Evolution not Revolution

I have been trying to write a message of peace for days now but have been feeling overwhelmed with dense energy as if I’m alone in a turbulent sea, trying to keep my head above the water. I have navigated between spikes of anxiety, into a circle of love and presence over and over again. Like almost drowning to finding a raft and then being swamped overboard by a wave of anxiety and then climbing back into the raft.

Many of us have felt the building of a wave of dense energy since the Solstice, causing depression and anxiety. That wave crashed on January 6th but there are more waves and crashes to come. Within this turbulence, truth is rising to the surface. Further shocks will be experienced but know that truth is rising and love will prevail. Now, more than ever before, we need to take care of ourselves energetically.

It has helped me to tune into my heart and then reach out to the collective love flow. I’ve been waking up with anxiety in the wee hours and focusing on my breath and my heart. Sometimes, I’m just awake and breathing and not shifting out of the density but just breathing within it. Before getting out of bed in the morning, I do some energy work - feeling Source light in my lower dantian energy center, calling it in more fully, expanding it up into my heart, then into my head and then filling my entire body with Source light and sending it out into my field. This practice has been helpful in transforming and lifting the density out of my field.

I’ve been getting comfort from the youtube videos of Maryanne at Revealing Light Tarot. She recently offered this prayer by Consuelo Newton, which I find really helpful in getting me back into my peace raft.

I am the light

The light is within me

The light moves throughout me

The light surrounds me

The light protects me

I am the light

We need to stand strong at this time as the Spiritual Warriors that we are. We’ve done this before, for many lifetimes. I have felt the weariness of, “here we go again…” It’s a loop that we’ve been in for centuries, repeating the dark/light, fear, hate/love battle. Enough already! Now is the time to deactivate this loop, demagnetize it. This is what we came here to do. How? I find myself sending beams of love in the form of light, into this great roiling dark cloud, and it pops and crackles like static electricity. I really feel that this time, we CAN deactivate this looping fear and hatred. It will be an ongoing practice for some time to come. It feels like a dark monster that has captivated the hearts of millions of humans. As we keep navigating ourselves back into love, we are radiating that love into the collective consciousness of humanity and sending beams of love into the density of the collective unconsciousness. Remember, too, those beams of love are being sent to us, like lifelines, for us to grab hold of to help us stabilize.

My intention is to continue to do my best to raise my vibration and that of the energy within and around earth. As I write this, I hear with my inner ear, “Earth First” and realize that it’s important to connect with Earth, mingle my soul essence with her and then call her energy to rise up with Source within me and radiate that through my body, then send it outward through my heart center. It has a beautiful harmonic sound, and when I do this, I’m adding my unique sound vibration to the light grid – this is an example of healing with light and sound, a most powerful combination. Contemplate this as a frequency of love and joy in the form of light and sound surrounding the earth and know that Love will prevail. For too long the earth and humanity have been hostages to fear. This time is passing, love is rising.

Hold steady. Tune into your heart. Tune in to love. Connect with the grid of light around the planet – the grid of Collective Consciousness around the planet. Within this grid is the sacred energy of Earth as she re-awakens to original purpose, and as humanity awakens to original purpose of love and creativity.  This is linked to the ancient wisdom of the Divine Goddess within all life that was on Earth before the rise of patriarchal influence. Take heart, the Divine Feminine energy is like a great wave sweeping through all of humanity all over the earth. This wave cannot be stopped. There will be chaos, there will be uprisings from those who resist love, but love will prevail. Hold love steady in your hearts. You will be thrown off through fear and anxiety. That is only natural in times such as these, but know this: that you are all connected in love. This will help you come back to the Source within yourselves and come back into the center of love within your hearts. You are Spiritual Warriors. When you center in love, you radiate love out into the world, into the aura of Earth. Steadfast, beyond words – the pure energy of love. You will find solace there. You will find peace. You will find connection to the love force energy of creation within and without you. You have so much support. Love shall prevail. This is evolution not revolution.

This message is from the Arcturian Collective who watch over earth and who also have many emissaries on earth, embodied and awake at this time.

Thank you for that spontaneous message. I see a powerful wave of golden light flowing like a tsunami through all of the chaos.

All of us “energy artists” are assisting in raising the vibration of the Divine Feminine, healing the wounds and opening us to a higher, respectful way of living together with the Earth. We are part of this golden wave and the harmonic frequencies we sing are filled with fierce joy.

 Find some kind of practice that works for you to help you clear your field so you can embody your divine soul essence. When we do this, when we are in our wholeness, we tap into the vastness of our being and remember who we are – we have been here before in other lifetimes and other planetary experiences that our vast Soul has expressed awareness in. This remembrance and knowing helps us to ground into our present in radiance.

There are many of us who have taken on the mantle of Spiritual Warrior and make it our practice to focus the highest energy of love (or peace) on “hot spots” in the world and the collective unconsciousness of humanity. This practice will continue to be needed in the times to come. It is not easy, because we are feeling the upset, the heaviness, the fear, anger, despair, but as we continue to bring the light and love through our being, we tap into an immense field of high frequency energy. This is our spiritual warrior spirit giving us the strength to move through the dense energies, poking holes in it, weakening it, through radiance and joyful frequencies that words cannot adequately describe.

Keeping my inner eye on the horizon – above the cacophony of emotional peaks and troughs, helps me to rise above the tumult. Astrologers report that we are in for some difficult times in the next few weeks. They also say we are approaching the energetics of a Renaissance. I’m all for that and I have been able to focus on creative endeavours, which is helping me to turn away from the fear and the density of arrogance and entitlement that is fuelling the insurrection in the USA. When we play our creativity, we amplify the high energies just by our focused presence within our experience.

Guidance says that we came here for these times. Hold the light steady. Find your heart, focus on love. You are transmitters and receivers. Be mindful of what you are receiving, as it affects what you are transmitting. Over-focusing on the wounded humanity will not help you to move the energy forward. The energy of love, acceptance, freedom, joy. This frequency is like ribbons of light that create a pathway forward. This is your mission and you are assisted by Divine frequencies and your own intuition. Divine frequencies are pouring through Earth, the Sun, through you as well.

The golden wave is flowing everywhere across the Earth. Let us add our voices and light frequencies to this wave. Love is rising and will not be stopped.


angelika 20th January 2021 10:58 am

Hi Nancy,

thank you for the prayer, I felt so much more supported, and thank you for sharing your story. I think many of us are going through our own dense energies and it's good to know I'm not on my own :)



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