Can we even imagine the truth about God?

On this day I would like to invite you to consider something quite remarkable. I would like you to consider the possibility that most of the world’s people hold an inaccurate belief about God.

Consider the possibility that the truth about God is something that most people can’t even imagine.

For instance, wouldn’t it be interesting if there was no such thing as the Will of God? Wouldn’t that change a lot of things?

Do you think that it’s God’s Will that the world is the way it is? And if it’s not God’s Will, is God powerless to do anything about it? And if God is not powerless to do anything about it, why isn’t God doing something about it? And if God is doing something about it, why isn’t God succeeding?

Some say it’s because humanity isn’t letting Him. Humanity is standing in the way of God getting What God Wants. Actually, more than a few people believe this. According to this doctrine, God is unable to achieve What God Wants, and humanity is at fault. Yet unless there is something that humans don’t understand about who and what God is, isn’t there a breakdown in logic somewhere?

Perhaps here is where Satan comes in. It’s as good a place as any, and it’s a convenient place for sure. Perhaps this whole business is all part of God’s battle with Satan for men’s souls.

Perhaps it’s God Herself (or is it Himself?) who allows things to happen that are against God’s Will, in order for the struggle with Satan to be played out. Yet if that is true, then it’s God’s Will that God’s Will be violated…in which case God’s Will is not being violated at all.

Could it be that God’s Will is always being expressed, simply in differing form?

So what, then, IS God’s Will? And how can we know it?

Here we go again. How can human beings know What God Wants?

Perhaps it’s time for a more pointed question. Do you think it’s possible that we’re simply making this all up? At the very least, do you think it’s possible that there’s something we don’t understand about God, the understanding of which could change everything?


Bob 28th July 2011 10:44 pm

Very good. Where logic fails is usually where we are told that we: "Must have faith" by the established religions. Right. Of course. Have faith and follow the herd. Don't think, just accept.

Ah well. Keep up the good work, Neale. It may take another 1000 years to finally catch on, but it's well worth trying.


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