Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 2011

Unifying and Integrating the Body of Humanity

Be sharp, learn to adapt quickly. Fluctuating currents are all around us. One moment feeling inspiration, creative flow, the next moment it’s gone, and we’re like a pendulum swinging from ennui to urgency. And in the middle of all that… the holidaze…

I’ve been drawing and painting my way through the openings and swift movement. November was all about opening and moving into higher frequencies than we’ve ever been in before. Now as I look back I see a huge beam of radiant energy that was/is shining through the fields of energy right into us. This is calling us to be our truth. And so much is falling away.


We are no longer going through transitions. We are in a period of integration. Coming together. Unity. (I am working on a new website – look for Integral Soul in 2012.)


Also, during November I kept hearing the word “Precipice” over and over. A precipice of change. It’s time to take the leap of faith and listen to the truth of our Souls. Stepping off the precipice is like falling down the rabbit hole. All of the familiar moments and things from the past are embedded in the walls of the rabbit hole. Now and then you try to grasp at something familiar but you’re moving too fast. Soon you let go, you have to let go, there’s no other way. Let go and allow this journey to be as it is. You can navigate better that way. In stillness we hear our intuition. In stillness we hear our truth. It is a fine balance between the chaos and inner stillness.

A rather stern message came through one night, which I share with you here. It was a loud male voice. I saw a man with a white beard, fierce eyes. Kind of like Uncle Sam meets God (think Sistine Chapel). Oh, and throw in a little Santa Claus, too.

Here’s the message:

Live In Love
You stand at a precipice. The evolution of consciousness is at hand. You reading this are a small cell in the organism of Humanity. You are Light. Love opens you to radiate more Light.

Go forth and amplify this light with others. Then you – as you gather together inner and outer – shine and illuminate human consciousness. This is your mission. Live in Love.

How much longer will you continue to distract yourselves with the theater of the world that has been overlaid on the consciousness of Humanity? Creating beliefs and illusions that draw you away from the Beam out onto pathways leading to separation, loneliness, fear and despair. Now is the time to rise up to listen to your inner truth. YOU CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE TO WALK THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD.

The longing you feel inside is calling you to dive deeper into the sea of consciousness. Listen to your heart.
Pay attention.
Your Soul is calling you.
Come together.
No longer can you wait for something to happen.
Now is the time to Live in Love.

Creative Flow

During the first few days of December I was really riding high – very inspired, receiving insights and creative visions that blossomed into painting and writing. Then… a corner was turned. And since Monday the energy has felt at times thick and it was difficult – if not impossible – to put the creativity in motion. Talk about fluctuation. I learned when it gets like that, to do some kind of busy work instead of trying to push the river (like finish digitizing the family photos.)

The Human Being

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Body of the Human Being. Humanity as one organic being. The Human Being. And I wonder – can I really see and feel that everyone I talk to, everyone I come in contact with, is a part of me? Can I look into their eyes and see myself? I’m trying it on. And here’s why:

On November 30th I dreamed that I was inside a living organism. I see pinks and pale browns. It’s flesh-like, folding into itself and it’s moving and I see that what is moving are actually white rings of light and small black lines and they’re moving across the flesh-like walls. And then as I look even closer, I’m drawn in to the circles of light and see that each one is a person. I see their faces and I feel their energy. It’s awesome. And we’re just there like that, each person seeing each other within this great organism. And yet there’s a feeling of separation and we all want to come back into alignment. We want to be integrated – connected. It’s just a matter of shifting ever so slightly – I’m not sure about shifting in what way – it’s somewhat beyond words. And it’s like there’s a group of beings we want to connect with. I can see them in the membrane above me and it’s like they’re trying to reach out to reconnect and at some point, something happens and we do it. We make the connection and there’s so much joy. We’re re-united! And it feels like children – there’s this childlike innocence – and yet not an immaturity. And the feeling is that in this reunification, a healthy, vibrant, empowered, conscious being is born… there’s a feeling of coming home. Reunification. Integration.

As I awoke I heard the words, “It’s a success! Reunited!” And I knew that what happened was that we all connected with one another. We made a connection; we connected to the Inner Net.

From the morning drawings, November 30, 2011

No More Snooze Button

It has come to my attention that the black lines I saw in my dream are people who are still asleep. They haven’t become aware of the Inner Net. I saw that the shining circles of light radiate outward and have the capacity, simply through radiance, to begin to spread light to those “portals” that have not felt the electromagnetic current of energy yet, which will enable them to come “on line.”

I wrote the dream down and when I was finished, the following message came through:

If there are holes in the Human Being, forces of negative polarity may fester there. You can view this from your own personal experiences – and as you begin to release and repel thought forms and false beliefs you are able to bring the Love Light in, which is the Life Force Energy, which is your Divine Source. And this Life Force Energy fills the holes and heals the breaches, just like the way a cut to your skin heals and comes together and re-establishes itself. So this happens energetically in your energy field and on a greater scale this happens in the entire Human Being.

This is how you, Humanity, learn how powerful you are -when you are united – co-creating your world in cooperation with one another.

There are those of you who are radiating light without being aware of it. When you walk through your world, in your day to day experience, you are sending out this radiance – you are like enzymes – cleaning enzymes – to help cleanse the wound that is within the Human Being – on an individual level and in the bigger picture of the living organic biological organism that is Humanity. From micro to macro this healing process works. So we say you can use a microscope or a telescope, it is the same thing… you are looking at the same elements. As above, so below.

Again we say, as we have said many times before, there will come a time when you will look into another’s eyes and see yourself looking back at you. For the Love Force Energy flows through all, no matter what part of the world you’re from or what “race” your genetic material is made up of.

Begin now the practice of seeing yourselves as co-creators – not separate from one another but in coherence… in partnership in creating the world experience. Stop criticizing yourselves and one another. Stop judging yourselves and one another.

Observe the world with acceptance of what is – for as you do this, you will be able to hear your own thoughts which will reveal to you what needs love… the balm of love and acceptance for healing.


There will come a time when energy sources will be made available to all of humanity. Look towards that time. Feel what freedom will be like as you feel into the release from paying money for energy. Free energy.

A long time ago, the great pyramids were power generators. Inventions have been made and still exist – of machines that operate and harness free energy which is part of the electromagnetic energy of Earth. It will come to be that humanity will move into a cohesiveness where these machines will be utilized, freeing you from a prison of fear and lack.

Begin to fantasize about this. Vision it for yourselves and as you do, also imagine a world of Human Beings – each with their unique individual energetic signature – living in harmony and love with one another, walking through a beautiful harmonic blissful vibration, within the polarity of opposites, for that provides the friction to move – but still living within this high vibrational, creative energy.

Riding the Wild Surf

So now, it’s December 7 and I just had a realization: We’re in the Ocean. For most of this year, we’ve been traveling swift currents of energy – waterways, rapids, waterfalls, churning, fast water. And there have been a lot of natural life-changing occurrences involving water, which I have heard described as “Biblical.”

And today, I’m feeling like I’m in a big dip in the water. I don’t know what the technical ocean term is for that but there’s a sucking feeling … as if we are being pulled into a Great Wave. A Golden Wave. Got a surfboard?

Out of the River and Into the Sea

The ocean. That’s what the Integration is about.

I feel that the Visionary part of the message above is showing us a world where there is more harmony than there is now and where we will live very creatively within the polarity of negative and positive. I feel we will be in a time where we will be learning about our relationship to the Earth, as well as our own inner nature. Integrating with the circadian rhythm of the Earth and ourselves. So there’s work to be done, but we will be doing it from a state of grace. In the harmony of cooperation. It sounds like a very healthy organism to me.

We’re connected. This is our strength.

So, let’s go forth and amplify.

Nancy Ward
The Vastness of Being


queens4freedom 8th December 2011 10:41 am

thank you! your words brought great tears of joy as they harmonize with my world. peace, love, and joy!!!

franny7 8th December 2011 5:32 pm

This is so Beautiful and resonates with such Truth. Your writing is so amazing, and the message is so pure and powerful. I feel like I’ve dreamed your dream.
Thank You!
When I read the part about “out of the river into the sea” I remembered this song from my youth, went searching for it; it’s “This is the Sea” by the Waterboys from around 1987 (harmonic convergence, anyone?)
Thought you might enjoy this"", "amp", "&...

Mik 8th December 2011 5:49 pm

Thank you. I read your message while listening to a sound track by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. Very exciting and encouraging message,love the delivery and personal insight with your artwork, cool. The picture looks like a volcano,and i heard of a recent eruption on the Ternate island indonesia?
The balance between polarities is love,the top of the pyramid. There is a great tension between the polarities,called the universe and everything in it (energy). Love has a superconductive effect on the tension, creating no friction. Free flow, free energy.More love less stress.
Again thank you for a great article, look forward to the next. I also do a lot of drawing,pencil crayon mainly,I have been really amazed to watch my own evolution mirrored in my art and how quickly the change has been happening. Benevolence to all through the choices of each. Namaste

peggysharon 8th December 2011 10:04 pm

Thank-you ! In November, I started to paint again. Suddenly, in December, I can't get going. Soo much of what you expressed in this , I have sensed, felt, thought. The connection, the spreading love, the physical organic....
Thank-you !!

shpshfter 9th December 2011 9:09 pm

Relieved to hear that other creative expressers aren't feeling the juice, that it isn't just me. I draw and when I sit down to draw the last week or so, the desire is there but nothing comes.
Lovely message.


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