Soul Transitions Vibe Report September 2010

Managing Our Energy


As we continue to receive and integrate the high energetic frequencies, we are becoming more and more empathic and telepathic. This is part of our evolutionary process as our energetic vibrations increase. We are learning that we are all connected and there is strength in our connection – in our oneness. This connection can help us to consciously generate and amplify loving feelings of well-being. We are individuals and yet linked together through the Divine Source that flows through All That Is.

At some point in August I went through a week of fear and anxiety that I was going to lose my home. I did a lot of breathing and bringing myself back into the present moment and worked at cultivating a vibration of love and well being, but the feeling of despair was so persistent. And then a friend told me about the floods in Pakistan and I realized that there were thousands of people who were going through the actual experience of losing their homes. There are also many who are losing their homes due to financial strife and other earth changes. I realized that I was picking up on the energy that is moving through the aura of the Earth. I have been trying to make it a practice to send the energy of love and well-being back out into the world when I feel tension and anxiety. I’ve been hearing that a lot of people are feeling anxiety these days. This shows me how connected we are, and this connection is constantly increasing. The Vastness of Being will speak about this in their transmission below.

I find I’m dreaming again, after quite a while of not remembering my dreams. In many dreams I’m trying to find my way “home” – looking for my car or looking for the airport (I forgot I could fly!). I often find myself in a city or in places where there are a lot of people.

I recently dreamed I was at a beach – a popular beach on Long Island, New York, where I grew up. I was walking towards the ocean – the sky had gotten very dark and there were clouds raining down by the shore, and yet the beach was crowded with people. Suddenly I saw the tail of a large fish in the water and then I realized it was a huge dolphin playing in the waves. It was showing itself to all the people. It was smiling and diving and coming up and splashing its tail and it must have been about 20 or 30 feet long. I found myself thinking “I love you…” over and over again and I was radiating love out to the dolphin. Then I heard many other people saying “I love you” out loud. It was extraordinary and the energy was very high and I felt myself crying in a blissful state of love as all the people kept saying “I love you” over and over. Then the dolphin telepathically sent a message out to all of us… “WAKE UP!” is what the dolphin said. When I heard that I felt something open inside of my heart – a deeper knowing that we are one. These thoughts went through my mind: Stop competing with each other, stop caretaking each other, stop feeling guilty or needy or jealous…. Love ourselves, love one another…

A message from the Vastness of Being

It is with great love that we come to you at this time. We work with energy as well as words so as you read these words a transmission of love is flowing to you. You are poised at a turning point and are faced with stepping off into the unknown. You have been clearing what is not your truth for so long and you have come very far in your journey. Now, for some of you it may feel as if you are about to step off a cliff into the unknown and you wonder if you will find a place to land or a path. You may not be able to see the path from where you are, but it will appear as you follow the truth of your soul.

Change brings up fear for many. However, life is not about gathering stuff and packing it in all around you so that you are secure and “safe” and you stay put and don’t move. Your safety zone can easily become a prison — the uncomfortable comfort zone — where fear is still present. So you might gather more stuff to pile up around you while deep inside, your soul is calling for release, for freedom and your mind comes up with reason after reason to stay in the same place, not create change or make waves.

Within the human genetics there is the resonance of fear that comes from your ancestors. If you look at the history of humanity you will see that there have been many cataclysms, wars, disease, earthquakes, floods, famine, etc. You each carry memories of such occurrences within your genetic makeup. The events that are happening on earth at this present time are triggering these deep ancestral fears. And you are coming to know how connected you are to one another as an event plays out in one part of the world and people elsewhere feel the feelings that are being generated by the emotional and mental bodies of those involved. Humans are very powerful and the energy generated by groups has a strong resonance, whether it is energy that feels good or not. We have said many times that when you gather in groups and amplify the resonance of love, you are affecting the world, you are sending love out on the lines of light that connect you all to one another.

We come to tell you that all your hard work has been for a purpose. You have been following the promptings of codes of awakening which are key trigger points in your evolution. Trust yourself, allow the energy in your body to communicate to you through feelings. For some, messages may flow to you through dreams, others may feel a gentle inspiration to do something new. When you have an inspiration to do something you haven’t done before, go for it, it will expand you and bring in new energies, experiences and people. Where is your heart leading you? Trust the promptings and nudges that gently push you forward. Acknowledge the urge of inspiration when it flows to you. This will make you feel good and heighten your life force energy. You are being called into a deeper experience of life, called into service of some kind.

This message is for those of you who are in the river or are getting ready to jump into the river. There are many who are on the sidelines watching and there are many others who don’t even see the river. As above so below. The river we speak of is the flow of high vibrational energy that is filling the spaces between things within all of existence. The Earth is in the river, so is your sun and moon, in fact the entire solar system of Helios is within the river of energy that is pulsating from the center of the galaxy. This energy fills the vast spaces that exist between the tiniest particles of matter. This energy, this river is prompting what may feel very uncomfortable in many people – a feeling of a big change coming, or a need to make significant changes in your lives. It is the prompting of the soul. So it is as if you are looking at this river of energy, trying to decide whether you should jump in and allow it to take you up into its flow.

Many of you are in the river and flowing with it. Perhaps there is some struggle within the river from time to time as the flow surges and pulsates. Know that this is the life force energy and allow it to move through you, throughout your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy bodies. It is vitality and it will help wash away fear and anxiety.

The anxiety many are feeling is twofold, it has to do with an inner knowing that there’s something that needs to be addressed and acknowledged within you. Are there ideas and inspirations that you are ignoring? Is there a feeling that you need to make a change that you are not addressing?

And, as we have said, you are all telepathic and connected to one another through energetic lines of light that create a web of energy connecting each human to another. You are coming into learning of this through your energy bodies. Your emotional body is receiving feelings that are being transmitted by other humans and if there is a resonance within you that connects with those feelings, they will be activated within you.

In group gatherings, your energy bodies harmonize with one another and you can generate great and powerful energy. You have felt this at sporting events or musical concerts and in gatherings where meditation and healing is involved. This is your gift, your birthright and you are coming into your power. So that is why it is so important to manage your energy by becoming conscious of what you are resonating and amplifying out into your world, and becoming conscious of what you are receiving. This will show you aspects that are growing and expanding or aspects that may need clearing. This is also how you manifest experiences and it is becoming more and more clear to you because the ability to manifest is being experienced more quickly than ever before.

Now, there are many people who choose to close themselves off from this aspect of being human. They are the ones who say they don’t believe anything until they see it – they are the pragmatists and sometimes they may come off as being a bit arrogant and condescending. Most of you who read these words know and feel the vastness of your beings and have a sense that there is something stirring deep within you – a feeling that there is more, much more which exists beyond what you can see with your physical eyes. You are coming to know that there are false beliefs that you carry in your genetic makeup that keep you from seeing the truth of your being and the truth of humanity’s journey.

So this is stirring within you – the feeling that you are “not in Kansas anymore.” This unfamiliarity can also cause a buzz of anxiety, but please know that all is well, all is happening in Divine Timing and humanity has journeyed so far in a very short span of time – we are talking about the time span from the last world war until now – a great expansion of consciousness has occurred and is continuing.

There is also a worry regarding the future – a fear of economic collapse that is being felt around the world. We cannot tell you what is coming, for it is not decided upon. You are the powerful creators of your lives, living within the energies that are coming from the galactic center. You have individual choice, which gets amplified out and links with other individual’s choices, creating an energy that moves with or against the currents of high vibrational frequencies that are from Creator Source, through the galactic center.

We say over and over again, choose happiness. Choose love. Choose lightness of being. Staying in the moment of now is what is most helpful to you and will get you on the current of energy, on the beam of Light which is the Life Force Energy and the Love Force Energy. Ask for help to find the beam, ask for assistance from your guides, from us, and from the Archangels, and any of the Ascended Master teachers who you feel in harmony with. This beam of energy is the river we speak of. We also call it the River of Truth which is coming through in great force, clearing away all that is not truth. This is why you have been clearing yourselves so diligently for so long so that you can receive the greater energy from the River of Truth. You have been preparing yourself for this great time of awakening.

You are learning to surf the energy and it takes practice to find your way onto the beam. You do it in the moment of NOW and with the vibration of LOVE.

We feel jubilant to share this message with you!

We radiate to you much love, joy and peace.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being



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Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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