How Has Your Year Been So Far?

Neale is in Europe making many appearances and has not had the time to update the articles he has been writing. Hopefully soon we can complete his series. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful suggestion…

My dear Friends,

Has your year been, so far, what you’d expected? If so, good for you! If not, why not? Could it have been that you were not very clear as to your intentions? CwG says that “life proceeds out of our intentions for it.” When this year began, did you get to a place of absolute clarity about what you intended for it? Are you at clarity now?

This is a good time to check in, to make an assessment, to see how things are going—and to renew your intentions for the rest of the year, because another year will be here before you know it. Another year will have passed. Will you be any closer to your life’s dream? Will you be any nearer to the realization of your life’s vision?

Sit down now and make a statement of that dream and that vision. You may want to do so in writing. Make a declaration of what it is you choose. And be careful not to get into too much “doingness.” Allow your choices to be declarations of “beingness,” for all of life exists as an opportunity for you to experience being Who You Really Are. And Who You Are, as I have said many times, has nothing to do with what you are doing. Many of you are still caught up in doingness. You imagine that happiness will come from something you are doing. Yet happiness of any real variety can only spring from beingness. It is what you are being that matters to your soul. For the soul is beingness, at the highest level.

So decide what it is you are trying to be. Are you trying to be “happy”? Are you hoping to be “secure?” Are you seeking to be “peaceful?” Is it your desire to be “loving?” Get clear about your intention, then move into every moment of Now prepared to fill that moment with your intention in action. “Do” nothing which does not match your intention; does not vibrate in harmony with it.

When you come from your intention, you will find that certain behaviors will tend to drop away. Your life will see a shift, a major movement, a leap into consciousness at the next level. And that is what this, your present lifetime, is all about. Moving to the next level.



FresnoHye 6th June 2016 1:17 pm

Thank you.


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