Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 23, 2010

There’s been a constriction of energy causing tightness in the flow which many have been feeling, especially in the area of finance. Fear and worry has been pulling at us in this regard, but have you also noticed an element of not caring? As if we have a buffer zone of indifference around ourselves.

Shock Treatment

Within the somewhat apathetic attitude that I’ve noticed since May, is the element of shock that is happening to many of us. Small shocks, big shocks, however they come to us, they are shaking us up, assisting in releasing old energy – deep energetic crusty sediment – as in “the sticky stuff on the bottom.” These can come as blow-ups between friends or relatives, or even total strangers. Also, the sudden leaving of people and animal friends.

Physical shocks are happening as well. One evening two weeks ago, I was awakened by the smoke alarm going off at the top of the stairs just outside my bedroom. I leaped out of bed like a cartoon character with hair standing on end. As I stood at the top of the stairs in the dark, the alarm suddenly stopped (there was no fire). I was distracted by a light flickering outside the window at the top of the stairs and became so disoriented that I thought I was in the room next to the stairs. I stepped forward to look out the window and met the air and began to fall. In slow motion, I somehow managed to turn my body so I didn’t pitch face forward down the steep wooden stairs and instead bumped down on my butt and thigh. When I came to a stop, I was amazed to realize that I didn’t break any bones, or incur any sprains or even hurt my back or hips. It was truly a miracle. Bruised, yes, scraped, yes, shaken up, oh yes, but I was filled with a feeling of almost euphoria as the experience played over in my head. Many thoughts were going with split-second speed through my mind, such as, “I don’t want to dive through the window at the bottom of the stairs.” The wisdom of my physical body helped me to shift my trajectory to a more balanced way of falling.

In retrospect, I must have needed some extreme acupressure to the gall bladder meridian! And with the assistance of the Medical Assistance Program (MAP – the bruises have healed miraculously. So, for those who can relate to having shocking experiences, just think of it as shock therapy for releasing old stuff as we continue to rise into higher and higher vibrational frequencies.

Messages from Sylphs (the Elementals of Air)

Recently I was gazing at clouds in the sky and I saw a wispy angel, then I looked to the right and saw the AUM symbol  [aum image in public domainaum] and then looked to the right again and saw a cloud form itself into a Centaur pointing an arrow.

A few days later, I saw the eyes of Buddha in the clouds.

[Eyes of Buddha image used by permission:]

It’s helpful for us to notice the magic and beauty that is in the world. As we become more sensitive to energy, we notice more synchronicity in our lives, which is very playful, and this opens us up to feelings of happiness – being in the right place at the right time – expanding into joy and innocence and freedom.

A Message from the Vastness of Being

As you allow yourself to embrace the unknown and move forward, continuously flowing into now, now, now, you will feel the expansiveness of freedom. You are rising, with the Earth, into higher and higher vibrational frequencies that raise you up out of the third dimension into the expansiveness of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

There are portalways that you pass through in this journey of expansion. Joy is the vibration that opens the gateway of light in the portalway. You flow through the portalway within the river of light, which carries the frequencies of joy, love, innocence and freedom. Cultivate these feelings – they are vibrational frequencies that you can tap into at a moment’s notice, shifting your feeling-tone.

Often there is a desire to hold on to the painful feelings, like an addiction, because one is so accustomed to the feelings, it has become a large part of one’s identity. However, holding onto these feelings and examining them and telling the story over and over again, blaming others or situations, keep one weighted down and unable to rise up into the river of light to pass through the portalway. This is why it is important to release and clear these energetic vibrations and there are many healing modalities that are available to help you do this.

They are old stories that you’ve connected to your identity – you have actually created your identity through these stories. It is time to lose your identity and to let go of what is not your truth. These stories you tell yourselves are connected to beliefs that were placed upon you from the time you came into this world. There are false beliefs that are held in the collective consciousness and have been passed along through generations. They are kept alive by the minds of humans. When you think the thoughts associated with these beliefs you will feel a draining of your energy. This is key – as you become more and more sensitive to your own energy, you will feel the slight draining and this is when your energy is indeed being sucked out of you through these beliefs. Where does the energy go? There are beings that are energy vampires who feed off of the energy of fear – which is what regret, worry, doubt, greed, etc. all boil down to.

You need not be afraid of these energy vampires, for they are great teachers for humanity, revealing to you what needs to be released. In fact, you can give thanks to them, with honor and respect, as you witness and release your pain.

photo by Nancy Leilah Ward, July 2010

It is very empowering to know that love and joy and innocence are the energies that feed your expanding souls. And how good it feels! You can simply turn your focus from the dense thoughts towards the lighter thoughts. Begin, perhaps with the thought of a butterfly, or a memory of a beautiful place in nature, or the love you have for an animal friend. Your heart is in the driver’s seat. And when this becomes difficult, call for help from your spirit guides, from the vastness of your being, from the Creator of all living things. When you have experienced an energy drain and are able to turn your focus to the higher vibrations, consciously fill your body with this vibration, focusing on the areas that you felt the energy drain originate from. This will aid you in releasing the false beliefs that provoke the feeling of fear.

Now we hear some of you saying, “But what can I do when I’m feeling bad? Sometimes, the feelings just come over me…” And our answer is to allow the feeling to be there – to open to compassion for yourself and to sit within the feeling – witnessing it, not analyzing or trying to understand it, but simply witnessing it with a deep knowing that the feeling is coming up for clearing. It is rising within you, because that is what happens when you move into higher frequencies – it is rising within you and passing through. You can think of it like boiling water – let’s say there is something dense in the water and when the water begins to boil as a result of high vibrational frequencies, the density will rise to the top and become steam, which rises up and dissipates into the ethers of the high vibration. So, if negative emotions begin to surface within you, do not resist, nor should you grasp onto them, just witness from the place of stillness within you and allow the feelings to pass through.

We also wish to acknowledge that, at times, the dense feelings are associated with a memory. If you have a memory that is persistent, do not resist it, rest within it, witness it, feel it deeply, allow your child self – or the part of you that experiences the memory at whatever age you were – to tell you the story, to tell you how it felt, all the time allowing love and compassion to flow within and around you like a healing nectar. By doing this you will allow the memory to be expressed and in time, it will lose its electromagnetic charge so that it can be released into the ethers. This is all about loving yourselves.

The Stillness Within

We speak of this often. Finding the stillpoint within you – within the core of your being. Find your center, tune into your heart and cultivate the feeling of love. As you do so, you will open up further to allow in joy and innocence, which expands into a feeling of freedom.

This brings us full circle to the place of allowing the unfoldment of your life, like the opening of a butterfly’s wings as it reaches out from the chrysalis state, into the Now of Being. It is like moving along a river on a current of energy that is traveling through the within. As above, so below. Feel these words and allow them to open up a knowing within you that is beyond words.

With love and joy we transmit these messages to you.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being


Peaceful Path 24th July 2010 10:59 am

thank you so much for reminding me of what I know!

Ron Laswell 24th July 2010 1:42 pm

Nancy - In regards to your comment about the gallbladder acupuncture meridian, did you know that that meridian corresponds to the energy of Aquarius??? The acupuncturist that I go to thinks it's funny that I come in just to get it tweaked.

On a similar note, I too, have have been noticing deeply hidden personal demons and fears of which I was not consciously aware. I knew they were there when they emerged, but I guess they had been there so long that I had forgotten about them. Isn't life amazing!? And what is funny are the weird situations that have come up to bring these things to my attention, kinda like your bumping down the stairs.

Thanks, and God Bless you and all the people reading this site.

misafir 24th July 2010 3:59 pm

I wish rather more gentle methods of health treatments for my friends, for everyone, and for Nancy, too. :)
Nevertheless, in some instances in life, things that appear to look terrible (in its danger potential), actually come out to serve a higher beneficial purpose. And, sometimes it requires intuition, and a special type of awareness or inspiration to see it. And, to be thankful for the occurence of that seemingly terrible thing.
I would like to consider it a joke that from the vastness of methods, her Vastness of Being had chosen a shock treatment for Nancy. The messages underlied in this joke might be :
1) Start learning acupressor (acupuncture without needles) methods by yourselves, and applying them, if you dont want to face up with my shock treatments (as seen in fig. above Nancy's case)
(stimulating some nerve nodes on body even with your finger bones for a few minutes can serve your health..)
2) Your vastness of being will love to show you miracles, but you may not 'love' to see and experience those miracles..
3) Teach yourselves, otherwise 'The Great Teacher' comes.

misafir 24th July 2010 4:17 pm

I wish a 'get well soon' for Nancy, and a tolerance for the humorous aspects of my previous remark.
Thanks for the article.
In life, some things are not as it seems, and some events that look like terrible might actually include a perceptible (or, not) beneficial purpose underlieing it, and even messages in it for life improvement and evolving. Trying to see those issues is left to us.
Thanks again.

misafir 26th July 2010 3:09 am

As some might guess the rest of the story after reading the first part, it was not too late i was in a 'get well soon..' mood. Perhaps all vastness of being was in unision, and mine was not slow to prepare a special type of treatment for me. A whole sunday eating, with minimal physical activity, and perhaps sitting before windy places and ventilators, i had a spoilt lazy stomach and upset metabolism, feeling like cold caught, faint, and bad. Some acupressor methods and attempts did not seem to work (alone)much in this case. So, i referred to some herbal. A rich desertspoonful of allspice swallowed dry, not to dilute with any liquid, and swallowed into empty stomach, and not to eat anything, together with smelling cedar oil, which relaxes (breath and body) and energizes the system seemed to make me recover greatly.. This special 'allspice method' seems to activate lazy glands.. So, conclusions are : watch your eating, perform physical activity even in vacation-rest days, refer to alternative healing methods and unite various methods in case, and that vastness of being is more vaster.

misafir 26th July 2010 3:13 am

... than anyone or Misafir thinks.



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