The Three Brands of Truth

The Three Brands of Truth is part of the information that is now coming through me as I write the new CwG book: "When Everything Changes, Change Everything".

The events of your life are created by conditions and occurrences outside of you, but your 'reality' is created by conditions and occurrences inside of you-in your mind. It is here that events are turned into data, which are turned into truths, which are turned into thoughts, which are turned into emotions, which are turned into experiences, which form your reality.

Now let me put those elements in a straight line, with plus and equal signs placed strategically between them. This allows us to focus in on the process of reality-creation a little more sharply. As I observe it, that process works like this...


I call this the Line of Causality, and I'll be bringing it into our discussion again. This is the path the mind travels on its way to producing your reality. You'll notice that on this line, Thought comes before Emotion, and gives birth to it. Likewise, Truth comes before Thought, and gives birth to that. (We'll get to the "Data" later.) What the line does not show is that there are three kinds of truth.

This is more than a little important to know, because it is the existence of these three kinds of truth that lead to the possibility of a Triune Reality. Put another way, if there was only one kind of truth, there would be but a single reality.

The three kinds of truth are...

A. The Actual Truth

B. The Apparent Truth

C. The Imagined Truth

In a bit I'm going to explain all of this and I think you'll find it fascinating. For right now, know that it's really as simple as A-B-C. Each step away from "A" takes you farther from peace.

If peace is what you are searching for during this moment of change and turmoil in your life, if peace is that for which you yearn, you will want to journey upward from Imagined Truth to Apparent Truth to Actual Truth, so that you may shift your ground of being from Distorted Reality to Observed Reality to Ultimate Reality.

This is what personal and global transformation is all about. This is what every human who we have honored with the name of Master has done. And this is what you can do, right here, right now, on this day.

In your life, has everything changed? Then change everything. Start rearranging your thinking about "reality." Reality is not static, it is fluid.

(Well, that's not exactly accurate. It IS static, but our experience of it changes. And that, of course, is what this whole book is about. The exploration here is about how to change your experience of Change Itself. Or, put another way, how to change your experience of reality-since Change is the constant reality.)

I have to tell you, I felt like I'd been awakened out of a sound sleep when I first "got" that there are three levels of reality and that we can experience the things that are happening in our lives at the level of Distortion, the level of Observation, or the level of Actuality. It took me a long time to figure this out. It took me a long time to notice what I am telling you here so casually.

I don't want it to take you as long as it took me. I want you to be able to understand this now. First as an intellectual concept, then as a functional tool. You need this tool now, not ten years from now, not ten months from now, not ten weeks from now. Not even ten days from now. You need this tool in your hands now, because now is when you're moving through incredible changes.

If someone had told me this stuff in the moment that I was going through big changes...what a difference that would have made. So here goes. Let me tell you all of what I've uncovered about this.

Each of these "realities" that I've just spoken of is remarkably different from the other-not a little bit different, remarkably different-and that is something that most people do not know. Gosh, no one ever told me that there are three realities, much less the difference between them.

The difference between them arises out of those three brands of truth that I just spoke of.

One of the biggest surprises of my life was learning that there is no such thing as absolute truth.

Now that should be on a billboard somewhere. Heck, everywhere. On every road and highway there should be a huge sign:

There Is No Such Thing As Absolute Truth 

Ever caught yourself asking someone, "Are you actually buying that"? Well, this is about that. This is about what you "buy into" every day.

When you go into the Supermarket of Life you'll find Truth packaged in three brands. You can buy Actual Truth, you can buy Apparent Truth, or you can buy Imagined Truth.

For right now we're going to pretend that Actual Truth is not on the shelf. I don't want to discuss the actuality of things just yet. I just want to look at Apparent Truth (what we have observed) and Imagined Truth (what we have distorted). Only when we see these clearly can we understand Actual Truth.

The Apparent Truth is based on what you have observed in the past to be going on when you saw something similar to what you see in front of you right now. It is what you think is apparently so, based on your history, about the physical event that is occurring in the present moment.

Your relationship has ended. Or you got laid off. Or you lost your home. Or someone close to you has passed on. Or you've become an empty nester, with your children suddenly no longer in your home after being a huge part of your life for 20 years. Or whatever.

This is what's going on right now in your physical world. It's what's happened. You know it happened because it is your direct observation. If you stay in your Apparent Truth, you will be okay, because your Apparent Truth will give you all the facts of a similar experience you have had in your past. But will you stay there? And, if you embrace your Imagined Truth rather than the Apparent Truth, will you have the tools with which to elevate to The Apparent Truth?

You will if you embrace Change #4 in this book: Change your choice of truths.

So, here you are in the present moment. But wait. You're having a lot of emotion about it. Strong emotion. Emotion you're having a hard time dealing with.

It is this emotion that is producing your Here-and-Now experience. It is this experience that you call your reality.

Why are you having all this emotion? Why are you so angry, or so frightened, or so sad? Mostly because you, like most people, do not come from your Apparent Truth when forming your thoughts about a present-day event. If you did, things would be a lot easier.

Most people come from their Imagined Truth about what's happening in their present moment. This is what most people buy into.

A lion appears out of nowhere and roars. You experience being petrified-because you imagine that you are in danger of being mauled. A mountain road takes a turn and you find yourself driving on the outside ledge, with a 3,000-foot drop off just outside the window. You experience being terrified-because you imagine that with one wrong move you could die. An audience is awaiting your entrance for a major speech. You experience being paralyzed-because you imagine that you stand a good chance of going out there and disappointing everybody while making a fool of yourself.

A spouse abruptly leaves. Or you get laid off from your job. Or you lose your home. You experience being stunned, angry, mortified. And, sooner or later...afraid.

All of this is based on your Imagined Truth, which is that this is 'bad,' that you're going to be 'unhappy,' that lots of 'struggle' lies ahead, or whatever.

....more next week.

Love and Hugs,


Steve Foto 28th February 2009 10:04 am

WOW, i'd say that is the best piece of knowledge i've ever had the good fortune to come across and read!
i will be on the edge of my seat till the next posting. interestingly i just had a conversation with a friend about truth and that there really isnt an absolute truth. next thing im reading my emails and came across this! amazing. Thank You Neale, my friend, for EVERYTHING. - HUGS

NAXYR / europe 28th February 2009 2:04 pm

Great info, no doubt, but despite the fact, that we all do not have another 10 days to find out what is it all about, it seems to me apparent, that we are not able to be told now everything that must be told now -according to N.D.W. - but we will have to wait another seven days - right ?

This is something to be observed as actual truth - or maybe imagined one ?

When something is said - and if that holds great value - it is nice to notice that the one who put it so really mean it so .... !

So I am asking : what was said and what was done ?

God bless you all ...

Terry 28th February 2009 2:07 pm

Well it sounds like something I already know've got my attention and I'm looking forward to more. Thank you.

Cheryl Batoon 28th February 2009 6:06 pm

As always I thoroughly enjoy reading the messages on Spirit Library and as a Truth Seeker, I found this to be interesting, but also rather confusing. It is almost like saying who's on first, I don't know is on second, and who cares is on third...

I believe that everyone has their own truth based on their level of awareness. Truth is what you feel in your soul, the very essence of you. I believe that we all can hear the source's input by just taking a moment to clear our mind of all the illusionary thoughts based on this earth plane and once we take that moment to ask our higher self the answer, we will receive it and it will be the truth.

I believe that there is but one truth and it comes from the source. There is no other truth on this earth plane for as a human being, our reality is just an illusion. Ask your higher self if you are concerned, in despair, or in need of assistance, and you will receive the truth. This is just my truth based on my higher self and the input I have received to share with you.

Have a blessed day.

Fi 28th February 2009 6:22 pm

You have made me chuckle. Already my imagined truth has set in..."Not another cliff-hanger!!"
I love your words, because they are the truth. And I love you, because you bring me closer to me, my truth.
Thank you.

Aliah 18th February 2010 9:19 pm



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