Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 2010


For a few weeks before and after the Solstice on June 21, I felt a “thickness” in the energy. It was as if we had flowed up to the ceiling and were all crowded together waiting for the portalway to open. Now I feel it has opened and we’ve been slowly moving through it – so as not to get the spiritual “bends.”

We are creating as we go along – there is absolutely no one, whether a psychic or even the beings that some of us channel – that knows how this journey is going to play out.

We are moving very swiftly and information is flowing into the minds of humanity that will expand us and change our view of who we humans are. I’m in another phase of reading many books at once and exploring information on the Internet. The focus of this study is where did Humans come from? It was a synchronous moment a few days ago when I checked in on one of my favorite websites—Conscious Media Network (—and came across a very interesting interview that was posted for July with Michael Tellinger, author of Slave Species of God, Adam’s Calendar, and Temples of the African Gods. Tellinger’s information deals with the origin of humanity and ties in with a book I’m reading by Zecharia Sitchin – The Lost Book of Enki. Was the human being actually cloned by the Annunaki, who came to Earth to mine gold in order to reinforce the atmosphere of their planet Nibiru? Tellinger has been studying ancient ruins in South Africa that date to a time before the great cataclysm and flood and what he has to say on this subject is fascinating and mind expanding.

I hope I didn’t lose you with the mention of planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X). This, along with the Illuminati information tends to make me feel like my head is about to explode! That’s because it’s so far out and what can I do about it anyway? However, I have an open mind (or a hole in my head) that allows for the exploration of possibilities. The synchronous connection to where my wonderings have been taking me and the interview on CMN was a validation to me that we are in the process of learning about the origination of humanity. We have been going through deep personal and cultural clearing for over a decade now. This clearing has opened spaces within us to receive higher vibrational energy from Source and to know who we are on a personal, Soul level. As we continue to accelerate individually, we see knowledge and expansive ideas appear in the collective consciousness. Having an open mind (and being discerning at the same time) is important to the evolution of humanity.

Another bit of synchronicity: a friend recommended a documentary film, which I have not yet seen, called Journey of Man which discusses the genetics of humanity and talks about humanity originating in South Africa, which is the location of the ancient ruins that Tellinger has written about.

So, what the bleep do I know? I’m just following some interesting trails and will be creating an e-book with The Ancient Ones regarding this subject in the future. And now…

The Vastness of Being
We want you to know that you are secure in your houses – by this we mean in your etheric energy field. Consider this: see the sacred geometry that surrounds you due to your own intention in meditation and visualization. Practice maintaining your center and be open to the Divine Will that flows through all life. You all hold within you the energetic vibration that will set you free. We say over and over again, being love—be-ing the innocence of love—is all the “protection” you will ever need.

For July we see the slow turning of a machine that is running out of steam. Loud clanking as gears fall into place for the last time before it grinds to a halt. We cannot say how anything will play out as the future is being created in the now. This is why we counsel you to cultivate love within you at all times, for it is with whatever vibration you are living within in the moment of now that the future is created.

What are you here to do?
Many are experiencing deep changes in their lives and are asking what it is they are here to do. Find stillness within. Your purpose will unfold as the changes accelerate. If you do not feel you receive an answer about what it is you are to do, allow this to be a time of stillness and gathering energies. Continue to get yourselves on the love beam, the beam of truth, and breathe. Tune in to your inner guidance – you all have inner guidance. It may be that you are looking above and beyond what is right in front of you. There are no big bells, bugles and neon signs pointing the way. Look for a gentler calling – a “knowing” and a simplicity of guidance. It may be the one thing you have overlooked because it feels so obvious – what is the thing you have discounted as not very important in your life? That very thing—gift, talent, desire—may contain the seed for the next phase of your journey.

Many paths are coming together, so be aware of new meetings and chance encounters. Seeds are being planted and this brief time between the eclipses is a time where you are letting go of the past (yes this is a continual process!) and getting more and more clear on what it is you are committing to. What are you committed to growing within yourself? Those who remain unconscious and magnetized to negative thinking will create more difficulties for themselves. Those who are holding their heads above the water and getting into the center of the river of change are moving forward. Trust and faith is called for here, for you may not know where you are going, but rest assured that as you continue to cultivate the essence of love within you, you will be magnetized to that which will create more love and harmony in your life and on the Earth.

Connecting consciously and physically with the Earth, doing small ceremonies of thanks and appreciation to Earth, will help you to stay centered. Connecting with each other in love and acceptance helps to grow the vibration of love. Celebrate! Eat good food, make music, dance! Do all the wonderful things human beings have created to express love. Have as much FUN as you can, for the vibration of fun is the vibration of freedom.

Outgrowing the confines of false beliefs
Since you were small children, you were placed into a narrow hallway and sent into the educational system and taught how to be and how to fear and how to stifle your joy, freedom and creativity. You grew into adults and had to pick a career. Many made choices without ever connecting to their heart and soul, choosing instead what appeared to be stable and secure. And for many people that stability and security is being shown to be false, or the stability and security has become a prison. Others enjoy the security as they look forward to a time when they will retire. Whatever the case, we know that people are awakening to the feeling that they are meant to experience joy in this world.

Many people have risen up in spite of the narrow options presented to them, finding ways to live in harmony with their hearts. Many have rebelled and not tried to fit into the machine, but have followed difficult paths, feeling like they don’t belong in this world. Some do their part in dismantling the machine and others do what they’re told, but feel inside a longing for something magical and joyful. All experience aspects of the restrictions placed on humanity in one way or another.

For The Great Teacher who has been manipulating humanity for eons, it serves them well if humans remain in a state of self doubt, criticism, fear and self hatred. It is part of the matrix that they set in place thousands of years ago – to control humanity and to have humans create the energy they feed off of, which is fear.

So you see, humanity has been manipulated to block the flow of love. The energy of love is not a vibration that this devolving energy can exist within. When you are “in love,” you are vibrating at a high frequency and you feel free and joyful, which is your birthright. You receive creative inspiration and feel energized.

The tainting of the vibration of love has caused fear to take hold. Most Humans are actually afraid to open their hearts and love one another deeply. Of course the love begins inside each Human – the love of self. This is where the tainting first began and it came to Humanity through religions that taught you weren’t good enough to enter the kingdom of heaven. And that sexuality was an abomination, unless done simply for the act of procreating. Religion was used to control and manipulate. We do not intend to sling spears into the hearts of any who embrace any particular religion, understanding that some do find comfort from the essence of Spirit that they access through their religions, so it is with respect that we offer this view of religious manipulation and control. These de-volving beings we call the Great Teacher are very tricky, for within each of their lies is a small facet of truth and that is what has hooked Humans into the false beliefs that have blocked the flow of love.

Sacred Sexuality
Co-dependency is what is up for healing now for Humanity. Deep within each Human’s genetic makeup are energies that contain memories that are related to fear and survival. Opening the heart to love is the next step for Humanity. Becoming completely naked and vulnerable and still able to stand within the truth of your being requires deep self-love.

Sharing love with another Human – and we are talking about sexual union with open hearts and the joyous vibration of love – is one of the most powerful gifts that Humanity has. When two are joined in this way, they begin to radiate the golden-rose light of joy. In this vibration, ultimate physical healing is attained as well as emotional, mental and spiritual enlightenment. The innocent, pure vibration of Spirit flows through you, bringing vitality and youth into your total being. Oh yes, you will begin to “youthen” yourselves through this experience. Now that is a side-effect of love. A totally open heart is needed in order to have this experience.

There are many people who have had difficulty accepting love from their “lovers!” They hold their hand out, saying “Stop… in the name of love… Don’t come any closer… let’s just enjoy the sex…” And so we tell you that when you add the vibration of love to your sexual experience by opening your hearts, you will be filled with joy and you will shimmer and shine! This will help bring you back to your true Nature. The vibration of love simply is. It has no agenda.

As you open to love and heal your wounded hearts, in whatever path you choose to do so, you will raise your vibration and enter into higher dimensions of being – bringing the higher dimensions onto the Earth.

Human Nature, Earth Nature
You have been turned away from your true Nature through the tainting of the vibration of love and through lies that have turned into false beliefs regarding the nature of your sexuality. You can see how sexuality has been turned into pornography through the advertising you see around you. Your sexuality has been stolen from you through shame and guilt and this message has come through all religions and now through the medical industry. The fear of opening to love is also related to the cloying, grasping neediness that love seems to turn into. This control and manipulation that humans have done to one another in the name of love comes from fear. We say to you, you would be so free and so joyful if you would simply allow the energy of love to be within you!

When you look at how Humans are out of harmony with the Nature of the Earth, you need to look a little closer at Humanity and see that Humans are out of touch with their own Nature. The healing begins in the heart. And you can all help each other with this healing. In fact that is the only way to come into harmony – by opening to yourselves and opening to each other, amplifying the vibration of love throughout your being.

Love is the gift as you journey through the earth changes, love is the gift you keep.

Many Blessings to All, until next time
The Vastness of Being
Nancy Leilah Ward


Paintlover 7th July 2010 8:39 am

Thank you for your report. I "saw" couples dancing in my yard last evening, joyously celebrating. It's all about fun now, for sure, and I certainly am feeling it. The last ten years have been intense with much clearing, healing and remembering who I really am. I am here to enjoy the wonder of the human experience, feel good and have as much fun as I can possibly stand. I say "stand" because I was programmed that I wasn't supposed to have fun. i.e. "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I've discarded that lie and am bringing it in, baby. Hope everyone "gets" that they're supposed to follow their hearts desire and abundance will flow. The sooner the better.

Many blessings,

Teresa Leigh Ander

Leilah 7th July 2010 8:53 am

Hi Teresa -
I love what you say and can see that you are working it - or "playing" it, I should say - we are releasing the false beliefs that have been taught to us on a personal level and on a collective consciousness level. And each time one of us has a breakthrough, it filters through to all of us. We walk together, sister!
In the name of Fun...
Many blessings to you,

Melanie 7th July 2010 9:41 am

Thank you Leilah - I love your posts, and like the Great Teacher perspective. I call them Lizzies as suggested by the Pleidians. Recently I have also felt a strong interest re-emerge about the human origins and human story. Looking forward to you book on this subject. Love, Melanie

Janet_FeatheredCape 7th July 2010 2:26 pm

Thank you for the post -- of course I surfed my way to it through various internet means, at the very time similar information has been coming in for me. It really helps to get an expanded view of the small slice I've gotten. What first really resonates is the discussion about where human beings came from. 2 years ago, I asked one of my guides about this, right after I had an amazing "remembering" of being in a star body. There was a whole visual that unfolded with star beings coming to the big blue planet we call Earth, and I wanted to know why the star beings went here, and what happened between that moment and now, with humans here. I never did get an answer I could fit into my brain. Yesterday, I dreamed about a beautiful, rainbow-light-filled landscape that I discerned as "home" (not sure if it's earth or somewhere else). When I awoke, I had the feeling that I was holding onto some anger with humanity for disrupting and dishonoring the peace, love and beauty of "home". I am here now to release that anger and help assist with the loving vibration.

Leilah 8th July 2010 6:36 am

Hey Janet,
Don't you love the way our "surfing" leads us to interesting places?
I feel there is so much to open up to regarding the origin of humanity... not to mention our soul's origin. Many of us are from other star systems on a soul level. And so here we are, in human bodies... yes, to assist with the loving vibration, as you say... and to know ourselves. Wow, what a journey!

Leilah 8th July 2010 6:38 am

Thank you, Melanie. There is so much unfolding for us at this time. The Great Teacher has been named so, in order for us not to feel like victims in this unfolding story. I feel like I'm just touching the tip of an iceberg.

Blessings and love to you,

amrita111 9th July 2010 3:21 am

Whoa Janet! I just got totally choked up when you said: "When I awoke, I had the feeling that I was holding onto some anger with humanity for disrupting and dishonoring the peace, love and beauty of "home". I am here now to release that anger and help assist with the loving vibration."

No matter how we slice and dice the human awakening process, there are "memories" that resonate. Yours just sparked mine... Wow! Thanks for sharing and especially to you Leilah for your beautiful and articulate post. I have voraciously digested so much of Spirit Library for the last 3 years- especially the Vibe Reports.

Much love during this amazing time- Rebecca

misafir 9th July 2010 9:44 am

I like Nancy, and the channeling from Vastness of Being is shiny. Not to critize much, but to take some notice and think about it, I want to deal about 'The Great Teacher' concept. I feel in a way it is true, and in a way it is a bit untrue. For one to deserve the name 'teacher', we expect that entity to be wise and knowing. The 'EGO' and the corresponding mythologic entity SATAN (or, DEVIL) do not deserve such a name, I think, because there is no wisdom in them, neither a whole picture seeing knowledge. Actually they represent 'IGNORANCE'. Nor, do they have a concience or will (want) to teach ? Actually, another 'teacher' must be using them as a means for teaching.. So, they are not the real teachers, but maybe tools of the real Teacher used for teaching..

misafir 9th July 2010 10:18 am

If we study some cases.. Satan taught Adam and Eve some very important things. That if they followed his (Satan's, Ego's) way (in contrary to, and against God's advices) the consequences would be as they would experience by their own eyes with regret, that they would be dismissed from heaven, cry a lot, worry a lot. But, if Satan was a real teacher, he would not do that himself at the first hand.
Hitler taught Germans and humanity in general the horrible consequences of racism and discrimination among people. But, if he had been a teacher, he would not be a racist himself. In contrast, he was quite unwise, and ignorant. He did not do all those things to teach anyone anything. He did not have the concience and desire to teach in such a way. He was not aware he was only a tool of another teacher. (An ingenious plan of our 'higher selves' to make a giant sprint in the bullfight game against the bull (ego) made tired in the previous centuries just before approaching towards 2012 deadline).. The Actual Great Teacher used Hitler to reflect, to mirror whats inside us&cure.


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