Understanding Japan

Our hearts today go out to all the people of Japan—and to the people of the entire world, in truth, for it is the entire world which is now watching the tenuous developments in Japan almost hour-by-hour, and which is being affected, both directly and indirectly, by it.

The situation in that ravaged country has not been improving. Rather, it almost seems as if it’s been getting worse moment after moment. We pray that the next 12 hours and the day which follows will bring a respite from the bad news that has been flowing from the island nation almost non-stop since the massive 8.9 earthquake struck there on Friday.

I have been giving deep thought to this globally-impacting geophysical event, seeking to understand it from the perspective of Conversations with God. I would like to offer my observations here, not because I think they are important to record or are worth more than anybody else’s, but because—as after 9/11 and Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami and Haiti, and other horrific events—many people have asked me, “How does what is happening now square with the CwG message?”

With your indulgence I am going to offer my response to that question in stages over the next several days, because (1) I want to see what additional developments occur in the hours ahead, and (2) this blog would wind up being way too long if I put all of my present thoughts into one rambling article.

I would like to open my personal commentary by discussing the most important aspect of the Japan calamity: the high and rising death toll. As I watched the  numbers rise from early reports in the hundreds to later reports hovering near two thousand to current reports indicating 10,000 people, at least, have lost their lives, my mind raced to deeply consider the information I was given several years ago in the CwG text on death and dying, HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.

In this conversation God said to me that no one ever dies at a time or in a way that is not of their choosing. Indeed, if the CwG message is accurate,nothing happens that is against our will, nor can it, given Who and What We Are.

Who and What we are, CwG famously tells us, is God. We are, says CwG, the localized, individuated expression of Divinity. Given this truth, everything that occurs, occurs for our benefit, in that it leads to the evolution of the human species and the grander and grander expression of Life Itself, in all of its forms and places. Just as in the cosmos, where entire star systems collapse into black holes and where suns burn themselves out, leaving the planets that rotated around them scattering into the icy cold darkness, so, too, does Life provide the fuel for Life Itself to continue. Nothing and no dies, but merely changes life form.

I say “merely” with a deep and sensitive awareness of the fact that human beings changing life form from physical to non-physical is experienced as a tragedy by those who are left behind. There is no greater loss, in our culture, than the loss of life. Yet for the dying it is not experienced as a loss at all, or as the end of life or awareness, but rather, as the transition into an even greater level of awareness and experience. So CwG tells us. If this is true, and I believe it is, then we need not mourn those who have departed, for they have moved to a place of greater joy than ever they knew while here on earth.

Yet if this is so, a thinking person must ask: Why bother living at all? Why not end our own lives voluntarily right now, and graduate to that higher and more joyful place?

That is a perfectly fair and perfectly logical question. The answer is that Life is lived in the physical (over and over again) for a reason; for a purpose that cannot be accomplished in the non-physical realm, joyful as it is. If I could draw an analogy, it is something like going to work. It is much nicer and much more joyful to be on vacation, but we cannot accomplish on vacation what we can accomplish at work. This is a simplistic example, but it serves, I hope, to illustrate the point. Physical Life has a reason for existing. There is something we are doing here that we cannot do in the purely spiritual realm. That is why we all eventually return—usually after taking a nice, long, and joyous rest.

Yet it is possible for life in the physical realm to be, CwG tells us, no less joyful than life in the spiritual realm. And in advanced civilizations where sentient beings know Who They Really Are and express that, it is. This is not happening right now on the earth, but humanity is moving towards that—all as part of its evolution.

So, with regard to those whose current physical lives were ended because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we mourn with all those who have lost loved ones, as we understand the deep pain of their loss. Yet we rejoice and say thanks to a God who has created the process of Life Itself to be such that it never really ends, nor does the any Soul or Essence change life form against Its will. Put simply and directly, all those who died over the past several days died because, at a level other than the conscious level, they chose to.

I know that  is hard to believe, and it is certainly not something that I would tell a deeply grieving family member at the moment they are experiencing their loss, unless I felt it might help that grieving person to at least know that nothing occurred that was against the will of the departed Soul.

This leaves many other questions unanswered. I have had many grieving people say to me, “You mean that my wife (husband, mother, father, child, etc.) actually chose to leave me? What are you saying to me? What does that tell me about how happy they were with me?”

I think it is very important to not try to understand matters such as these at the level of Mind, but to seek to move to the level of Soul as we look at such questions. I will continue this exploration in my next entry here. For now, may we all join once more (I know you have done so often in these most recent days) to send our light and love and healing energy to all those who have suffered terrible anguish and loss in Japan—as well as in Libya, Bahrain, and anywhere else in the world where physical life has ended abruptly, unexpectedly, and tragically (for the survivors). God grant those survivors peace and release from their pain.

And God bless you, all of you reading this, as we venture forward together on our own still uncompleted particular journey, which will be explored and explained deeply here in the days ahead.

With love, Neale.


Baaska 17th March 2011 9:57 am

Good one, Neal

First of all, it seems like Mother Nature is a bit pissed off at what we are doing to her and is sending messages to that effect.

How serious does she have to get?

Second, I know that I am a little chunk of God (chunk of the chunkless?) So the big question is not who or what I am but why? What am I doing pushing around a meat body and scrounging for the rent money. Oh it's fun most of the time especially when I am creating music but why did I agree to a state of amnesia to come here to this dimension to work things out?


Love, B

Starflower 17th March 2011 12:35 pm

I certainly appreciate reading this. This transformation of our consciousness into seeing things whole rather than from fragmented linear perception is to me, the challenge of these moments. And I believe with all my heart, that each of us who are here, chose to be here because we have something alive in our divine heart to contribute to this bridge we are building from the limited to the unlimited view.
Thank you for shining,
one of the ONE

alise from finland 17th March 2011 4:51 pm

So true all what you say!
Mother Earth and Japan together has shown us how to start feel Connection to each others, how to be One again. This is a big possibility for a new way of ecological connection and thinking.

samh001 17th March 2011 7:11 pm

Neale may I firstly say that you have an incredible way of speaking. The depth of your love truly shines through your words & Gaia is blessed to have those such as yourself to help guide us.

Perhaps I may add a small something to the question in the comments section regarding why we are here? I have been blessed enough to be able to communicate with many on the other side in what I refer to as Soul Readings- discovering a person's present challenges as laid out by themselves before incarnation- but presented from the perspective of those who love them the most- their personal spirit guides. It has been my discovery that, as you have pertained to, the greatest challenge for all of us is to move towards a more harmonious & peaceful environment on Earth.

However every individual has an even greater challenge before this can happen - that of true self love. Without unconditional acceptance of the self at a soul level we cannot move forward & love others unconditionally. For most this involves overcoming the fear of realising our divinity.

I hope this sheds some light.

Sam xox

True2thespirit 19th March 2011 10:48 am

Thank you for a beautiful posting. Many, many times when I talk to someone about a death of a loved one or friend I always say it is sooooo much harder on the one(s) left behind. Those who have made the transition to spirit are in a wonderful, glorious place. Also I have been watching those left behind and although they are mourning and grieving they are also gracious, kind and compassionate. My thoughts turn to "they are setting the example for the rest of us". They are showing us how we can come together to help one another, stop complaining and acting like a victim, live peacefully, live simply, help one another, live a grateful life, accept what has happened and move on. Many in the U.S. could learn a thing or two from these beautiful people.

Blessings to You

pearlrossi 21st March 2011 2:09 am

I have a question. What about the suffering? Not just the ones who have passed, but the ones who are still alive, without homes, freezing to death in the snow, without any food or clean water to drink? I can't help but think there is more to it than just what you have mentioned. How about all the animals that have died or suffered? I see how much animals in the wild suffer to find food to stay alive, and are eaten alive themselves. Why do you think this is?


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