Soul Transitions Vibe Report March 2012


Wave after wave of energy is rolling through our multidimensional physical reality, pushing us toward new experiences and sometimes wiping out the old. Many of us are facing changes deep within our consciousness and/or in our outer lives. This can leave us feeling wobbly and off balance. It’s helpful to practice grounding our energy into the earth, to spend some time in nature, to breathe deeply and call the light of the cosmic consciousness into us, to experience ourselves as part of the All That Is.

Change is flowing into my life in many ways. I am personally feeling that these Vibe Reports are taking on a different aspect. Since 2012 began, when I sit to write, I feel more like I’m writing to a book that is being birthed within me. The Vibe Report may appear as audio or video messages in the future. The experience of channeling is now more of a blending of inspiration from the Vastness of Being and my Soul consciousness. In fact, I am feeling “my consciousness” as very expansive – part of the Human consciousness and then expanding into the nature of Earth. When I think of the Oneness of the Human Being, the concept of collective consciousness moves outward to the galactic and universal level. No wonder we’re losing our memories and our stories! We are glimpsing ourselves as part of the All of the All.

When I tune into this, I feel the flow like a wind blowing through me, loosening attachments to defining myself. And then an old wound might loom up, like a huge boulder blocking my flow, saying, “You can’t pass until you deal with this.” Have you noticed you keep coming up against the same feelings – things you feel you’ve already dealt with? It seems that all we can do is surrender and ask for help in releasing resistance so we can integrate the wound into our essence with love.

Precipice of Change

Back here on Earth, I am in the process of creating a major change in my life. I’ve been writing about changes and the Precipice that many are facing and I am on the edge of a precipice as well. My friends and collaborators in the non-physical tell me that when we step off the precipice; don’t be surprised if we rise! Like fledgling birds taking that step out of the nest and finding we have wings as a whole new landscape opens before us.

The Love-Force Energy

I have been consciously visualizing and opening to receive the crystalline Christ Consciousness energy in my high heart – the upper chest, below the trachea and above the heart – at the thymus gland. To me, this energy is the “God-force” energy. There are many names that describe it: Divine Creator, Source, Spirit, Chi, Life Force Energy, All that Is… God. Whatever we call it, it is a flow of love. Sometimes I like to refer to it as the Love Force Energy, which, to me, is the life force that animates the physical body bringing life and consciousness to the physical. It exists within and beyond the physical, flowing through the All of the All… the Universe, the Multi-verse… it is that which cannot be explained. The mystery… The Great Spirit.

Innocent Hearts

I have always been aware of the feeling of innocence when opening up to this energy. Early on in my awakening experience I was frightened because I felt “not good enough” to receive this energy. And then I was even more afraid because I realized I felt resistance to love. This is the tragedy of the wounded Human. To become so confused about our truth that we actually resist the vibration of love.

Back to that boulder, it is our resistance to receiving love. It is our fear, our “not good enough” beliefs. It isn’t just our personal stuff, it’s ancestral – genetic – it’s in the Human DNA.

I now realize that we all come into this life fully embodying the energy of innocence and love. In my experience of acclimating myself to the vibrational frequencies of life on earth in the mid 1950s, I learned that the energy of innocence was not well received here. It was not respected, it was not strong enough or aggressive enough to compete, to get ahead. In my unawareness, I felt like I was wrong for being who I was – my true non-competitive nature was wrong. I grew to believe that others were better than me and so began the process of building up hard layers around my heart to hide that innocence. Crying inside, this little part of me curled up in a fetal position, orphaned and lonely. Now, I see this experience differently. The layers that had built up were protecting the innocence of my heart from a world that believed in competition and survival of the strongest.

The Daily Drawing March 9, 2012

As I began healing into loving myself – a process that began at least 30 years ago – I witnessed the flow of love coming up against this barrier of energy around my heart, which vibrated with such pain, so that love actually hurt. It was horrifying to me to realize that I was afraid of allowing love into my heart. I was literally afraid of the fear I felt. Little by little, with much assistance from non-physical guides, from teachers and from various modes of therapy and energy work, I have been able to release the density that had built up around me, so that I could receive love and BE love.


The waves of high vibrational energy we are receiving strip the denser vibrations from us so, sometimes bringing us to our knees. It is up to us to surrender into loving ourselves. When we do this, we are lifted up into the energy flow of love.

There are some people who are feeling anxiety that they will not “ascend” or move into the vibration of the “New Earth.” As if that journey is reserved for a select few who have been “on the path” for a long time, or who are somehow “better” or “spiritual masters.” I remember feeling that way at one time. It is one of the ways that we allow fear to hold us in density. It also is of the third dimensional vibration of competition and survival of the fittest, which is not our true nature. We are co-creators, learning to live in cooperation not competition. Turning our focus back into love will help us to move into that vibration. There is no one who is going to be “left behind.” Eventually, we come to trust in our hearts and our Souls and the divine timing of our awakening.

The high vibrational energies that are currently on the Earth plane have been anchored by many who came to Earth in the years after World War II. They brought the Light of love and truth into the density and helped to usher in the momentously creative times of the 1960s. The music and energy of those times is still so alive and vibrant. Now, the path to Love is greatly accelerated. So don’t worry; what took me 30 years of gaining clarity and self love will take others a much shorter time – days, weeks, whatever time is needed, it is in Divine Timing.

The Inner Net

A few months ago I wrote about a dream I had where I was within the living organism of the Human Being. I was looking at a membrane all around me and there were white circles and black dash lines that were flowing in that membrane. As I looked closer I saw radiant faces within the white circles and I realized that each circle was an awake person on Earth and the black lines represented those who were still asleep.

11-30-2011 small
From the Daily Drawings, Nov. 30, 2011

I often speak about the Inner Net and I see it as lines of heart connections that we in those white circles of light have between us. I find it of great comfort to meditate on these connections when I feel a little “off” or disconnected. It’s like I’m looking out from my window of light and saying hello to all of you looking out of your windows of light. Feeling the heart to heart connection with all my sisters and brothers of Humanity in the Inner Net fills me with love and playfulness and comfort as I know I’m not alone. It is simply at the speed of thought – or conscious intention – that the connection can be made. And when we do this – send Love through the Inner Net – we are strengthening our connection to one another and radiating that energy through the membrane of humanity, helping to illuminate and awaken. And that is how the Human Being rides the wave of love into the higher frequency of the New Earth. To me, this is what is meant by ascension. The point I want to make is that we are rising together in Unity. Creating a cooperative, thriving organism. And everyone is invited to the party!

From the Daily Drawings, March 14, 2012

We are all born into this world with an innocent open heart. We are coming back to that very vibration at this time. Opening to love, to be-ing in love. Returning to love, we are loving ourselves awake.

Nancy Leilah Ward
and the Vastness of Being


crystalwhitelight 20th March 2012 7:36 am

Dear Nancy

THANK YOU for this message which resonates soooo very much with me. I also was born a few years after the last Global conflict in a time of lack ( rationing).
Abundance and self worth have been the core of my to deal with issues. My journey has also taken the same time scale -does the time scale matter? I think not for our soul directs our expereinces and as you say everything is in Divine timing and we can only witness a very small perception of the whole ( life epereince). My young daugter's passig at three was the catalyst for my awakening and remembering.
Much love to you soul sister.


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