A tsunami warning has sounded

It has been an interesting week, and as you receive this I am still on the Big Island in Hawaii, preparing to deliver the keynote speech at a major inter-island event here on Saturday night.

We have been in this astonishingly beautiful state since February 18, and last Saturday were awakened at 6 a.m. with civil defense sirens blaring and the hotel p.a. system carrying this ominous words: "This is the duty manager speaking. A tsunami warning has sounded and all guests are asked to evacuate the hotel immediately and move to higher ground. Please leave your luggage behind and take only a few personal possessions. This is not a test. This is an actual alert. Please evacuate the hotel NOW. Do not panic or become alarmed. We have been informed that the first wave is not going to hit until 11 a.m. There is plenty of time to move to higher ground. If you do not have transportation, transportation will be provided."

We were never in any immediate danger, and I don't want to paint a picture that suggests we were, but it was an eerie feeling to be aroused out of a deep sleep like that, and there were some faster heartbeats as Em and I jumped up, dressed an quickly as we could, gathered our few things ("Make sure you have cash!" "Got it! Did you fill the water bottle?" etc.), and made our way to the lobby.

Most of the people there were waiting for buses, which eventually carried them to safe holding places, like church halls and school gymnasiums. We were among the lucky ones who got picked up by "locals" and taken to private homes high in the hills. In our case, the sponsors of this weekend's event sent a representative, who took us to his home, 700 feet above sea level, where he and his wonderful wife graciously offered us shelter, breakfast, lunch, and good conversation while we awaited the first wave, predicted to be anywhere between 8 and 12 feet.

As you must know by now from news reports, Hawai`i sidestepped any real incident, the waves dissipating before they got here, with the highest being about 3 feet, and actually being greater in Japan---although even there the effect was relatively minor.

All of this was because of the massive 8.8 earthquake in Chili, of course---one of the biggest quakes ever recorded in the history of such records. And so again we see tremendous loss of life (although not nearly as devastating as in Haiti in January) and the deep anguish that accompanies that...and we see, again, a planet in geophysical turmoil.

Some experts are telling us that we are going to be seeing more and more of these kinds of environmental disruptions in the months and years ahead, leading me to think that the wonderful information in the latest book in the Conversations with God cosmology---When Everything Changes, Change Everything---has come to us not a moment too soon.

If you have not had a chance to see this book, have not yet read it, I do hope that you will do so now. It observes that if we are to get through this time of turmoil---political and economical and well as geophysical---we are going to have to "change everything" about the way we hold life, about the way we think about God, and about how we see ourselves in relationship to each other and even to ourselves.

The book explains in detail the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul, and offers a remarkable combination of modern psychology and contemporary spirituality in what it calls The WECCE Technology. ("WECCE" is an acronym for When Everything Changes, Change Everything) This is, essentially, a new way of approaching life that can dramatically change the way change is affecting you.

As for my experience with the tsunami-that-never-was, I want to share with you that it placed before me, up close and personal, the truth of our own mortality. Life can be taken away from us on a moment's notice, and I hold with deep sadness in my heart the news of those who died, suddenly and without warning, as a result of the earthquake in Chili. I also hold each new moment that my own life brings me as an incredible and continuing Gift from this Universe; a pure treasure from God. I am grateful beyond words, and I truly hope to use every new minute I am given in this life to give a gift back to the people in my life and the people in our world.

Thank you, God, thank you, God, thank you, God for this wonderful day, this wonderful hour, this wonderful experience that I am calling my life! Grant that I may offer in each nano-second a gift to life itself through the way I am living it.

Love and Hugs,



LadyLu 7th March 2010 8:19 pm

Thank you Neale for sharing your experience. Yes, it would be eerie to sit and wait many hours for a potential wipeout.

Know that there were thousands of people who intended and sent energy that the big wave swell would be absorbed by the ocean before it had a chance to hit land, and to NOT pick up momentum as it travelled towards Hawaaii and Japan etc... We just intended that the best interests of the planet AND the life thereon would be served.

This apparently was acceptable with the elemental intelligences.


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