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There is so much going on around us in our world right now — all the violence, death, and destruction that we are hearing about every day — the release of the Mueller report here in the USA, and the main thing I want to get across is that, appearances sometimes to the contrary, everything is going to be all right. The planet is not terminating human life on its surface. Rather, it is joining with the cosmos in evolving it.

I want to share here today some excerpts from the book The Storm Before the Calm, which was released a few years ago… In this book I say...

"I have chosen to give words to what is happening right now all over the world in many ways. I have called this the Overhaul of Humanity, and the words I've used to describe this phenomenon are dramatic because the event is dramatic. 

"It is going to involve (indeed, it is already involving) every aspect of our lives. Our governance and politics, our economics and financial stability, our commerce and industry, our social conventions and constructions, our educational systems and approaches, our religions and beliefs, our customs and traditions — in fact, our entire Cultural Story.

"We can participate in this Overhaul or we can merely witness it, but we cannot stop it. Nor would we want to, for this is the greatest thing that has happened to our species since its appearance on this planet. That's why I want to have this conversation with you right now... so that people around the world may receive some clarity, insight, awareness, and comfort during the times ahead, which are going to no doubt be challenging, disturbing, and even scary for many.

"I believe that God wants us all to know that this time just ahead, and some of the trials and tribulations we are going to see, will bring our planet to a new and wonderful place when the process is complete... And the process will be complete in a relatively short period of time. We're not talking about another millennia here, or even a few centuries, but rather, decades. We are at the end of the turmoil, not the beginning. And we can help bring about that end if we do participate in our Overhaul, and if we do not merely witness it.

"As we contemplate all that is occurring right now it is fair to ask, 'Does this have to happen?'

"The answer is yes, it has to happen. Yes. Because all of life moves in cycles, according to a formula.

"Life is forever Functional, Adaptable, Sustainable. When the functionality of life in any of its manifestations in threatened, it adapts its manifestation, thus rendering itself sustainable in a new form.

"This is the reason for the human experience that we call death. Death is not the end of life at all, but the continuation of life through the adaptation of the manifestation of a given life form, thus rendering that life sustainable in a new form.

"This is true of everything in existence. Nothing 'dies,' and you cannot 'kill' a thing. Not anything at all. You cannot kill a person, you cannot kill an animal, you cannot kill a plant. To repeat the principle already stated: When the ability of any Life Expression to continue in its present expression is threatened, that Life Expression adapts its expression to allow it to immediately become sustainable again, through its New Expression. It is in this way that Life renders Life Itself eternal.

"Now there is no questioning that the ability of the Life Expression that we call Earth (what some have come to name Gaia) has had its ability to continue in its present expression compromised. The conditions leading to this threatening circumstance have been created in part by the life forms inhabiting the Earth. Those human Life Expressions, in turn, have had their own expression threatened. In short, neither the planet nor its people can continue to go on like this.

"Not to worry. They will not.

"Having reached the limit of its ability to produce sustainability under present conditions, the Cycle of Life is now playing its effect, adapting all life forms in this environment, so that all Life Expression here may once again be rendered sustainable.

"Now that's a lot of cosmologic jargon to simply say that Life is changing in order to continue. This includes human life and the life of the planet itself.

"So that's the Why of what's going on."

This is a really exciting moment in the history of humanity. It is the moment of our own evolutionary jump. It is time when, as visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard puts its, we will give birth to our species at last (we have been in a gestation period for thousands of years — a blink of an eye in cosmic terms), joining with great celebration the cosmic community of enlightened sentient beings.

If you are wondering what role we can actively play in this evolutionary process, join us here next week. We'll discuss it, yes?

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