The Pinnacle Questions

My dear friends...

I am in Canada this week, on Cortez Island, at Hollyhock Retreat Center, for a small-group event to share the messages of Conversations with God. As I sit here on the plane to Vancouver, British Columbia I find myself looking closely at the question: Why am I going off to talk to a handful of people again? What is the point of this?_decode_entities("", "lt", "<", $newtable, $exclude)--break-_decode_entities("", "gt", ">", $newtable, $exclude)

I keep thinking that if I reach enough people before I die the world will sooner or later reach Critical Mass in the number of folks who understand what I have come to understand: that the only way we are going to heal our world...and I might even say, save our by changing our Cultural Story about Who We Are, why we are here, our Right Relationship with our fellow humans, Who and What God is, and our True Relationship with the Divine.

Every human ill can be traced to misunderstandings around those five questions. I call these the Pinnacle Questions, because the answers to these questions determine not only how we see our world, but how we experience it; and not only how we experience it, but how we create it.

Right now we are creating our Collective Reality based on what I am certain must be inaccurate answers to those five questions. Here are, according to Conversations with God, the correct answers.

1. Who We Are?
We are Individuations of Divinity, God made Man, Aspects of the Divine. We are The Deity, made manifest on Earth. We are the Individuated Essence of All That Is. We are the Creator and the Created. We are spiritual beings inhabiting a body. The Body is not who we are, it is something we have.

2. Why we are here?
We are here on earth, functioning daily in the Realm of Relativity, to announce and declare, create and express, become and fulfill the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are. We are The Spirit, evolving. We are the Soul, becoming. We are God, godding -- that is, God, becoming more and more of what God is, through the creating and the experiencing of that. All of these ideas might loosely be summarized with a single word: evolution. We are, in a sense, evolution itself, demonstrated.

3. What is our Right Relationship with our fellow humans?
Our relationship with other human beings in the same as our relationship with the Self. In the truest meaning of the word "other" there is no Other. There is only the Self, manifesting as a unique expression of the Self. It is like snow. The snow is the snow. It is nothing but the snow, even though each individual flake of the snow is entirely and completely and utterly different from every other flake. There are no two snowflakes alike--and there never have been since the beginning of time. Nor will there ever be through all eternity.

Looked at individually, all the snowflakes look different (because they are different). Looked at from a distance, it looks like all the same thing (because it is). How can so many billions and trillions of different-looking things form a Whole that is One Thing, exactly the same? How can so much Individuation create so much Single Identification? It is the miracle of snow. It is possible and it is happening, every day all the time. So are we. Every day, all the time. We are Differentiating the Oneness.

You are not "your brother's keeper," you are, in fact, your brother. You and your fellow human beings are individuations of a single mass, singular expressions of The Singularity Itself.

When you treat all other expressions of The Singularity as you would treat your Self, everything in your life and your world will change.

And you, and humanity itself, will be Self Realized at last.

4. Who and What is God?
It is easier to say what God is not than it is to say what God is. There is nothing that God is not. God is Everything That Is...and Everything That Is Not. God is pure energy, The Essence, the Sum Total of Everything. God is Life, expressing. And Life is the expression of God. Life as we experience it is God Made Physical. It is inaccurate to define God as a power super being in the sky, having all the emotional and psychological characteristics of Man, including likes and dislikes, emotional proclivities, demands, requirements, and the need to judge, punish, and condemn those who do not understand his needs or respond to them in the One Single Way that he requires. It is accurate to define God as All That Is.

In March of 2007 I delivered a satsang in Tokyo in which I discussed God's true identity. Early in the program I described God in this way:

"God is not a Super Being in the Sky, with the same proclivities and emotional needs as human beings, including the need for love and for revenge. God is life's Essential Energy. You might want to call that energy Pure Intelligence.

"Intelligence doesn't care whether you believe in It or not. It doesn't care whether you use It on purpose or not. If you do use It on purpose, It doesn't care how. It makes no judgment about any this. In fact, It makes no judgment about anything at all.

"Pure Intelligence wants nothing, needs nothing, seeks nothing. It simply Is. It exists in a way that allows Itself to be used. It does this, it allows this, it makes this possible, by placing Itself inside of Everything.

"Wherever you look you will find Pure Intelligence. It is at the basis of all things that exist. Snowflakes reflect Pure Intelligence. The tiniest atoms reflect Pure Intelligence. The biggest swath of the night sky reflects Pure Intelligence. The process of life Itself, examined at every level, reflects Pure Intelligence.

"The energy that I am here calling Pure Intelligence can be used-is being used-at every level of life, by Life Itself. You are using this energy, you are focusing this energy, every second of every minute of every hour of every day...usually without knowing it.

"The fact that this energy exists, and the way to focus it, therefore using it to one's personal advantage, is what has been called 'the secret.' A movie by that very name was made last year and is now sweeping across the world.

"This energy that I am calling Pure Intelligence, and that I am telling you is another name for God, has no opinion about anything. That is because It doesn't need anything. It is singularly without need, for the simple reason that it is everything that exists in any form whatsoever. This includes not only physical things, but metaphysical things as well. This includes all spiritual things, and anything in any form that simply IS...including thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, and, yes, the black holes of space.

"Think about this. If God is truly everything that exists in any form whatsoever, what in the world could God want or need or require? Why would God punish us for not giving God what we imagine that God wants or needs or requires?

"The answer to these questions is self-evident. It need not be discussed in great detail, because simple logic reveals it to us and makes it clear how we have been held captive by the mythologies of our own culture and its past.

"The opportunity that lies before us, and before all sentient beings, is to use the Essential Energy of Pure Intelligence in the way in which it was designed to be used. Not all things that exist in the universe can use this Essential Energy consciously. That is, with full self-awareness and with intention. Only those elements of Life Itself that are self-conscious-that is, aware of themselves-can do so.

"I should correct that last statement. Not even all elements of life that are self-conscious can use the Essential Energy consciously. It is not only a question of being conscious, it is also a question of the level of consciousness that a being or a species has attained. For instance, a dog, while highly intelligent, is not sufficiently self-aware (as far as we know) to be able to use Essential Energy with intention.

"Human beings are not only aware of themselves, they are aware that they are aware, and so have risen to at least the Second Level of Consciousness. This level of consciousness allows sentient beings to notice themselves, and even to notice themselves noticing themselves. That is, we can stand 'outside of ourselves' and watch ourselves doing what we are doing and thinking what we are thinking and saying what we are saying.

"We can even watch ourselves watching ourselves. We can step back into the hallway of awareness, looking through doorways both forward and backward -- and, according to some, ultimately seeing and experiencing our Divine and Sacred Self."

5. What is our True Relationship with the Divine?

Ah, yes, the question of the hour. And we'll save the answer to that for next week!

love and hugs and best wishes on your journey...



ava414 17th May 2008 3:07 am

Dear Mr Welsch

When I got to the part where you asked: Who are we, I just nearly hopped off my chair. Look at the following I have also send someone else who has the same problem - this evolving thing! It is as follow:

"Maybe that was so, but I have a much more positive attitude than giving the human race the blame for all that is to be and had to be. I believe there has been a Divine Plan altogether and that it will stay that way until God set the reset button for ALL to seize to exist. Until no soul is left and all that is left is us not being anything or anybody anymore.

That seems to coincide with the old traditional thing that the heaven will run out of souls - as we will all be ONE in the NO-thingness, not anybody being anybody anymore, just seizing to exist anymore. And I can say this as I have experienced that place already - the place where there are no souls anymore, where just nothing exist. And this also explain the Goth. I do not know if I have made myself clear - I hope so. Maybe I am just my times way ahead? I do not know?



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