Awareness Is "Conscious Noticing"

Difficult as it may be for most of us to believe, we are already at the end of Week 1 of the New Year. Just 51 weeks left and we'll be right back where we were last week--at the end of another cycle. Later in this Bulletin I will offer my reflection on what I was thinking last Saturday night, New Year's Eve, as the clock struck 12, and an idea that came to me on Sunday morning as I crawled out of bed and into the New Year for good.

For now, in this opening note to all of you, we continue our exploration of The Holy Experience--which we have been examining now for several months. As I noted last week, personal and societal transformation is arduous. It is immensely challenging. It is not work for the feint of heart or the weak-spirited. It is work for the strong and the courageous. And it is the last step in having the Holy Experience.

The next step is declaring that one is going to do just that.

The fourth step in creating the Holy Experience is declaring that you are having it.

Declaration is the most powerful fuel in the engine of manifestation. It is about "speaking your word." The three Tools of Creation are Thought, Word, and Deed, and declaration is the second and third tool combined.

Declaring that you are having the Holy Experience requires, of course, that you are aware that you are having it. You must be aware that every moment of your life is Holy.

The Secret of Awareness

Awareness is one of the most important experiences that I could ever give my Self during the time that I'm here, living upon the Earth.

To be aware, it seems to me, is to be alive in the extreme. It is to live in Completion every moment. Or, as wonderful science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein put it, it is to "grok in fullness."

Awareness is a Quality of Being. It arises out of a decision that we, and only we, can make a very conscious decision to open our Selves to the wonder and the glory and the beauty of Life. Also, to the sadness and the hurt and the darkness.

When one decides to become Aware, one is choosing to be deeply committed to observing, and consciously noticing, the Totality of Every Single Moment.

That's an interesting phrase, isn't it? Conscious Noticing.

Awareness is not merely observing, but noticing at a very high level of consciousness exactly what is happening and exactly what is "so"... Right Here, Right Now.

Recently I was walking down the street with a friend and I looked at one of the trees that we were passing on our city street. "Wow, look at that!" I exclaimed. "Isn't it just beautiful the way that tree just sort of hugs that building over there?" My friend hadn't even noticed, until I mentioned it. "That's what I like about you," she said. "You see everything."

Well, I'm not sure that I see everything, but I do try to see as much as I possibly can of what is going on around me. Wouldn't it be great if we all did? Someone once said that "enlightenment" is nothing more than paying attention.

One thing I don't see as well as I wished I did is myself. I'm not always aware of the way I'm moving through the world, and how that is impacting and affecting others.
So I think that Awareness is not just noticing what's going on around you, but what's going on within you as well. And, what is going on within others.

Of course, we can't always know that, and this is nothing to be playing guessing games with, so one thing we might do if we're unclear about such an important matter...and yes, what is going on within others IS an important thing we might do is to check in with them, and simply ask.

At the very least, this shows that you are totally present and care genuinely about them and about how things are with them and about how you are impacting them. This is another way of saying "I love you," and it feels very good on the other side of the room, I can tell you. I'm not sure that we spend enough time checking in with each other.

Next week we'll continue our look at The Holy Experience as we dive more deeply into 2012. I hope and trust that you had a wonderful New Year's Day. Now, for a look at what I was ruminating over last Sunday, see the article below!

Hugs and love,




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