Transforming Fear into Love

Just about every morning when I first awaken, I feel despair tugging at my gut. I push it away, refusing it entry, saying “No, not today.” Then I get out of bed and begin my day. Sometimes, when the chaos of the world presses in, it feels like walking a razor’s edge between fear and panic and I’m balancing in the middle, focusing on the distance and breathing steady. I feel a strong determination to not allow the despair to pull me down. I have to be very careful about what I focus on.

There are many energies wafting around the earth. Some energies are thought form parasites looking to insert themselves in us to feed on our fear. When we are feeling and radiating any kind of persistent fear-based emotion, we draw these thought form parasites to us. Fear may bloom inside of you when you read these words, but it’s the persistency of the feeling that we need to pay attention to, and it is part of the Spiritual Warrior’s journey to be vigilant and to uncover our wounding and heal ourselves with love. We all have the power to shift fear into love through listening to ourselves, to our bodies and bringing forth forgiveness, compassion and allowing our own innocence to shine within.

I was walking in the woods a few days ago and found myself wondering if I’m being a “good enough” caregiver and steward to the nature here. I was feeling guilt over the fact that we covered a section of pathway that gets very wet and muddy in spring with sawdust last fall. It’s a place where clover grows in the summer and I’ve been gifted with a couple of four-leaf clovers there. So, I was feeling guilty about covering the clover. Suddenly I felt this nasty angry energy, it felt like an angry shrew, swirling around me saying that I didn’t deserve to live here and claiming to be of the fairy realm and saying that they will banish me from this property – I will lose everything – my home, my health, everything  because I deserve to be punished for my bungling. I was shocked at this, because when I walk in the woods, I allow my energy field to expand and connect with the trees and clovers, rocks and flowers and critters with so much love. So, when this happened, fear came up inside me along with guilt and I felt vulnerable and powerless. A thought form of unworthiness – the unworthiness of humanity - was trying to find places in my field to attach to and I felt the tug of this energy all around me, trying to torment me. I then began to bring love into my three energy centers - gut, heart and mind. I filled myself with love and then began to radiate it to the trees and rocks and all the creatures. I claimed love as my true essence. I began to sing in Light Language as I continued walking. I often do this as I wander in the woods. The angry voice and energy receded and a more grounded wisdom came forth and said that what I had just encountered is actually anger from so many people on Earth who deeply feel that Humanity is to blame for the state of the ecosystem on Earth and Humanity is unworthy of being here. But that is not true, in a deeper sense. There has been a dark influence here and it has enslaved Humanity and manipulated Humanity for thousands of years. We have been on a kind of treadmill, giving our energy to the status quo, which is harmful to us, trapping us in the “matrix” of disempowerment. Most people don’t realize the extent of this manipulation. This dark force has always been working to separate us from nature – our nature within and the nature of the Earth. That is why we have been so out of balance for so long. Our bodies are an ecosystem and so is the Earth  and we have the ability to live in harmony with one another and Earth.

For me, this experience was a cleansing that began with a feeling of guilt. When I claimed love instead of fear, everything softened. We are at a crossroads where many paths come together. We have so many probabilities to choose from. Where do we want to go? What do we want to create together? We have choices. This moment of reset is an opportunity for all of us to do our personal work to release the lies that have been manipulating us and instead find the pathway through love that leads to loving and respecting ourselves.

We have been influenced by centuries of religious teachings that tell us we are unworthy of God’s love. Versions of this have been handed down, like a polluted river of energy through our ancestral lineage and through our Soul’s experiences in other timelines here. For me, I see the only way to move out of this is to find the path of love within us. The Earth loves us and wants to feed us and heal us. We have assistance from non-physical helpers, such as spirit guides, angels and inter-galactic soul family beings, but the true strength comes from within us. We have cleared so many non-loving thought forms and beliefs that were part of our great wound. Our wounds are receptors for fear manipulation. Now is the time to be awake and to really pay attention to what we’re feeling and what is motivating us.

As we undergo this world-wide stopping of what was “normal” life, we are looking at how the ways we have lived within the system of this civilization goes against our nature. Now, as things begin to open up again, we need to find a new way of living here. Many are realizing that we have been over-scheduling ourselves, over-consuming, and driving way more than we need to in every way – in our vehicles – and in the vehicles of our bodies.

A Message from Wisdom of Source

Practice your connection with Source throughout your day. There are many ways to do this. You can feel Source as your life force energy flowing within you. You can bring the source light in through your energy centres and fill yourself with this vital life force essence. You fill it with love, you imbue it with love. That is always your choice. You can imbue it with fear and then you open up to thought forms that tell stories of fear and tease more fear out of you. It is always your choice. Many people are choosing the fear scenarios because that is what they are familiar with. Just look at all the entertainments people watch, constantly feeding themselves with violence and fear. We understand there are also many stories of heroic journeys that uplift you and help you to embody the feeling of overcoming oppression and so it is always a matter of personal discernment regarding the entertainments you choose. Just know that you are opening your field up to energies and thought forms that stay in your field through the entertainments you ingest. Until you clear them, that is.

We will say this: the frequency you resonate with brings in thought forms, whether it is love or fear. We feel you are all too familiar with the fear thought forms. The buzz of adrenaline related to fear is an addiction. The love thought forms and frequencies are not parasitic. The love frequency is that of appreciation and creativity. Inspiration. To inspire is to breathe. Creative inspiration helps Humanity to evolve, to come up with new ways of living with one another and living with your Earth Mother. You are all in a pause as the old, unsustainable way of living transforms into a new way of being and living together as soul embodied Human Beings. This is a great evolutionary step for Humanity.

There are so many probable realities all around you right now. Some have already been written about, such as 1984 and Brave New World, which are scenarios of a disempowered, fearful Humanity being controlled by dark overlords. These are not the only options in the land of probabilities before you. As each of you make new choices that serve and expand your happiness and creativity, you send that resonance out into the field of Human consciousness. You are all connected, you feel each other’s feelings. When one has a breakthrough of awakening, many others have it, too. Make your choices consciously and you will collectively usher in a new paradigm based in love 

There are so many beautiful stories of Human Beings helping one another at this time. Compassion is inherent in human nature. We can turn our focus on the beauty within ourselves and our brother and sister humans. We are good, loving and kind. And those who are not able to be this way are deeply wounded. We cannot do anything for anyone else, but we can take good care of ourselves and interact with one another with kindness.

Yesterday, while walking on the sawdust path, I noticed some clovers growing up through the sawdust. An Earth message came to me saying that the sawdust is nourishing to the soil and a good base to absorb the water in the spring and the clovers will grow up through it and all is well. Something to note – messages from truth are often subtle, always gentle and loving.


VAARRR 26th May 2020 12:26 am

want to say we have to change in humanity, (not fear)", need to add a new model of joy, entertainment, to be in harmony, do not disturb others, change attitudes to receive funds.......


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Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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