Ride the Wild Surf

Feeling the energies? Nervous for no reason? A little disoriented? Sudden emotions, like crying for no apparent reason? This is the ascension process at work. We ascend with the energies as they rise higher and higher and all that is of a lower vibration comes up for clearing. Some of what we’ve leaned on or relied on is falling away – as in old habits, crutches, denials – this is all the stuff that cannot come with us as we rise.

We are being called to account for ourselves. Anything that is not the whole truth will keep coming up until it is brought into conscious awareness. That’s how we clear it and move on. Unexpected sudden challenges are arising. Meet all with the truth from your heart. You will be surprised at how smoothly you flow through the moment.

There has been a clog in the flow of resources. Some are putting their part of the flow outwards only to find that those on the receiving end are sluggish in returning the energy. Keep it flowing, it needs to circulate fully in order to grow. We’re talking about abundance here. Some have had a burst of an income stream, then a sudden lull. Don’t worry, it’ll come back – and don’t go into accusing yourselves of having an abundance issue – that may be part of it, but it is also a pause in the energy flow as other aspects are reconfigured and integrated. It’ll start flowing again. Just keep an open feeling within you – be open when you give – and be aware that the energy you put out continues in a circle, gathering experiences and flowing back to you.

If you have been following the inner prompting of your heart, you will find yourself moving through the flow with grace as you shift balance to keep centered on the surfboard. We are surfing the energy on our own individual platforms. This is why responsibility to self is so important right now. If you have been ignoring the inner promptings, you will be forced to account for the energy you give or don’t give to yourself. Some will experience health issues that are designed to slow you down and take stock of where you are and where your heart wants to take you. Others will experience transitions in relationships and jobs. Some people you were friends with are not in your life anymore. Not that there was a falling out, but people are redirecting themselves onto new rivers of energy and really shooting outward into it! Bless everyone on their way.

And when the waves come, we must turn and face them and dive right into them! Feel the energy of going forward into a force that is coming at you, carrying away with it all that is ready to be released. Feel the exuberance and freedom as you pull yourself through the energies with clear and empowered intention!

Regarding job transitions, connect with your core being and ask what is it that gives you energy. What makes your heart sing? Trust the Universe to answer you. It may not happen immediately –this is something people often forget. Put your question out there and be patient for the Universe and your guides and angel presences to deliver the answer to you in perfect timing so that you are fully ready to receive the truth. If you have lost a stream of income unexpectedly, there’s a chance you weren’t paying attention to the signs – but know that there is something better for you. It is up to you to feel what the right employment feels like and send the feeling out from your heart – you can vision it like headlights lighting the way into your future.

As far as relationship changes, it is important to let go, soften your heart, allow grief, anger, frustration, sadness – whatever you feel - to flow. As you sit within these feelings and ask for help in your healing process, you will feel angelic beings soothing you. Allow the nectar of love to flow to the places that hurt. People are being called to their highest truth at this time. Worlds are being rocked. This is when your connection to your heart, and awareness of your soul vibration, your core self – will help you navigate the churning waters. You’re in the wash cycle. Chaos and turbulence will spin you around. Allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling and honor the truth within you. You will see the truth within your partner arising as well. Relationships are opportunities for deep growth and expansion. What may look like disaster is an opportunity to go into a deeper level within your being. What are you holding onto? What are you releasing? You may be surprised as the elements of conflict change position, shift meanings as you look at it more and more.

Be beautiful. Be as big as you can be, surround yourself with the energy of love inside and out.

The other day I told a friend, “I need a Big Mama hug. . .”  I just felt the need for a strong, nurturing woman to hug me. Yesterday, while standing outside looking at the earth awakening into spring, I suddenly felt a Big Mama with me – ethereally speaking. She hugged me and I was filled with love and comfort. She told me everything is ok and it’s all about perfect timing and Divine Order. I felt loved, nurtured, grounded. I gazed upon her face and she grew larger and then I realized that she was Mother Earth herself. Big Mama. Gaia has many Goddess energy beings and Big Mama is one of them. She said to call on her any time and to pass this on to all of you! Big Mama is there for you, too.

There are all kinds of tools for us and so many energy beings there to help us. We need to ask for their help and trust that we all have more power than we know. Again this message is a reminder that there are powerful forces at work at the grass roots level. This is Y.O.U.! It’s all about self-responsibility. All of us are vitally important parts of the energetic system within which we live. We are each part of a greater whole being and we are beginning to see more and more how powerful our abilities of manifestation are. So everything you do is important to the whole. Every step you take towards living from your heart in Truth, Light and Love, goes forward and assists others to do the same as we awaken together into the higher vibration. The more we move into our hearts – listening to our hearts and making decisions from the heart – the more we connect to the flow of life. The flow of love.

Sharing the same sky,

riding the wild surf,

may the blessings flow…

Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One



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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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