Soul Transitions Vibe Report February 2010

This has been an interesting passage. For first two weeks of February I felt like I was moving through molasses. I had very little to say to anyone, not much inspiration and it’s been an effort to get to the things my mind says I need to do. At times, I found myself simply staring out the window watching the birds. And of course, life is calling. I did manage to get out in the world and accomplish the tasks at hand and then later I barely remembered doing it as I crawled back into my cave. Doing readings for people puts me in a zone that I feel energized in – a no-time etheric zone, but I still have to deal with the 3D world. As part of this cloistering, I can’t bear hearing about the latest political sniping – all of those players (ALL of them!) seem like no more than nasty children and I’m not playing in their sandbox! I’m tracking something else here and there’s no point in my putting my attention on the stuff of the world unless it’s to send love out to the hot spots that so need it, or to take in some expansive teachings.

So, when not watching the birds, I’ve been absorbing some very interesting information that is opening my imagination. This has been a time of input more than output. Some interesting things I’ve been feeding myself include a video series called “Magical Egypt” by John Anthony West, which can be found on a great website called: West discusses and shows evidence for the theory that the Sphinx is much older than academic scholars have thought— due to the extensive water-weathering on it—it seems like the Sphinx withstood the deluge – the floods that preceded the ice age. This brings up interesting theories as to the cataclysmic event that instantly caused the extinction of many species. He also presents a consideration that the ancient Egyptians were a highly advanced civilization who abruptly arrived here and deliberately left records and documentation carved in stone to last for thousands of years. Where did they come from? This is just a tiny bit of what John Anthony West discusses in these videos – fascinating stuff.

Another website a friend told me about is where free video interviews are available with people who are on the cutting edge of consciousness, physics, spirituality and healing. All this has been very inspiring and expanding. Some of the videos I’ve watched are of Christine Page on the Galactic Center, James DeMeo on Orgone Energy; Thom Rogers on Scalar Waves; physicist Nassim Haramein who has interesting ideas about black holes; Chris LaDue on Holophasec Energy (he’s a very star traveler!).

One more inspiring channel I want to share is Wendy Kennedy who channels the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective ( ). They have very interesting information to share about history on earth and working with crystals and toning, manipulating time and lots more.

And I did leave the cave for an inspiring evening of music and teachings from Ehecatl (pronounced Eh-kay-ta). In a cozy, informal living room type setting, Alex Schein from the Hudson Valley’s “Republic” of Rosendale, 20 20 de Turtle Island, from Los Angeles and Lakota elder Kaweah Red Elk from Colorado, shared Native songs, acoustic soul and uplifting, heart opening teachings. From their press release: “These artists/activists are part of the Ehecatl Acoustic Tour whose mission is to uplift the hearts and minds of all the youth, parents, and elders of Native American rural communities and urban communities as well as to connect and encourage the diverse movements of people throughout Turtle Island (North & South America) who are taking responsibility for the healing of our Mother Earth.” Check out They are doing some really important, good work in the world and I am so appreciative that I was there to experience their energy and message, which encourages me to keep on keeping on!

And now the Vibe Report

We are going through a deep recalibration and initiation phase. Lately when I lay down to sleep I feel the quaking within my body. It’s a delicious feeling when it’s happening but it does bring up what needs to be cleared – purged is more like it – and that never feels very good. If this is happening to you, fasten your seatbelts and don’t over-identify with the old feelings as they come up. Easier said than done. Time to get out all the tools in the toolbox — deep breathing, the comfort of crystals, calling all angels and spirit guides. Hold me up here. Help me stay grounded. I feel from the guides a sense of awe as they observe us going through this phase. As the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective say, the very best of the Spiritual Warriors were sent down into the game. And that’s us, my Valentines!

Recently I felt myself to be standing in a whirlwind of energy – I was being buffeted by feelings of doom and despair, hopelessness, fear and doubt. Although I felt it was energy that was flying about in the Earth’s aura – I began to wonder if it was me, feeling the precariousness of my life. The words “Spiritual Warrior” came into my mind and they reminded me of the love that is within me and my commitment to living as a conscious being. This is the message for all of us that came on the wind…

“Sister, transmute the feelings. The world is hurting – the people of the world – their pain comes on the wind… Take it and dance it with the compassion in your heart. It is not a test, it is a calling… a calling for help. You are to help transform the fear into love. All are connected. Rise up. Do not let it take you down. Instead you can transform the pain… take it and dance it up. You are in the prophecy — right now. The prophecy of this Infinite Journey.”

The energy of humanity blows like a wind through the earth’s aura. There is much fear, despair and confusion as chaotic changes move through the denser frequencies on earth. As I felt affected by the surging waves of energy around me, I realized that there is something within me that resonates with the fear, and it found its way into my energy field and began to “push my buttons.” Through this experience I have learned that I need to step up with the fullness of my being, gather my courage and surrender to the energy. Surrender and acceptance begin a softening which allows for finding the love that always exists within. It isn’t about suppressing or ignoring the feelings; it’s about going within, breathing, connecting to love and then witnessing what comes up. I find that only in the stillness within can this be done. Memories from childhood that are connected to the root of the negative emotion will surface. Shining our awareness on it is what helps to release it.

The feelings of love and joy can be consciously cultivated. We are here to raise ourselves up out of the mire of fear and doubt, and to match the high frequencies of energy that are flowing through the galaxy in waves of violet light. Our journey begins by loving ourselves. And it is love that will transform us and open the door to joy and bliss. All that we have been doing – the processing, the remembering, the forgiving, releasing, letting go, is to clear the way so that love can fully enter into our hearts and our soul self – our higher self – can be fully embodied within us.

Many of One

We see an energetic opening in February and moving into March allowing new information to come into humanity regarding the history of life on earth. This new information will change the way you have thought of yourselves. This new information will give you the impetus to move forward with empowerment and to say no to the forces that have been in control of human thought and human emotions for so very long.

There are many messages that come through the airwaves of your media as you know, and many of you who are reading these words no longer partake of that information highway, however there are people in your lives who still do and the information will filter through to you to be afraid, be very afraid! Afraid of the economic situation, political and religious situation, or diseases. Do not buy into these stories of disempowerment. Just nod and say yes I hear this and move on. Do not take it into your being. Do not make it your meditation. You are the creators of your world. If you focus on the stories of fear they will fester within you and create the very vibration that is food for an energy that feeds off of fear and has kept humanity enslaved by it for thousands of years. You are releasing yourself from these chains of fear at this time. It is imperative that you keep yourselves filled with the light of love and connect with Spirit on a moment to moment basis. Spirit is the Divine Source that is within each and every one of you – the flame of love that is burning within you.

Grow this light within you and allow it to fill every cell of your body and radiate outward into your aura and out into the Earth’s aura. Send this love down into the Earth. See it filling her and radiating outward into her energy field. The more people do this the more powerful it becomes.

Many of you have felt waves of doom and gloom and hopelessness blowing on the wind. It is so easy to take this within and then it begins to trigger the places within you that resonate with fear. You are empathic and telepathic beings and you are feeling the energies of each other living on earth. You feel the love and you also feel the fear as many people unconsciously vibrate with this energy and send it outward into Earth’s aura. Each individual on Earth affects the magnetosphere of Earth through their emotional vibrations. So when this energy of doom is around you see if you can find a quiet place to sit, find the stillness within, find the flame of love within you and allow it to expand. Ask if this feeling is your truth – if it has a message for you. Sometimes, within the feelings are teachings that assist you in looking deeper into your life. As you bring love into the equation, you can place the situation, or memory that is linked to the feelings of fear or doubt, on your altar – symbolically or ethereally and ask your guides and the archangels for help in healing or clearing the situation.

When you are ready to clear, send the fearful feelings down your grounding chord into the center of the Earth where it is composted into a higher frequency. This is how you co-create with the earth herself. Then focus on feelings of joy and happiness and allow this vibration to come into your being and fill the places that were emptied of fear. Send the love down into the Earth as well and keep it flowing. We are talking pure energy here. The energy behind emotions are what create the stories people tell.

If in your thoughts and feelings you are drawn to any places on earth to send love energy to, take a moment to do so. These are the hot spots. – concentrations of dense energy. You can scan in your mind’s eye to see these places. They could be cities, countries, small towns and villages or a thought form coming from a group of people somewhere. Love is a healer. As you bring love in and heal your own energies you have love to give out to the world. It’s an ongoing practice taking care of yourself and sending your good feelings out on waves of energy into the earth’s aura. You create a borealis of love… The vibration will respectfully go where it is most needed and if it is not wanted, it will not interfere.

Feed yourself with information that expands you… with information that talks about the wonder and mystery of life, for all is not known about how energy works here and you are growing into full conscious beings stepping up, accelerating, approaching a time when you will accept and receive high vibrational energies that will bring freedom to humanity. This is freedom from big business, freedom from government control, freedom from religious control. You no longer need the dysfunctional parenting of these structures and as these structures fall away, some people will become afraid to stand on their own and many others will be empowered by these changes and will be rising into their true being and the true callings of their lives on earth. So it is a time to call upon your soul, your higher self, to come fully into your being. This is what all the years of clearing has been about — the shift is here — you have been preparing for this for many years.

You don’t have to do anything other than to be who you are in full and complete acceptance and love. As you grow into the fullness of your being, you will become light beings walking upon the earth. And you will be able to heal density and bring the energy of the earth back into the sacred places that have been blocked for so long. You will also be assisting in creating new sacred spaces on the earth. And as you accomplish this enlightening within yourselves this darker consciousness begins to dissipate – it is happening now.

This is not to say there will not be challenges. The earth exists within a polar field – it is the friction by which you move forward. However there has been a negative force of energy that we wish to call the Great Teacher that has been in existence upon this earth for thousands of years. As you raise your vibration, this darker consciousness will no longer be needed and will be sent back to its home which is not of this universe.

Rise into the fullness of your beings on the energy of love. Find it within you. Bring yourself back to that feeling no matter how small a spark it may feel at times for, as you focus on what you love, it will expand. And so when people bring the conversation of fear to you, and you turn the conversation towards that which feels good, you will serve as a teacher. For there are very conscious, loving people who are still turning their thoughts and feelings into these negative places as challenges come into their lives. They need to be reminded to turn their thoughts away from the negative and back into their hearts. It sounds very simple, as indeed it is, but it is often not very easy to do. You have much support around you and your guides have been pointing you towards certain practices or teachings and now it is time for you to take the teachings and put them into practice. It is you who create your world – it is time to do this consciously.

If, when raising the vibration of love within you, you feel a pang of resistance, go into that place and sit with love. It is just a sign that you need to love yourself more. If you find a place of resistance within you, allow it to speak, allow its voice to come through. It may be yourself as a little child that was afraid. Soothe this part of you. Practice compassion for yourself. Do not focus on trying to change it, just be with it with love and acceptance and it will transform when it is ready to.

Do not be afraid of these moments of resistance. It is just a place that needs love. The same as when you scan the earth’s aura and tune into places that need more love, you may have some of these places within yourself.

Rest assured, all is moving forward. If you don’t know what to do, do nothing, but feed yourself with good information and seek the comfort of those you love. Get out of your cave and be with people – share your feelings, your fears, your insights, your inspirations with each other. You will feel lighter and you will come to realize that you are not alone – all of you are connected by lines of light, which carry your energetic frequencies. It is through these energetic lines of connection that you will learn to communicate in the times to come.

Many blessings, until we meet again,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One


kay 17th February 2010 8:42 am

Thank you. Your words of comfort and validation are so helpful.

Judi J 17th February 2010 10:53 am

This post is so comforting. These are indeed exciting times we are living in. I've been seeing the negative, for some time now, as the great teacher it truly is. All the muck in the world today is there to awaken, to show the way to the light, we only have to be aware and learn from it. How wonderful. Love and Light, Judi

Convalia 17th February 2010 2:30 pm

Amazing message. so very close to my experience and inner knowing these days.

Gratittude and love :smitten:

hmm 17th February 2010 3:38 pm

the Great Teacher. Lucifer

Bright Sorcerer 20th February 2010 4:01 pm

Your messages always resonate with me and this is no exception. I've shared a number of them with my listeners and I am certain they have provided comfort and understanding. As alaways, thank you for posting these reports. They are being read and heard by many who need that extra bit of clarity, especially during this often trying time of adjustment and assimilation. Blessings, Nick


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