Does God Want Us To Have Pain?

My dear friends,

To begin with, God doesn’t “want us” to experience pain. God doesn’t “want” anything. God experiences GodSelf through us, and knows GodSelf anew in that way. God does not come from “wanting-ness,” but from Total “Havingness.”

So it is an inaccurate assessment to say that God “wants” us to experience pain. This is more than just a semantics dance, however. I believe the distinction to be important, because if we think that God wants us to have painful experiences, we are forced to believe in a God who makes no sense at all. (This, by the way, is the God in which most organized religions want us to believe.)

So we now can hold as true an image of a God who does not “want” us to have painful experiences, any more than He/She “wants” us to avoid them. God has no preference in the matter one way or the other. God’s process, if you will, is to simply allow us to create anything we choose. And everything which comes to us—everything—we are choosing.

That is difficult for some of us to believe, I know. We find it easier to believe that God is bringing us these horrible experiences. You need to get the irony here. Unable to believe that we would do this to ourselves, we’ve accepted far more easily the thought that God is doing this to us.

Extraordinary. Yet I have been assured by God that it is precisely the other way around. We bring upon ourselves every thought, every word, every experience. Now, as to why…

The human soul is eternal. It is on a journey of unending joy, celebrating every aspect of life that exists, allowing itself to notice and to create, to experience and to fulfill, Who It Really Is.

CwG, Book 1 is quite clear in explaining “why bad things happen to good people.” In order for the soul to know and experience itself as any particular thing, the exact opposite of that thing must come into the space. This is why, the moment you decide a thing about yourself—anything at all—its exact opposite must exist in the Universe and will come into your life, if it supports the soul’s growth to experience it,

For in this relative existence we are experiencing, hot cannot be hot without cold, tall cannot be tall without short, and you cannot be you without that which is not you. I am giving you a very short, very quick, answer here to a very large question. Re-read CwG, Book 1 if you need to, in order to capture this understanding more fully.

Masters know and understand all of this, which is why masters never complain in the face of extraordinary difficulty, but rather, bless their persecutors, and all circumstances and conditions which assail them. Masters know and understand that every person, place or thing in their lives has been placed there by them, that they have drawn themselves to the right and perfect experiences, in order that they might know Who They Really Are.

Masters also understand that none of us are doing this dance alone, that all of us are in this together, that all souls have full understanding of what is happening, and that we, as partners in the dance of life, join together in our present forgetfulness, some of us playing the part of “victims,” some as “villains,” that we might create and fulfill our soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Read again the story in CwG, Book 1 about “The Little Soul and the Sun.”

Now Jesus understood all of this, which is why he looked at his crucifiers and said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He understood that those other souls literally did not know what they were doing. That is, they had forgotten who they really were. And they had done so quite deliberately, in order that they might “play the villain” this time around. And, in the moment of their greatest villainy, they are depending upon you to remember Who They Really Are. In so doing, you heal them of their false thought about themselves, the thought that allowed them to act in this way in the first place, and thus, provide you with an opportunity to know and to experience Who You Choose to Be.

No one has ever come to you—no one—without a gift for you in his hands. This reality is described in heart-touching detail In CwG, Book 2, in which God said to me: “I have sent you nothing but angels.”

No, God does not “care” what we experience; not in the sense that She has any preference in the matter. God simply watches us experience our selves in a particular way, and invites us (and give us all the power) to choose again.

However, God is not saying, that “the purpose of life is to experience things.” God says in the book that the purpose of life is to create and to experience Who We Really Are, and that we are deciding and choosing that, every moment of every day with every thought, word and action.

God also advises us not to judge the experience of another, including very small children who seem to be suffering inordinately, or may have been born with a physical or mental challenge, or whatever. It is natural for us to feel sadness, to feel anger, to run through all sorts of emotions about these seeming injustices, even to become bitter, raising our fist to the heavens.

Yet God says, “Judge not, for you do not know the journey upon which the soul of another has embarked.” God also says that in the moment of greatest darkness, “Raise not your voice in condemnation, but rather, be a light unto the darkness, and curse it not.”

With Love,




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