The Journey to Awareness - Part II

Last week I made the observation that most people live from the outside in, rather than from the inside out. In this, they are living life as a reaction rather than as a creation. This explains why people experience the same challenges over and over again in relationship, in occupations, in health, in parenting, in spiritual development, and in all areas of life.

Only those who have learned to Go Within and to live an exterior circumstance as an interior event have found a way to break their life patterns. "Going within" is what I call a Journey to Awareness. It is a journey to the center of our being; it is a walking away from the exterior phenomena of life (almost an ignoring of them) in preference to the interior experience that you are directing and creating.

How to Get There

The movement to the center of our being is easier made than most people imagine. It is accomplished by shifting from Thinking to Feeling.

Conversations with God famously said, "Feelings are the language of the Soul," and the idea is to get out of our head about things and into our Soul.

This is done, by Masters, on a moment-to-moment, event-by-event basis. That is, in the very instant that anything occurs in the Outside World, the Master goes within to feel the way she wishes to feel about it.

Did you hear that? That was a very important sentence just there. I want you to re-read it. I said that: "In the very instant that anything occurs in the Outside World, the Master goes within to feel the way he wishes to feel about it."

You feel the way to wish to feel — and most people think it is the other way around: that you feel the way you feel, whether you wish to or not. They speak about being "overcome" by their feelings. Yet Conversations with God tells us that all feelings are chosen.

Could this be true? That question is where we'll pick up next week...

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