How to be God-like

One of the questions I am asked by people such as yourself--people who are genuinely embarking on a spiritual path--is: How can I be God-like? What is it like to be Divine? I'm going to answer that question today, with what God told me. You see, I asked Her the same question. And fortunately for all of us, He answered.

Divinity, God said, seeks nothing for Itself. Human beings will find it difficult to seek nothing for themselves so long as they imagine themselves to be human. That is because humans imagine themselves to have needs. Divinity does not. Divinity has no such thought about Itself. (Nor any such thought about you, either.)

So in order for Humanity to seek nothing for itself, humans must understand themselves to be Divine. They must understand that Humanity is not separate from the Divine, but IS divided from the Divine. This sometimes helps people wrap their minds around the concept of our Oneness with Divinity.

Many folks have a very difficult time seeing themselves as Divine. Yet if you tell them that they are part of that which is Divine, many people can go there. They can hang out in that place. They can embrace the concept. Partial magnificence is acceptable, total magnificence is not.

So we might say, for our purposes here, that Humanity is a Division of the Divine. That Which Is Divine created many divisions of Itself, and one of those divisions is called Humanity.

Even as a large company or corporation may have a division here and a division there without any of those divisions being in any sense separate from, or other than, the whole, so, too, does the Divine have a division here and a division there without any of those divisions being in any sense separate from, or other than, The Whole.

It is possible to be a division of something without being separated from it. That's an important concept for you to grasp if you are to have the Holy Experience. Please let me say it again. I said...

"It is possible to be a division of something without being separated from it." Think about that for a minute. Hold that concept in your mind.
Humanity, as a Division of Divinity, is neither separate from, nor other than, The Whole.

This is the one thing that most of Humanity has not understood. This is the one thing that most of Humanity's religions have not taught. In fact, most of those religions have taught exactly the opposite. They have taught that Humanity IS Separate from Divinity.

Some have called this separation The Fall of Man, and in that description they are correct. The idea of Humanity's separation from Divinity has been humanity's downfall.

Hugs and Love,



LauriLumby 14th December 2011 6:00 pm

I believe that to be "God-like" all we need to do is to remember the love that we are, then act accordingly.

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

LordJesusChrist 15th December 2011 4:57 am

The Good Force be with you!
To be Divine is to be God-like and the way to be God-like is invoking the presence of Archangel Michael who is like God! With Saint Michael, the Great Prince of the Archangels, we are saved on 2012 and beyond as stated on Daniel 12: 1-3.
Live forever and prosper! :)
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:

Sister111 15th December 2011 9:11 am

"In the beginning was the Word..."

johneblums 15th December 2011 7:47 pm

This rhetorical question has the most simple and eternal answer : "WE ARE GOD-LIKE" without even trying. From the Beginning God said to me "Just Be Yourself". To understand this, we are an eternal holy spirit trinitised entity with our twin flames, at the GOD-DESS TRINITY LEVEL.

Every physical life or incarnation we experience on earth as a soul fragment of our spirit-self, is just like a 'single grain' in a long beach of sand that represents the infinite myriad aspects of divinity as well as our spirit selves.The greatness of ones’ trinty spirit-self is forever greater than the sum of its individual incarnate soul experiences, whether on earth or in our dimensions below the dimension-plane of the androgeny aspect of God-dess and ourselves.

Each soul-life of spirit is a carefully pre-planned event with certain destined paths and purposes. So therefore 'We Just Are' = “I Am” another experience of God-dess’ creations. When we have gained this understanding over aeons of time we finally meet God-dess and also re-unite with our twin flame aspects,while incarnate. This I have achieved!

k 15th December 2011 9:46 pm

Oh please...How to be God defined by a man who really has set himself up to be the voice of God. To be God like is to just be yourself, know yourself, love yourself, all the dents, marks, wild hairs, everyting. There is no set set mould...any one who would teach that there is a way to be God like, is full of dogma and full of shit.

k 16th December 2011 3:27 pm

It is amazing how little man values his SOUL. He sells it so cheap, because he can only see this world, he is so ignorant, this world is all man can see. Values....go for a dime a dozen in this world,,,,how much does integrity go for these days, not much..Man has sold his soul....and he does not even realize it. Man is cursed because he will not look beyond the fear of this world, the desires, the hopes,. all he can see is this temproary existance that can end at any moment...and were will your soul be then?

k 16th December 2011 3:30 pm

Mr Walsh...sorry...but you are not the voice of God and what is do not have no idea...and God will punish you most of all for the deception you have ushered into this world. It is one thing to be ignorant, but another to deceive the ignorant.


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