The most important series of articles you may ever read. (Part 2)

My dear friends...

What are the most wonderful ideas you ever had about life, about yourself, about death, and about God? I invite you to make a list of them, just as I made and shared last week.

Now look at your ideas and look at mine. Are there major differences here? I am wondering where (if anywhere) we agree. With regard to our ideas about LIFE, can we agree that...

It is an experience with a purpose greater than mere survival? Everything that is occurring, both in our individual lives and in our collective experience, is serving that purpose perfectly? Our experience of life is controllable to a much larger degree than we might imagine? Every event brings us benefit in some form? It is not required for life to include suffering? There is more going on here than meets the eye?

I should like to share with you here my reasons for these being my most wonderful ideas about Life. My understandings regarding these things come directly from my experience of the dialogue found in the Conversations with God series of books.

The reason I believe that Life is an experience with a purpose greater than mere survival is that I have been told in that dialogue that our survival is not in question. I have been told that the Essence of Who We Are survives the experience that we call “death.” Indeed, I have been told that we exist forever, and even forevermore. Further, I have been told that we have always existed. We didn’t begin our existence with our birth in this lifetime. We “always were, are now, and always will be,” to use the words of CWG.

If this is true, then clearly our day-to-day purpose, our intention, our motive and our aspiration must have to do with something far greater than simple survival. There must be another reason that we, as eternally existing entities, have found ourselves now experiencing and expressing ourselves in not eternally existing physical bodies. What are we doing here? Why and how did we come here? Does any of this have to do with what happens after we leave here?

Of course, if we are not eternally existing entities — if our existence begins and ends with our birth and death here on Earth — all of the above questions go away. They have no relevance at all.

Many people believe the second half of what I call the Eternal Life Equation. That is, they believe that we have not always existed, but that our existence began with our birth into this present physical experience. They do believe, however, that our existence continues after this present physical experience, as non-physical entities eternally. They also believe that how that existence continues eternally — as an experience of wondrous joy or an experience of sheer agony — does, in fact, depend, fully and completely, on what we did or did not do, believed or did not believe, while on Earth. In other words, we “found” ourselves here, more or less against our will, having had nothing to do with our arrival (how could we, if we did not exist before our arrival?), but having everything to do now with what happens after our departure.

These beliefs are the underpinnings of most of the world’s major religions.

Many other people believe neither half of the Eternal Life Equation. They neither believe that we have always existed, nor that we shall always exist eternally in the future. They believe that their life in physical form is simply a biological incident, the result of certain and particular chemical interactions and reactions, and that life in physical form ends with the termination of those chemical interactions and reactions. They believe that at the time of what they call “death,” they simply cease to exist.

A third group believes as I do. Namely, that we “were” before this present physical existence, and that we “will be” after this existence, with our self-consciousness and self-awareness and sense of a particular identity intact. They also believe that their eternal existence has nothing to do with Reward or Punishment, and therefore would never be one of agony, but simply an experience of the peaceful and serene knowing of Who and What They Really Are, with the ever expanding experience of this through continuing physical manifestations of the individuated expression of the Essential Essence that Oneself is.

This group believes, as I do, that we are sentient beings who did not “find” ourselves here against our will, as it were, but who came here quite on purpose, manifesting in physicality with a particular and specific purpose — identical for all of us, but singular in each of us, according to our individuated modes of expression (even as two musicians might play the same composition in entirely different ways).

The information given me in Conversations with God is that we each live multiple and endless “lifetimes” (that is, expressions of the Essential Essence in visible, or what we call “physical,” form), for the purpose of using each such incarnation to announce and declare, express and fulfill, experience and become the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

In short, the purpose of our life, CWG told me, is to evolve. My understanding is that we are Divinity expressing more and more of what It is, and using “physicality” to demonstrate and experience this. We are, individually, in no way separate from The Whole, any more than a wave is separate from the ocean, but always and forever an expression of it, receding back into it after each expression, arising once more from it to manifest anew.

Love and Hugs,




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