The Journey to Awareness - Part III

Hello, Everyone...

We have been discussing here the movement from the Mind to the Soul as you live your life, and last week, in Part II of this exploration, I said:

"In the very instant that anything occurs in the Outside World, the Master goes within to feel the way he wishes to feel about it."

You feel the way you wish to feel — and most people think it is the other way around: that you feel the way you feel, whether you wish to or not. They speak about being "overcome" by their feelings. Yet Conversations with God tells us that all feelings are chosen. 

Could this be true? 

It is, indeed. Feelings are chosen by the Soul, however, not by the Mind. And so if we are not listening to our Soul, we will not hear the voice of our Soul, and so will not know the choice of our Soul.

We will listen to the voice of our Mind, and we will react, saying: "I can't help it. That's just the way I feel."

In this, we will have confused feeling with emotion. These are not the same thing. Emotion is based on your thought. Feeling is based on your truth. Emotion is a product of the Mind. Feeling emerges from your True Identity.

Emotions are chosen by the Mind. Feelings are chosen by the Soul.

      •Most of the time you deny your innermost, tender feelings.

      •Your True Identity is something you decide, not something you discover.

      •When you do this, your whole life changes.

You will then replace compassion with anger, understanding with frustration, helpfulness with haplessness, forgiveness with resentment, giving with getting — and love with fear. As you do this, your whole life will take on a new facade, almost as if you were wearing a mask. You may even find yourself looking in the mirror and asking, "Who is this person?" You will have succumbed to the experience of being so angry or so sad or so resentful or so depressed... that you won't even know who you are anymore.

Yet if you have decided Who You Are ahead of time, in advance of anything occurring in your Outside World, your Being will replace your Mind's anger with your Soul's compassion, your Mind's frustration with your Soul's understanding, your Mind's haplessness with your Soul's helpfulness, your Mind's resentment with your Soul's forgiveness, your Mind's need to get with your Soul's desire to give, and your Mind's fear with your Soul's love. In this blessed moment your life will be transformed.

You will say, "Once I was lost, but now I am found." And it will be, indeed, an Amazing Grace.

To achieve this breathtaking transformation you must know one thing. Your True Identity is not something that you discover, it is something you decide. When Decisions replace Discoveries, you will have moved from Student to Master in the Journey to Awareness.

Love and Hugs,



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