Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 2011


We are in a fast moving current that carries high vibrational energies of refinement. My guides have said we are now in the Olympics of spiritual expansion. Many have been clearing their energy fields for 20 years or more. The acceleration has been gently moving us forward, however in the last 11 years the energy has been moving faster and faster, raising the vibration of Earth and all life forms exponentially.

Each of us has chosen an energetic trajectory that is in resonance with our greatest vision for our lives. Whether we make this choice consciously or unconsciously, the individual currents we are in are part of a greater flow that is gaining momentum. Layers of our reality are expanding, coming into our understanding as we let go of false perceptions and beliefs. We have the outer world of form, our inner world of emotions and thought patterns and a deeper reality where we are linked energetically with one another, moving within currents of energy that ride and flow along within the Great River of Consciousness. At this moment the Great River is flowing through a sluice – a channel for conducting energy. There’s a pulsation to this passage that sometimes may feel like compression and at other times pushes us forward. Hmm, sounds like the birth canal, doesn’t it?

Creative Energy

A gift of this acceleration is that our creativity is supported through listening to our hearts and tuning in to our innocence. One of my intentions is to listen to what I call the “call of the wild” – the creative impulse that calls within me to paint and draw. As part of this I have begun doing a drawing a day – first thing in the morning – it’s just a quick five or ten minute mindful meditation practice. Below are two images that recently came through that seem to pertain to our rebirthing experience:



Deep Listening

This acceleration is bringing deep changes to our lives on many levels. It is important for us to be gentle with ourselves by listening within and acknowledging what we’re feeling. We are becoming adept at going with the flow and allowing for sudden changes or shifting, noticing that when our plans change, it works out for the best for all concerned. It’s often difficult to plan ahead and feels better to stay in the now, when we can, and allow for events to unfold within our intensions. Not to be passive, but to listen to our hearts regarding where we go and what we do. Going against our feelings and inner truth is becoming unbearable and when we resist our truth, we have much difficulty moving forward.


For the last year or so we have been bathed with the platinum ray, a high vibrational energy of refinement. As we journey through the passageway of transition, this energy assists us in releasing what isn’t our truth at deeper and deeper levels, preparing us for the moment of rebirth as we journey through the channel that is leading us out into the Realm of Light.

Love Saves the Day

As we absorb the high vibrational energy into our Spirit Body, it filters into our mental, emotional and physical bodies. We can consciously work with this energy to lift ourselves out of the great untruth that has been keeping humanity in density. Fear is the density. Love lifts us out of density and when we cultivate the vibration of love and intend to embody it in every moment of our lives; we become more aware of the aspects of density that still cling to us. Conscious awareness helps us to integrate and dissolve whatever is pulling us down into lower vibrational frequencies.

We are Light Beings

Take a moment to look back to where you were in the early 2000s. See how much you have changed in those 11 years. Appreciate how far you have come, how much you’ve let go and integrated, and the wisdom you have gained.

In the earlier stages of our journey, we were guided to bring Divine Light into our awareness, into our energy bodies in meditation visualizations. What we were doing was igniting the Light within us. That Light is now a constant – the Golden Light of the truth of who we are is shining within us. Feel the glow and use your breath to allow it to grow brighter and brighter until it fills your physical body and radiates outward into your energy field. Then, as you think and feel into what you want to create in your life, you send a beam of light out into the resonant field of all possibilities. The beam magnetizes to the harmonic resonance you are vibrating at and draws in to your energy bodies the experiences that are in harmony with your creative dreams.

Light Has Gained Critical Mass

For those who are just beginning their journey into awakening, you are going through an extreme acceleration. What once took several years to shift, you are doing in weeks, even days. As you absorb the high energies that are enveloping the Earth like a comforting soothing blanket of acceptance, you are feeling your truth and what is not your truth is becoming more and more unacceptable. Know that you are supported by Divine Source as you create the changes that are necessary to live your Truth. Restructuring is required. Have courage and know that you are much more – miltidimensionally speaking – than you have realized.

Please know that you are not “late” in the game. All is in Divine Timing. Those who are awakening now were doing a service in the last many years of keeping the greater amount of human energy grounded into 3D as others rose into the higher dimensions and paved the pathways of Light for all who are called to follow. This was necessary in order to allow the energies to gradually be integrated by more and more of humanity. You have passed beyond critical mass into holding Light and Consciousness. Congratulations!

Embodying the Truth of your Soul

As each person sheds untruth from their energy bodies, a light of awareness is radiated outward on the web of light that connects all humans. When this happens, the resonance of this release and acceleration is received by other people who then allow a piece of their own discord to be integrated and dissolved, thereby radiating even more light into the web. And so Humanity rises into Truth.

What does this mean, your Truth? It is the essence of you, your unique vibration… your energy signature. To go a little further, this is the energy of your Soul, or Higher Self. As we clear our energy fields we make room for the essence of our Higher Self to come into our embodiment. Energetically, our Higher Self connects to us through our chakra system. From the inside out we radiate the refined, elegant energy of our Souls.

What we have been and are continuing to clear is the untruth that has shrouded humanity in darkness. We are not only enlightening this density in our own lives, but we are sending the light through our genetic ancestral lines, thereby releasing the darkness that shrouded our ancestors.

We are clearing the energy for the Human Race, awakening to the Collective Consciousness – One Light – of Humanity.

Power to the People!

This message is a collaboration of myself and the wise Arcturian Watchers, The Vastness of Being. With respect I offer these insights to you.


Nancy Ward


Rainbow Princess 17th July 2011 1:11 pm

Thank You Nancy! - Beautiful message, love this! :smitten:

Love & Peace


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