Disappearing 'Revenge'

Movement into the Holy Experience can be a matter of will, not just a matter of luck. It is something that can occur spontaneously, yes, but it can also occur intentionally.

We do not have to wait for the Holy Experience to fall upon us like some magic rain from a mystical heaven. We can cause the Holy Experience to be a part of our own daily encounter with life, part of our own daily experience of our Most Holy Selves, part of our daily expression of Divinity Itself.

What I'm saying here is that the Holy Experience can be created as well as awaited. I have said this before, earlier in this text. As with many of the other points I have made, I am repeating it here for emphasis. That little bit of poetry is something that we might beneficially put to memory, so let me repeat it: The Holy Experience can be created as well as awaited.

When we choose to create it as an active demonstration of our will when we look into the face of humanity every day, we understand how the Holy Experience relates to the human experience called "family."

Of course, we could not begin to see all the human beings as members of our own family unless we could begin to forgive all other human beings for what we imagined them to have done to us. Forgiveness is essential to the experience of family.

Now the New Spirituality teaches that forgiveness is never necessary. It tells us that God never forgives us for anything, because God finds nothing in our behavior for which we have to be forgiven. This is because God can neither be damaged nor destroyed, nor hurt in any way whatsoever. Since God is incapable of being hurt, God is incapable of being vengeful. For what would God seek vengeance?

When all human beings see themselves as expressions of the Divine, all human beings will also understand themselves to be impervious to hurt or damage. They then, too, will find themselves incapable of being vengeful. For what would they seek vengeance? What reason would they have to yearn for revenge when they have never been in any way injured?

The idea of revenge disappears when the idea of our injury is dissolved. And the idea of our injury is dissolved when the idea of our own divinity is embraced. This is the threshold of a new way of being human. This is the borderline between the New Spirituality and the old way of experiencing ourselves and God.

And we will continue this discussion in our next issue.

Hugs and love,



Jo M 22nd June 2012 1:23 pm

Brilliant, as usual !

Mik 22nd June 2012 9:07 pm

Thank you Neale,,,,gratitude is the attitude,,,

Blessings,,for so much for so many,,,

But what of the plumbers,,,,lol


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