Soul Transitions Vibe Report October 2010

As the Earth turns and seasons change, here in the Northeastern United States the trees are releasing their leaves, sending them spiral sailing for a brief moment before landing in a multicolored carpet of summer’s transformation into autumn. I have always been enthralled by that moment of the leaf’s journey from tree to earth as if it’s an instant of freedom, suspended in time – a moment between worlds, embraced by the unknown. Letting go, with joy, with a sense of belonging in this ever changing ebb and flow, I feel as if each leaf treasures that moment of free fall. I observe the circle of life in the leaf’s journey from the first bud of spring’s awakening, through summer’s blossoming, into the coolness when the sap begins to retreat to deeper roots within the earth and the leaf releases to the air, to the wind that sends it dancing before it finds stillness and its essence passes back into the earth.

So here we are in a season of transformation. The last few months have felt like compression as we moved through narrow portalways that assisted us in releasing at deeper and deeper levels of our being. We passed through a doorway in late August and have come to a brief plateau – still dealing with changes but ready to move forward with clear intentions for our next steps. Many of us are feeling the buzz of change or wanting to make changes in our lives. If you don’t know where to go and what to do yet, be sure that even the smallest, subtlest change that you can make which honors your truth and your intuitive inner knowing of what is right for you, will shift your trajectory towards your highest good. We are being called to trust ourselves and to listen to our hearts.

Many of us are experiencing old feelings coming up again – the stuff we felt we’d already dealt with and put to rest. It is important to know that as we rise higher in vibration, that which is still with us of a lower vibration will come up to the surface and, while it may bring us down a little, if we allow the feeling to be there and don’t resist it, it will find it’s way to pass out of our energy field. Ask for help from your guides and from angels, or ascended master teachers – whoever you feel can help you. If you set your intention on self love, you will be able to clear whatever is not of that vibration. This is what is up for us all at this time – self love and integrating more and more love into our being.

There is an opportunity to receive and amplify more love this coming Sunday, October 10, 2010 (10/10/10). There’s lots of information on the internet about this. I recommend you check the website of Celia Fenn, if you haven’t already found her: It is a chance to tune in to the frequency of love, with a group or by ourselves. We are all connected through energetic lines of light and we can nourish each other as we open to love and receive the transmission that will be sent into the Earth’s field of awareness. As people all over the world tune in, the energy is amplified and we raise our vibration and harmonize with the vibration of the Earth. It is beautiful that we are coming to know and feel our connection in oneness.

And now, the Vastness of Being share a message with us.

Harvesting Your Intentions

We are the Vastness of Being. We hail from the star system of Arcturus and travel through an interdimensional pathway to reach you through our sister Leilah to assist all who wish to deepen their understanding of their experience on Earth.

As you roll around the calendar and come up to the last months of this year 2010 you are harvesting your intentions – whether conscious or not – of the last 10 months. Now we say that the days, weeks, months and years are not so neatly boxed into the format that you are all working within – as in the Gregorian calendar. That structure is a rather flimsy overlay that has been placed over the true flow of life. So, “beneath” this structure is an underlay of flow – we see it as a flowing river and the river is flowing faster and faster as it moves towards a sluice – a passageway or portalway. On the other side of this portalway we see an expansion, an opening into timelessness. The energy seems suspended and yet is moving outward in a gentle, graceful celestial dance. We see stars, we see golden splashes of energy swirling, rising, expanding and the feeing is joy, ease, freedom, ecstasy. So that is a picture we are given as to where this river is heading. We know this picture is rather abstract or esoteric but we hope that you feel the energy of possibility within the pictures we paint with words.

This slow expansion we speak of takes consciousness into the moment of now where all time stops. Time as you know it is really a machine that turns in a circle counting off seconds, minutes, hours. This concept of time is ingrained in the human psyche, but it is not truth, it is not true to Nature or your nature as human beings, it is simply a machine.

Nature’s time clock

We see the flow of “time” as a river of flowing energy that is in Creation – it has always been in existence – it is the flow of Creator Source Energy and you are each flowing within it and it is also flowing within you. How much of this energy flows through you is up to how much you allow and how much awareness you bring to your experience.

There are many people who feel they have to behave a certain way in order to comply with the structure of society they are in. These behaviors are linked with false beliefs which block humans from their inner truth. And so the flow of Creator Source energy has to take certain twists and turns to flow within the inner structure in order to fit in with the outer structure. Often the conduits for this energy become very narrow or closed off completely because the true freedom of the nature of Creator Source doesn’t comply with certain rules of society. The rules bring up feelings of fear or guilt. People must behave a certain way and believe certain things in order to maintain their place within the social order, be it a job, a religion, a school, a family, etc. There is fear of the wild and beautiful energy that each human holds as a possibility within themselves, and the Creator Source energy feels like freedom and love, joy and ecstasy – and it is fun, indeed, to let it flow. There are people who allow this flow to move through them as they ride upon their creative natures. Often these people bring up jealousy or fear among those who resist the flow of Creator Source.

Are you willing to let go of your stories and open into pure beingness? Bring your attention into your heart, removing your focus from thinking into being in your heart and then contemplate where you are in this flowing river of Creator Source energy. Can you feel the river flowing within you?

Having open conduits to this energy allows for creativity to flow through you. Humans are creative beings. You create with every thought and emotion. When the Creator Source energy is flowing freely, you feel energized, excited, inspired. You all have different ways that creativity is expressed through you and it is a joy to be in the flow, or as we have said before on the beam, for it is like a beam of light and you can “jump on the beam” and ride the energy of creation. You are co-creators of everything within the Earth experience and you join with one another of like vibration without even realizing it, because you are not separate from one another.

Rivers within the Great River

The Great River of Creation is going to flow through this portalway, and you are going with it. This momentum was set in place eons ago within the dimensional existence of Earth in the third dimension. This portalway will carry you into the 4th and 5th dimension.

There are rivers of energy within this Great River. There is the river of human consciousness and within the river of humanity are energetic flows or choices of feeling tones and experience, each representing a different river within the Great River. You each have a unique vibration and as the River (or energy of Creator Source) flows through you, it activates your soul’s vibration and intention, adding your unique vibration to the river of energy. So, again, you each are within the Great River and you can consciously guide yourself into the vibration you want to experience. You do this through your feelings and thoughts. These are your intentions and you can be unconscious or conscious participators in the experience, but no matter what, you join with a river of like vibration to your own.

You have a river of energy flowing through you and your vibrational pulsations join with a larger river of energy which is also flowing within the Great River of Creation.

The power of people – the power of group intention – helps to direct the rivers within the Great River. So when many are in the flow together, they direct their river into the vibrational experience they have been pulsating with and amplifying.

When the great river flows through the portalway you will be flowing into the vibration you have been cultivating all along, with your brothers and sisters who share the same vibration. So, if you choose to cultivate the resonance of love and freedom, when you pass through this portalway, you will find yourselves in an experience of this vibration and it will be like a rebirth.

October 2010

You have the opportunity to refine your intention, choose your feeling tone, choose your vibrational intake and output. Now when we speak of this, we want you to know that you have the ability to transform feelings. If you are resonating with a feeling of unworthiness, for example, you can transform it into love. Trust that your deepest desire is to be free and to be in the vibration of love and you can transmute any lower vibration you have into a higher vibration.

There is much fear and despair around the world and this touches everyone at one time or another. If you are feeling fear, you can breathe into the feeling of fear and breathe out love. As you do this over and over, you will begin to notice that you have transformed fear into love. Stay in your heart – your mind will take you into the future or the past and come up with reasons to be afraid, so stay in your heart. In this way, you can transmute any discordant feeling into a better feeling. As you do so and breathe love into your being you are literally transmuting the feeling of fear in the river. You do not need a reason to love, it is just an energetic vibration that you can tune into. Shifting your feeling will move you into a different flow of energy in the river because as you change the feeling you are changing the flow of energy as it moves through you and then the vibration that you are pulsating changes.

This is how you navigate within the Great River – you navigate yourself into what feels good by breathing that good feeling into your sails. Don’t worry if you don’t feel yourself to be in the vibration of love as old feelings rise to be cleared. Instead feel compassion for yourself as you realize that others are sharing that particular river with you – releasing old pain and transforming into love. So even if you are feeling a lower vibration, know that the deeper part of your soul is in the vibration of love. The lower energies that you may still have within you are simply rising to be cleared as you continue to cultivate the higher vibration. All is well, dear ones, and please remember to ask your guides and angels for assistance – that is why they are with you.

What can you say about the 10/10/10 activation?

I ask because the Gregorian calendar, which the world runs on, is not aligned with Nature, so why would the date of 10/10/10 be significant?

Since most of the world operates on this calendar, you like the matching of numbers and so these dates create a focus point for you. Also, there is significance to the numerical resonance. Creating moments where people of the world gather together to focus on raising their vibration to receive and amplify the high vibrational energy is a most powerful thing.

There are waves of energy being transmitted to the Helios solar system to assist in the awakening of consciousness. At this time there will be a powerful activation coming from the galactic center. This energy goes into the center of the sun and is amplified out to the center of the Earth and the Moon. As you each practice bringing rays of solar energy into your pineal gland, to enlighten that sun within you, it will help you to receive this transmission of energy. Just as the Earth is receiving this transmission, so is Humanity for you and the Earth are going through the same ascension process. This transmission will radiate from deep within the Earth, fill her waters and will be amplified further by the Cetacean consciousness of Whales and Dolphins.

As people gather to consciously receive this activation, aligning themselves with the oceans of Earth, and drawing the rays of the sun into their pineal glands, the energy will be amplified. As we speak these words, you can feel already the love radiating from the whales and dolphins. They have been on Earth to radiate higher frequencies for the Earth as the energy that was being amplified by humanity was of a lower, fearful vibration for thousands of years. At this time, humanity is awakening and so many of you are consciously assisting in holding and amplifying higher vibrational energy.

So it is very powerful indeed to gather together and focus on this opening and transmission of energy. Tune in to the waters of the Earth and the water that is in your body, for as you know, water is a conductor of energy. That is why the Cetaceans have lived in the deep waters of the Earth and have amplified higher frequencies from other dimensions for Earth. As you participate in this resonance, you will feel the vibrational energies of this transmission within your body. This experience will help you to release any false beliefs you have about the nature of your true power and capabilities. And you can intend for this energy to release fear and any other lower vibrations you have been clearing. So there is much assistance for you at this time.

Light Body Activation

Yes and as your vibration increases you begin to expand into your Light body, which is an interdimensional crystalline matrix of sacred geometric forms of light. Each of you has a different, unique geometry, just like your fingerprints and just like your soul vibration. As your vibration increases you integrate your multidimensionality. So as you begin to become conscious in other dimensions, the DNA within your chemical structure that seems to be dormant will begin to go “online” as it were, being activated, lighting up. And this is when the fun begins! The feeling of love will be “in the air” and you will become powerful conscious creators. You will be able to create matter and bring to you that which you need by using kinetic abilities. Indeed, there are children who are able to do this now – to move things at will using focused intention. They do not have beliefs that keep them from being able to do this. Instead, they have the belief that they can do this. These children have been born with their Light Bodies intact. Most of humanity is going through the process of awakening their light bodies to remember who they are at the soul level.

Have courage and be strong of heart

We know this is a difficult time for many of you and that is affecting you at the fundamental level of finances. Much fear is brought up in this sector of experience. The worst case scenarios are played out in the minds of many over and over. We ask for those who read these words and do not have this experience to send love energy to all those who are in fear. You are all connected and often many are feeling the despair coming from people around the world. You can boost yourselves and support yourselves with love.

So, even if some feel as if their lives are falling apart, or that they don’t know what their next step is, please know that all is in Divine Order and you are right on time within your own experience. Again, we know it can be very difficult and discouraging, but change is renewal, it brings new opportunities as humanity moves into right relationship with themselves, their nature, the Earth, and their place in the cosmos.

You are deeply loved and you are never alone.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being




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