activity, which affects the Schumann resonance of the Earth and this frequency affects us as well. Riding this wild surf requires our focus and attention so that we can clear and release the energy and not carry it within us for too long.

Cords of Fear

The Arcturians: Each article you read, each video you watch, all the comments related to such, are open portalways that send out energy streams, in the form of tentacles or cords, into your field and if you are vibrating with the fear the videos project, the cord will connect with the fear in your field, like an octopus sucker. The fear cord will find a receptor in your field and it will begin to amplify the feeling of fear. Then these etheric cords that vibrate at that frequency will attract other cords and, as you follow the trail from the videos – the algorithms created by the platform you are on – you will continue down the proverbial rabbit hole collecting more cords as you go until you are filled with fear at the different possibilities presented to you. People who get caught in this web do not realize they have any power over the circumstances of their lives and look for people to follow and for others who are also corded by the fear that they constantly subject themselves to, creating a community, as it were, that validates the belief system they have plugged into. Fear is entertaining, fear offers a kind of “high” that is exciting and addictive.

You all are - or are learning to be - discerning about whether you are opening a portalway to fear or a portalway to love. The cords issuing from a love frequency link up to the inner net of light that vibrates with joy and creativity and matches the innocence of your divine soul essence, bringing in a feeling of thriving and well-being. Choose wisely the portalways you open.

Cords of fear can be cleared from the inside outward, sending them out of your field. You can call upon your spirit guide team to help, and Archangels such as Archangel Michael to help release cords, but it is important to release them completely from your field. Cutting them isn’t enough, you want to release the receptors in you where you receive the cords and remove them completely. You can use sacred geometry such as your merkaba or Metatron’s cube to release cords from your field. Using toning, as you focus on transforming fear receptors, toning and visualizing color – helps to clear energy. Also, listening to music resonant with Solfeggio frequencies helps to clear your field. There are many practitioners of energetic healing that are available to guide you into clearing your field. Trust that you will find what you need for your highest good.

Some cords we have are healthy and good for our well-being. Some can be released and renewed, like cords we have with those we love. It’s all about discernment, self-love and trust.

It is our choice whether we want to choose love or fear. Love evolves us. When we get out of our head and into our heart, we experience the beauty of basking in love’s radiance and we open to the integrity of our inner wisdom.

Sending beams of love and radiance from my heart to yours and the beautiful Earth.


VAARRR 11th February 2021 11:34 am

"Why do I feel tired at the thought of writing about this......
because you need to get down to the level of people, for which, we write it, ........

Lisabette 11th February 2021 1:20 pm

Thank you <3

Meg 11th February 2021 4:54 pm

TY :thumbs:


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