The question of the century: Will We Do It?

My dear Friends,

The world has never been in more turmoil than it is today. Individual lives have never felt more tenuous. The Human Journey has never seemed more senseless.

What is the point of all this?, human beings are asking themselves. Why bother living if it’s just about encountering saddening and upsetting, unraveling and upheaving experiences at every turn?

Are we really nothing more than a species of sentient beings run amok, blowing up H-bombs under the ground to prove our invincibility, ending people’s lives by injection to demonstrate our righteousness, allowing hundreds of the world’s children to die of starvation every hour as we defend a global economy that benefits one-tenth of the planet’s population?

Have we so lost our collective mind as to think that the way to stop gun violence is for everybody in the world to carry a gun?

Have we so lost our collective will as to find no way to stop war to this very day, creating refugee crises rendering millions homeless?

Have we so lowered our collective standards as to find it actually preferable for divisiveness, rudeness, insults and tasteless verbal bullying to become the hallmark of political leadership?

Is this what we have come to? Gun-toting, fist-pumping, verbal-bashing, jaw-jutting, loud-mouthed intimidators and strong-armed tyrants daring anyone to stand up for what is gentle, peaceful, and loving?

Apprehension and fear, uncertainty and frustration have never been more keenly or deeply felt by more people in more of the moments of their lives than they are on this day. At this writing these emotions are driving the election cycle in the United States, they are driving the violence seen the world over, and they are driving a hole though the collective heart of humanity.

Is there nothing to be done? Are our individual, personal lives to be nothing but a series of the best responses we can muster to the worst-case scenarios we encounter?

I want to suggest that it doesn’t have to be this way. I want to suggest that there is a path out of this box canyon into which we seem to have collectively trudged — or been herded.

The answer is to collectively express, to the degree that it is humanly possible, our True Identity. Life is inviting us to announce and declare, express and experience, become and fulfill the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we’ve held about Who We Are.

We are told in Conversations with God that we are, each of us, Individuations of The Divine. If this is true, our current days and times are providing us with an opportunity to demonstrate Divinity.

It will not be easy. It is not even easy in our own kitchen, in our own living room, in our own bedroom, much less in the wider arena that we call our own world. Yet we are assured that it is possible. Others have done it. And many others have moved toward it. And even the attempt to offer this demonstration — even getting one quarter of the way there…one sixth of the way there…one tenth of the way there…one one-hundredth of the way there — could change the world.

Should we accept this invitation, from this day forward the question “But what can anyone do?” can be rendered null and void. There wold then be only one question remaining. “Will we do it?”

With Love,



Skyhawke8 22nd March 2016 1:10 pm

Yes ...

keryndawer 22nd March 2016 1:12 pm

I hope so Neale. I believe God made each of us Divine so that WE can be God on Earth. We can stop atrocities, heal the sick, feed the hungry, end the wars, etc. What God has given us is more than enough to change/heal the Earth and each other if we have the resolve to do it. It is our Free Will choice. But it's time to stop saying "Why isn't God doing anything?" (which I hear so much) WE are the ones who must START doing something!

Thank you Neale :smitten:

Blessings and Love ~~

cyndy 23rd March 2016 11:28 am

Dear Spirit Library, I remember talking to you in the night.
I appreciate today, as boundaries are not fake walls. They are not separation. They are not division.
They are respect and authentic love for ourselves. Here's what's ok. Here's what's not.
I appreciate THAT. thank you for that kind of love Sometimes we just unplug.


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