Piecing Life’s Puzzle Together

My dear friends...

We took at look in this space last week at Visualization as a tool in creating The Holy Experience. I would like to continue that exploration here today, by examining the concept of “visualization” from an entirely different perspective...

In recent years we have been hearing a great deal from medical science about “undifferentiated stem cells.” These are human cells that have not taken on any particular form. Ultimately the body “coaxes” them, through a biochemical process, to take on particular and specific forms—brain cells, heart muscle cells, liver cells, the cells of hair follicles...whatever.

Medical science is now finding ways to (a) harvest undifferentiated cells—so called “stem cells”—from the human body (as found, for instance, in the thrown-away umbilical fluids of newborns) and (b) “coax” them outside the body into forming themselves into cells of any body organ or part that is desired. In this way, doctors of tomorrow hope to be able to cultivate, and then inject into body parts that are damaged, healthy cells that will allow damaged organs to regenerate themselves in whole and healthy form. We are not that far away from this kind of Regenerative Medicine.

I have been made to understand that the raw energy of Life, in its sub molecular form, is analogous at the micro level to this process at the human cellular level. Energy in its purest form is simply undifferentiated submolecular matter that has not yet been “coaxed” into taking on specific characteristics and joining with other submolecular matter to take the shape of something in particular that we call a physical manifestation.

Yet this sounds a great deal like actual “creation” in the true understanding of the word, and not simply “remembering” what always was, is now, and always will be. So I asked God about this, and what I got was a remarkably clear and incisive answer.

That which always was, is now, and always will be exists in the Ever Moment of Here/Now very much like pieces of a puzzle that have been dumped from a box and are now lying on a table. The whole picture of what IS, is there, always and forever—but those pieces (or elements of energy) have to be connected in a certain way for a particular picture to emerge.

What causes the pieces of the Cosmic Puzzle to coagulate in this way is the attracting power of energy focused in a magnetic way, through the device that you and I would call “attention.” Your attention sets the pattern, pulling together from the cosmic soup the elements of the “puzzle” that are always there, but may not be seen from your perspective in a way that forms a particular pattern.

Brain waves are emitted from our Mind the moment that we conceive of a thing. Those brain waves—waves of raw energy oscillating at a particular frequency—attract like energy as would a magnetic, and soon a pattern emerges in your Mind.

And so we are not actually creating something, but we are, by focusing on what is always there, producing a pattern of energy vibration that allows us to see in a recognizable form what is always there—like looking at the same puzzle pieces that were always on the table, but now in a pattern that connects them in a specific way.

Does this make sense? I have tried to explain the process of Visualization in a way that every one of us can understand. Next week, let’s take a look at how you can use this tool in every day life

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