Soul Transitions Vibe Report August 2010


The intense energies of the past two months have felt like being in the ocean with wave after rolling wave of energy coming at us. Sometimes we can dive into the waves and let them roll over us and other times we get tumbled around in the white water; not knowing which way is up. When I was a child, my father taught my sisters and I how to swim in the ocean. He always cautioned us to never turn our back on the waves. To always be ready for the next set. Oh how exhausting that can be. But it’s also gratifying to share our experiences with fellow surfers of the waves of initiation, sharing insights, visions and feelings and realizing that we are not alone; we are part of this human family of souls sharing the journey of awakening with each other.

From Shock Treatments to Pressure Cooking

Pressure and chaos and planetary magnetics are tugging at us, growing us if we allow. The message I get is to let go, surrender, open to Spirit, to the Divine, to the highest vibrational energy there is.

I cry “uncle!” as the pressure has flattened me once again. OK, OK, I surrender… I’m here in this life I’ve created, I have a sense of purpose and I know what I’m here to do, even if it feels like I’m in a vacuum sometimes. I’ve been feeling the energies that are rolling through the aura of the earth – energies which come from all of humanity. Nervousness for no reason, waves of fear, waves of despair, and then moments of lightness, even happiness and a “not caring” feeling as structures (as in belief systems) crumble around us.

Perhaps people from your past have been coming back into your life, or memories have been rising to the surface as the clearing process deepens. We are reaching out to one another, to find clarity or resolution or provide opportunities to clear what was buried, what we hid from ourselves. Yes the process of awakening is drawing out all that is not our truth – from the depths of our being. Memories that are magnetized to beliefs are being pulled from us and this process can bring up emotional pain, making us feel raw and vulnerable. Waves of uncertainty and fear are being brought up by the transmission of high frequency energies, leaving us with a strong feeling of destabilization. Breathe deeply, focus on the moment of now. Stand within the core of your being and find stabilization within.

Steadfast - Oil on canvas © Nancy Ward

Most of us were raised with deadening beliefs that cut us off from our inner nature and our relationship to the nature of Earth. The unseen energies were not believed to exist. Instead we were shown the narrow tunnel vision of the collective consciousness with the message, “If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it.” And so we experienced separation from our true nature and the nature of this earth we live on. Lie after lie after lie of false beliefs have been implanted in our genetic memory and kept alive by the teachings we received and the thought forms of the collective consciousness, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. It is these untruths and false beliefs that we are clearing from the depth of our being and each of us has a personal connection to these energies. This is a great service that we provide for ourselves and for humanity.

Believing is Seeing

In this current pressure cooker of energy, compression is squeezing the untruth out of us. Resistance and rigidity causes fracturing, shattering which is a blessing in the long run, because Divine Love will not wait for us to be “ready.” We cannot hide from the energy of Love, which carries on its tide the essence of truth. This truth weaves through us, causing what is not truth to rise to the surface. Causing what is not love to rise within us for clearing. Some of us have had moments where we feel like we’re having a nervous breakdown as waves of energy are pushing through our energy bodies – affecting us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Whatever has been buried within us can no longer be kept hidden.

Waves of fear are flowing through the Earth energy field, sometimes knocking us down and churning us around in the white water of “what if” over thinking. Sometimes the fear flows within, bringing up thoughts of despair or doom. We are passing through the valley of fear. Let us walk tall, knowing there’s a deeper truth within us – we came here for this very purpose, to help shift the tide of fear that has been controlling beloved humanity for eons of time.

We are powerful creators who have been living in the darkness, feeling alone, separate and powerless. Co-creation is where our power lies, so if enough of us believe something, we will see it manifest in our world. And the truth is, we can believe anything, so we might as well believe in our ability to create a new world where we experience love, happiness, joy and prosperity.


In the face of fear, which feels like life and death, we can sway in flexible grace. As worst-case scenarios flit through our minds, we can swat them away like buzzing flies and hold strong to the feeling of freedom that is bubbling up from within. For this is the energy that is rising to the surface in this pressure cooker. As water boils, chaos is created and eventually, a reduction is formed. The dross rises to the surface as steam and bears pressure down upon us creating a tincture of our true essence.

I won’t give in to the fear, instead I choose to focus on a good feeling which sometimes rises as mirth within me. It doesn’t make sense, I “should” be afraid, freaking out, but that divine indifferent feeling of simply not caring any longer opens up a doorway of light as I pass out of this valley of fear. Mirth, which carries a sense of the ridiculous, bubbles up within me. A turning point, a choice point arises. I can think in the direction of doom or in the direction of delight – as in “I don’t know where I’m going but I know it’s better than what has been!”


As I get knocked down and lie belly up, arms spread wide, I realize I can do nothing but be in the chaos. This is surrender, this is letting go. Through this surrendering, I find support comes to me from unexpected sources, and often not in ways that I expected or thought I wanted. Because of this I learn even more about letting go and trusting that my intention to be free is lighting my way and creating an electromagnetic resonance around me, which attracts the support I need.

The false belief of separation that has disconnected us from Nature – the nature of our physical bodies, the Nature of the Earth and from one another is what we are releasing at the deepest places within us. Competition coming from fear that there is not enough for everyone has been a false belief that has influenced everything about how we live on Earth.

Under Pressure

Pressure in the head, sinus, inner ear issues, dizziness, vertigo… feeling like you’re standing on a small boat in rough waters, trying to stabilize; feeling disassociated, a stranger in your own life—all this can be coming up for many of us at this time. It is as if we are being sucked up inside the chaos of a tornado. The good news is that we will be gently dropped down in a new place on the ground of truth for ourselves – the ground of our own personal truth. That ground may shake and rumble as all is in flux at the moment. We can reach our roots down into the new ground we will be finding ourselves on and yet we will need to be flexible, to welcome, with mirth, the unexpected events that are happening in our lives and in the world.

We have our own personal circle of experience that we are within and we are also within the greater experience of our immediate outer world and then the circle expands further to the global experience and, whether we are accepting of it or not, the further experience of the cosmos… the Universe. Flexibility comes when we open to the vastness of our being and the unknown of it all. We are in constant motion, moving towards what we intend whether we are conscious of our intentions or not. I am talking about the intention for our personal lives, which radiates out to our collective humanity.

It’s time for us to dream a new way of being. Dream a life of freedom, happiness, joy, love, innocence. Dream what you want to feel. Dream on the best-case scenarios and allow for something even better to appear. We are free and there is strength in numbers. As more and more of us dream a world of peace and happiness we will surely create it.

The vibration of love heals and strengthens us. Mirth smoothes out any receptors we may have where fear can plug into. Mirth is just too slippery for dense energy to attach to.

So, let’s dance this mess around!

Message from the Vastness of Being

There have been many holocausts and upheavals in the churning chaos of the Earth story. The seeds of light were planted and have taken root within human beings and this is why there is a host of beings who wish to incarnate into the earth experience. For, as you know, Humanity is at a turning point. Most people are feeling the energy of this turning point at this time. Endings and beginnings are showing up in most people’s lives. Yes, we hear you say that there are always endings and beginnings in the life on Earth and of course this is true. At this time, in these current days, deep transformations are being felt at every dimensional level of the personal human experience, manifestation is happening more quickly than ever before and there are great and small endings and beginnings that are being experienced.

You are multidimensional beings and many humans are just awakening to this fact. You are experiencing the energies of death and rebirth on many dimensional levels. You are not only of the third dimension, and indeed humanity is dissolving the third dimensional experience and evolving through the 4th dimension into the 5th. So as this process is taking place, there are the feelings of disorientation, as if you are strangers in a strange land. This transformation is being felt in the core of your beings. Many are still asleep to this and going along with “business as usual.” Some are maintaining feelings of well being which radiate into the aura of the collective human experience.

There are many different stages of awakening that are occurring at this time. There are those who have very open energy fields who are feeling the transformation very deeply. This can show up within you as anxiety, feelings of dread, as if something is about to happen that will have a global affect. At the same time, old feelings are surfacing – the deepest, most hidden feelings within – the fears that are so basic they are the core of survival.

Most humans have lived with Post Traumatic Stress since early childhood. PTS is also in the soul energies of each human. Your Souls are reaching out and expressing many lifetimes simultaneously and through the river of “time” there have been many traumas, as we have said, holocausts and earth changes. The energies of these traumas are energetic influences that are still present in each human’s soul record. These soul memories can be accessed in the Akashic Records and cleared, through many healing modalities that are available to humans at this time.

The anxiety, feelings of dread and fear are multidimensional. Some are having memories at a soul level that are being awakened, some are feeling the strong energies that are coming onto the earth. These energies are bringing on change and you are feeling change before it happens. You have the opportunity to transform, and change and transformation touches your survival issues.

There are people in the world who are experiencing upheavals due to nature changes as the earth herself is going through the transformation as well. When the anxiety comes over you, you could be feeling the shifting within the core of the earth and within the core of your own beings – this is the multidimensional experience. There is no separation from you and the earth. Surrender to the feeling and breathe. Seek help through prayer and intention and you will have opportunities to be delighted by the help that does arrive, for if you ask for it, you will receive it. You will find that help will arrive through your fellow human beings – reaching out to each other. As you follow your intuition and listen to the voice within, you will find that as you receive the help you have asked for, you will be offering assistance to others as well. Celebrate the organic process of awakening.

Do your best to let go of judgment of your experience. We know it is difficult to deal with the feelings of anxiety when they come over you, which is happening with more and more frequency. Ask your guides to assist you with protecting your energy. The high frequency that is coming in can be channeled to be received in smaller doses… ask for help with this so that you are not receiving an onslaught of energy. Bring yourself back to the moment of now. Now is all that exists, dear ones. This has been said many times. Breathe yourself into the now and find the stillpoint within. We and your guides are here to assist you at all times. We radiate love to you.

We do not want to only speak of fear, however. We wish to offer you a glimpse into a probable future… a timeline you can choose to ride upon. There is a world of life waiting for you and it is within you already. A wellspring of innocence within the core of your being. This innocence and joy is a fountain of youth, it is a flower beginning to blossom and grow. You feed it with love. You feed it with delight. You feed it by honoring the truth within you.

So we see you pulling yourselves up out of a hole – rising up into a new landscape, a pristine landscape sparkling with the iridescence of love force energy. As the old beliefs die to love, open to the feeling of joy – for no reason. Allow mirth to rise up within you filling your entire being with light as you float up out of the hole and land on the ground of a new Earth, a new day, a dawning of a new beginning for humanity.

Wishing you all the comfort and assistance you need on your journey. You are never alone… We are All One.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being


johneblums 26th August 2010 8:47 am

A spiritual E-theric W-ave E-nergy of Crystal Light from the Heart-H Center of the Great Central Sun.

The "B-ring-er of Victory" of the "E-ther-ic Rin-g" of Light of the "BR-ETH-ER-IN-G", for she is also known in astronomy as COMA B-EREN-ICES, the daughter of VIR-GO-D-DESS ( Ver-Gen-Isis).
Some know her as Mag-dal-en or Magen David,others as St Brigit(Ffraid)the "Exalted one" of Kil-dare, Erin F-Ire-land) and who is also known as "Liberty Bell" (for whom the heart desires to hear her crystal spiritual Bell Toll)encoded in her symbol as the FLEUR de LIS (=L-EV-IS meaning Heart Light)

bjones5 26th August 2010 1:25 pm

Dear Nancy,

I just have to say that I felt such a beautiful uplifting, joy, and pure love in your message.
A sense of peace washed over me as I read, and increased as the message continued.
It was as if a lovely energy was infused in your words, and I literally felt a shift take place within.

Thank you for this, and for all you contribute to this world and beyond!
Much love,

Leilah 26th August 2010 7:57 pm

Dear Bobbi
Thank you for your lovely comment - it warms my heart to know that the messages are received in such a beautiful way. This is why I and the Vastness of Being continue to reach out into the world. I feel such a love for humanity within myself and coming from those non physical beings who are dedicated to assisting us in this amazing journey of awakening.

Much love and blessings to you,


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Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt